Horrific ‘Corrective’ Rape and Murder of 24 year old Lesbian Noxolo Nogwaza

Even with formation of Task team the Horror continues as gruesome details emerge of extreme brutality in the horrific ‘Corrective’ Rape & Murder of 24 year old Lesbian

By Melanie Nathan, April 29 2011,

Photo right :-Henry Bantjez © 2011 – Melanie Nathan at Parliament March 11, 2011 

The body of Noxolo Nogwaza, a 24 year old lesbian, was found lying in an alley in Kwa-Thema, Gauteng – near Springs – at about 9am on Sunday, April 24 2011.  Noxola’s head was completely deformed, her eyes out of the sockets, her brain spliy, teeth scattered all around and face crashed beyond recognition. Witnesses say that an empty beer bottle and a used condom were found up her genitals. Parts of the rest of her body had been stabbed with glass. A large pavement brick that is believed to have been used to crash her head was found by her side.

Noxola was raped and murdered in a similar manner as that in which another member of EPOC was murdered almost three years ago (April 28, 2008).

Eudy Simelane’s body was also found in an open field in Kwa-Thema. It was clear that she had been raped and murdered afterwards, crimes that the perpetrators confessed to.

Just last year, a gay man in the same township was attacked by eight men, who attempted to rape him. Luckily, he escaped the vultures. The men, as they attempted to rape him, were heard saying, “We are determined to kill all gay people in this area and we will do it.”

“It is very clear that these rapists are on a mission. We will however not rest until justice prevails. Eudy’s case was not recognized as a hate crime against a lesbian and the same is not done in the cases of many other people who have been raped and/or murdered on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in South Africa. EPOC is determined to get to the bottom of the Noxola case and push for justice. It was definitely a hate crime.” Source:http://aggregator.foolab.org/node/82238

Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Faith Nonhlanhla Mazibuko, yesterday said incidents of corrective rape were on the rise in the province and urged communities to work together to stamp out these “inhumane criminal acts”. Mazibuko was speaking yesterday after visiting the family of Noxolo.  It’s alleged that Nogwaza, whose body was found in an alley  was a victim  of corrective rape.

“It is shocking what is happening in our country.  Nogwaza is the third case of corrective rape that has been reported in Kwa-Tema. It has become a serious crime and it’s about time these cowards who violate these women’s rights are brought to book. Discriminating against someone because of their sexual orientation is against our constitution and should come to a stop,” she said.

The purpose of this visit  was to sympathize with the family and to seek a progress report on the investigation from the local police station.

The MEC strongly condemns the senseless and barbaric behaviour and calls for the law enforcers to hunt perpetrators down and ensure that they face the might of the law. “I urge the law enforcement agencies to work tirelessly to ensure a speedy resolution on this matter.  It must be clear to the criminals that once you commit an act, you can run but you cannot hide, we will find you” said MEC Mazibuko.

The DOJ has informed me that this case will receive immediate and priority attention.

Next week, May 03, 2011, the South African Government’s DOJCD will continue to work toward a special commission with Ndumie Funda of Luleki Sizwe and other Western Cape Stake holders.  At the meeting last month, in which I  participated, the DOJ representatives said they would work to include the rest of the South African provinces in the programs that ensue as a result of the talks. I hope Gauteng will be included immediately.

Caveat – I hope that the Gauteng MEC and other Gauteng NGO’s will join with Luleki Sizwe to effect change that we started back in March.  I have been watching the work of the Triangle Project on the issue and they are a dead loss in terms of leadership and with regard to how the organization handles the issue of corrective rape.

By Melanie Nathan
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