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Should we be Reporting Gay Men Executions by ISIS

Are we playing ball spreading the terror on behalf of ISIS? By Melanie Nathan, January 17, 2014. Today when I awoke here in California my feed was abuzz with disturbing pictures and articles of (purportedly) gay men being thrown from a rooftop by ISIS, which appears to have taken place in Mosul. The internet is […]

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Calling on Andrew Sullivan to Boycott the Maggie Gallagher Debate

Let us declare  Maggie Gallagher –  ‘marriage equality irrelevant’- By Melanie Nathan, March 29, 2012 I received an invitation to attend what is touted by organizers as the “media debate of the year ”  to be held at  Lee Chapel, at Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA – a debate on marriage equality between Maggie […]

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Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America

Racsim: Alive and Well and Living in America.. I came to live in the US some 24 years ago, in the earnest belief that there would be no racism in this my new country; I believed that this America was the greatest and most free place on earth.  Clearly my impression stemmed from the context of […]

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