NRA Voter Registration Site Triggers Fraud Suspicion

By Melanie Nathan, Oct. 06, 2012.

While I am no expert on voter registration and voter fraud,  it seems to me that the National Rifle Association, NRA, is up to no good.   We all know that they have a great deal at stake in getting Mitt Romney and the Romney Ryan team elected and would like nothing more than to get President Barack Obama out of the White House.

A dear friend and patriotic American, Melissa Thompson, wrote this e-mail and addressed it to renowned personalities, politicians and  journalists across the country including Rachel Maddow (MSNBC), Rep. Michelle Bachman, Andy Birkey, Rep. Erik Paulsen, Sen. Klobacher, Erik Holm (NY Times),  Rep. Al Franken, Leah Beno (FOX TV), amongst others.

It conveys Thompson’s personal experience with the site “Trigger the Vote” and certainly has me begging for media and authoritative attention by way of  investigation.

This letter speaks for itself and Trigger the Vote should be investigated.  Let us see if this goes any further. If it does, we may all have an alert and concerned Melissa Thompson to thank.

To whom it may concern,

This morning while watching a hunting show with my husband I saw a commercial for “Trigger the” claiming to be a voter registration site and implying that many people who think they are registered in fact are not.  What sparked my curiousity was the fact that it’s an NRA sponsored site and they imply 2nd amendment rights are in jeopardy which is typically a partisan position.

So out of curiosity I checked out the website and went to the tab marked “Are you registered” at the top of the page despite knowing (and verifying via the State of Mn website) I already am but wanting to check the legitimacy of the site I put in the required name, address and state only to be told “they could not find any “exact” records or information on me”  implying I may not be registered and that I should use the link provided below, fill in information to include my SSN and they only would use that personal information “on my behalf” to produce a voter registration application form that I could then send, to the appropriate election officials and that upon recieving my “voter application” and that my “state’s laws would govern how it may be available for inspection and how it can be used.”   Something just didn’t seem right.

    It goes on to claim that they are not responsible for delays in transmission or misinformation etc. Again I’m already a registered voter and know it, but what if I didn’t know that and now there is some “question” on another pending registration? We know there is a concerted effort for “Truethevote” to challange some voters in some states by having two or more people question their eligiblilty and then the voter is forced to prove their right to vote.

They have a lengthy “Terms of use” section you must agree to prior to finding out if your registered.  It is there you find language that is very concerning, about UIP accepts no responsibility for information maintained on the website and that any liability cannot exceed ten dollars..blah, blah, blah.  Well, of course I gave no such information but am very concerned that others may have and could perhaps have their voter registration changed or altered without their knowledge or used in a way to disqualify them from voting. So I am passing this on to you for further investigation. Perhaps I’m being paranoid but on the outside chance I’m not I thought it worth mentioning.

Concerned Minnesota Voter,

Mrs. Melissa Thompson    –

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