3 thoughts on “South Africa Promotion of Equality Act

  1. I can’t believe that I am sitting here day after day searching for a sponsor in a foreign country to help me get out of the country I love. I have not had a job for over 1 entire year! 12 months of no income. Because I am white?

    I am a 49 year old gay white South African male who had my own business and when I tried to grow my business I was told to sell 49% to a Black partner. I did that. Now I don’t have a business at all. He trashed it for me and I was forced to start looking for employment.

    I have been denied employment for the past 5 years. I have tried to gain access to the employment market (with my amazing skill-set) but keep getting refused purely because I am white. Among the excuses used are “you are too expensive for us” or “You are over-qualified”. The best yet was “You don’t meet our black equity quota”.

    My plea: I need someone to sponsor me so I can move to the USA. I would so dearly love to remain here but I can’t do so without

    Here is my skills-set.
    Hon Doctorate in Theocentric Hypnotherapy.
    Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate.
    Emergency Care Practitioner.
    Flight Medic/Helicopter Landing Officer.
    Offshore Installation Medical Officer.
    NEBOSH International Health and Safety Environmental QA.
    Fire and Rescue Technologist.
    Diploma International Institute of Reflexology.
    Certified Internet Webmaster – Certified Instructor.
    Certified Internet Webmaster – Master Designer.
    Training Needs Analyst – HW SETA, SA.
    Wave Accounting PRO Member.
    Student Hypnotherapist Final Year-South African Institute of Hypnotism.
    Without prejudice – All rights reserved – Non Assumpsit.

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