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Putin’s Gay Ambassador Alekseev to Meet with Putin

Czar meets Czar | After all the only legitimacy left for Alekseev is his stature in anti-semitic circles By Melanie Nathan, September 04, 2013. The highly controversial Russian gay activist, Nikolai Alekseev, (also known as Nikolay Alekseyev,) who recently found himself the center of a storm amongst LGBT communities in Russia and around the world, noted […]

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LGBT Russian leadership and the voice of Putin

By Melanie Nathan, August 26, 2013. Through the Winter Olympics, the world is endorsing Putin’s homophobic and anti-gay regime by coming to the #GulagOlympics at Sochi. The Russian Orthodox Church stands at the front line of the Putin anti-gay machine, encouraging and endorsing laws that persecute, proclaiming an ideal that gay can be ‘prayed away.’ […]

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