Petition to Remove Super Bowl From Houston

Posted by Melanie Nathan, November, 03, 2015.

After yesterday’s vote in Houston, Texas that repealed anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people, a petition has sprung up on calling for the NFL to relocate the 2017 Super Bowl from Houston.

Michael Jones, Deputy Managing Director, North America, notes:-

super bowl “The petition, started by football fan Ben Douthett, urges the NFL to take a stand on behalf of LGBT equality and avoid scheduling Super Bowls in Houston until the city reinstates protections for LGBT citizens. Houston residents voted yesterday to repeal a previous law that offered non-discrimination protections to LGBT citizens, after a campaign waged by anti-gay activists. The vote makes Houston now the largest American city without protections for LGBT citizens.

Says petition starter Douthett:

“By pulling the game from Houston, the NFL can demonstrate its commitment to equality, freedom and justice in a truly meaningful way.”

“It should be noted that this move would by no means be without precedent. In 1991, the NFL revoked the 1991 Super Bowl from Tempe, Arizona after that state’s voters rejected a proposal recognizing Martin Luther King Jr. Day.”

Arizona was later awarded a Super Bowl after they voted to recognize the holiday, a result Douthett hopes replicates in Houston with protections for LGBT people. The NFL has so far resisted calls to relocate the Super Bowl, but Douthett is hopeful that with enough pressure the NFL will reconsider.”

Interested in covering the petition, or speaking with petition starter Ben Douthett? Happy to try and put you in touch with him, or provide any further information about the petition.

And again, the petition link is here:


2 thoughts on “Petition to Remove Super Bowl From Houston

  1. Reblogged this on Fairy JerBear's Queer/Trans News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    This is a petition I am ready to get behind!

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