Who is Hamas

Posted by Melanie Nathan, November 22, 2012.

Hamas is a Palestinian fundamentalist Islamic terror organization and is considered such by the governments of the U.S., Israel, the U.K., and the European Union. During the last 10 days, over half of Israel’s population, about 5 million people, suffered from rockets launched from Gaza into Israel. Gaza is ruled by Hamas.

Hamas Terrorists Firing Rockets on Israel from Houses in Gaza

Hamas’ goal is to create an Islamic fundamentalist Palestinian state. Its original manifesto advocated the destruction of the State of Israel, and called for the raising of “the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.”
Hamas’ refusal to recognize the State of Israel is one reason why it has been excluded from peace talks. In 1993, it opposed the Oslo Accords, a peace pact between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Tel Aviv bus hit by bomb; Hamas celebrates
Celebratory gunfire rang out across Gaza as the news spread and the territory’s Islamist rulers Hamas praised the bombing, but no one claimed immediate responsibility.
Hamas TV After Tel Aviv Bus Bomb: “God Willing, We Will Soon See Black Body Bags”
Hamas uses Gazans as human shields when launching rockets.
The following video taken last week shows Hamas terrorists firing rockets at Israel from within urban living areas in Gaza. The video, uploaded only two days ago by Hamas themselves, reveals Hamas’ repeated and unapologetic use of “human shield” tactics. By operating from densely populated areas, Hamas willingly endangers its own people, turning their houses and schools into terror sites and weapons depots.
Each man booby-trapped his own home, so all of Gaza was set to explode.

Hamas’ perception of Jews and Christians 
The Hamas Charter (or Covenant), issued in 1988, outlined the position of the Palestinian Islamic organization on many key issues at the time. The Charter identified Hamas as the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine and declares its members to be Muslims who “fear God and raise the banner of Jihad in the face of the oppressors.” The charter states that “our struggle against the Jews is very great and very serious” and calls for the eventual creation of an Islamic state in Palestine, in place of Israeland the obliteration or dissolution of Israel. The Charter adds that “renouncing any part of Palestine means renouncing part of the religion” of Islam.

Hamas Leader Al-Zahhar: Plan to Establish Palestinian State Without Recognizing Israel

According to the charter, Jewish people “have only negative traits and are presented as planning to take over the world.” The charter claims that the Jews deserve God’s/Allah’s enmity and wrath because they received the Scriptures but violated its sacred texts, disbelieved the signs of Allah, and slew their own prophets. “The Day of Judgement” will not come until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees.

Hamas TV: Jews Are Enemies of Allah -Should all be killed

Since Hamas forcibly took over the Gaza Strip in 2007 and enforced the Islamic law, there has been increasing pressure on the Christian minority. Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadia Salafiya,  announced the opening of a “military wing” to enforce Muslim law in Gaza. “I expect our Christian neighbors to understand the new Hamas rule means real changes. They must be ready for Islamic rule if they want to live in peace in Gaza.”  Sheik Saqer has asserted that there is “no need” for Christians in Gaza to maintain Christian institutions and demanded that Hamas “must work to impose an Islamic rule or it will lose the authority it has and the will of the people.

Hamas Terrorism against Christians in Gaza

Hamas brutality toward Palestinians 

Yesterday the world witnessed masked Hamas gunmen execute Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel – and at least one victim was dragged through the streets of Gaza City.Witnesses said four masked men pulled six suspected informers from a van stopped at a busy intersection in Gaza City’s Sheik Radwan neighborhood.

The assassins ordered the six to lie face down in the street, said witness Salim Mahmoud, 18. Then the victims were shot one by one.A street mob quickly gathered around the bodies.Witnesses said the mob stomped and spit on five of the bodies.

The sixth was tied to a motorcycle by a cable and dragged through the city as people screamed, “Spy!” and “Traitor!” Gunmen on motorcycles rode along with the body in celebration of the executions.

Palestinian militants in Gaza dragging body of a man accused spying for Israel

The Iranian Connection
Iran has supplied military assistance to Hamas in Gaza, including technology needed to build long-range Fajr-5 rockets used to target Tel Aviv, a military leader from the Islamic Republic said.
Iranian lawmaker Ali Larijani said on Wednesday his country was “proud” to defend the people of Palestine and Hamas according to remarks published on the Islamic Republic’s parliamentary website.

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