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Grammy for Lesbian who beats Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama and other Lesbian

OMG and many other of the famed in name… By Melanie’s other personality.. I mean Mel really does NOT write like this… right? Feb 10, 2013. Janis Ian, the lesbian poet /singer, famed for that song about being seventeen or something – happened to beat out Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama and other of famed [...]

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NRA Voter Registration Site Triggers Fraud Suspicion

By Melanie Nathan, Oct. 06, 2012. While I am no expert on voter registration and voter fraud,  it seems to me that the National Rifle Association, NRA, is up to no good.   We all know that they have a great deal at stake in getting Mitt Romney and the Romney Ryan team elected and would [...]

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Senator Sessions, UAFA – a man about hate…..

Julian Bond of NAACP testifies with Shirley Tan, Chris Nugent, Gordon Stewart at the behest of Senator Patrick Leahy -Melanie Nathan reports from UAFA hearing in D.C. Senatoir Jeff Sessions is a racist, a woman hater and now he is the ranking GOP member on the Senate Judiciary Committee…see Videos Of Tan hearing and Rachel MAddow

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