NQAPIA Announces New Executive Director

By Melanie Nathan, February 02, 2015.

Glenn D. Magpantay NQAPIA’s Executive Director
Glenn D. Magpantay is NQAPIA’s new Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance (NQAPIA) is excited to announce that Glenn D. Magpantay is NQAPIA’s new Executive Director. Glenn has been with NQAPIA since the beginning, as one of the organization’s founders. Since 2009, he has served as NQAPIA’s Co-Director of Development.

As Co-Director, Glenn has grown NQAPIA over the years. He successfully garnered the resources and talented staff to build a new generation of LGBT Asian American, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander leaders, create a vibrant network of activists, build the capacity of local LGBT AAPI groups, advance the rights and dignity of immigrants, and increase the visibility of LGBT AAPIs in the media.

Before joining NQAPIA full-time, Glenn had a long and distinguished career as a civil rights attorney at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, where he worked to protect and promote the voting rights and political participation of Asian Americans. He continues to inspire new legal minds and future advocates by teaching Race & the Law at Brooklyn Law School and Asian American Civil Rights at Hunter College/ CUNY.

Bex Ahuja, co-chair of the Board said, “NQAPIA has experienced significant growth in recent years under Glenn’s leadership. In his new role as Executive Director, Glenn is strategically positioned to drive further expansion in our programming, impact and budget. He excels in relationship-building, is results-oriented and is also firmly committed to consensus decision-making and collective practices in the spirit of collaboration and inclusiveness. The Board is confident that he will drive NQAPIA towards continued success.”

Glenn said, “I could not be more proud and more excited. NQAPIA – as a federation of many local LGBT AAPI organizations – provides a new model of movement building work for the LGBT community, an intersectional analysis on racial justice and the LGBT rights agenda, and a more diverse face of the leaders of our communities.”

“At the same time, we must be vigilant. The community’s recent victory on immigration executive action must be preserved and expanded– we must avail ourselves of the new rights and continue to fight for those who were left out. Many local LGBT AAPI groups are still struggling to blend social activities with social change work and to be more inclusive of people of transgender experiences. And as AAPIs, we must commit ourselves to the larger movement for racial justice and always be in solidarity with all communities of color.  Our members, volunteers, donors, and supporters are key to making this happen.”


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