One Million Moms Anti Gay Tirade Against Campbell’s Soup And Foster Kids

TAKE ACTION BELOW – Thanks To Campbell’s Soup for Including Everyone!

By Melanie Nathan, November 12, 2015.

The anti-gay organization, One Million Moms, is extremely busy, as of late. They have been asserting their fundamentalist extreme right wing prowess by pretending to be ‘morality’ police. When Campbell’s  Soup used a a same-sex married couple with a child in a new advertisement the One Million Mom’s jumped into bluff, fear, myth and threaten mode.   And if One Million Mom’s sounds familiar to you it is because they are the monster in the recently viral story denigrating  11 year old Amaya Scheer, the adopted daughter of a gay couple, and her family.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.50.38 PMTheir war on the LGBT community is apparent from their petty campaign against Campbell’s Soup Company, and also through their complaints against American Girl Magazine for featuring the story about Amaya, her same-sex dads, and their family of four foster adopt kids.  One Million Moms cannot truly place goodness and love at the fore when instead of applauding the family for their love and philanthropic work to help foster children, they bully with hateful myth:

“As WRC-TV first reported, One Million Moms called for a boycott of “American Girl” magazine after it included husbands Rob and Reece Scheer in a story about the children that they adopted from foster care.

“Scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature,” the group wrote. “American Girl doesn’t highlight other sins in their magazine.”

Rob Scheer told WTTG on Monday that as a gay man with four adopted African-American children he expected a certain amount of criticism. But he was shocked because the attack came from a group of “moms”.

“These were moms! These were moms that were saying that my family was wrong, that the love that my husband and I are giving our four kids and what we’re doing was wrong,” Rob recalled. “I would expect moms not to say these type of things about our family.”

“But at the same time, these are a ‘million moms,’ they could really be helping the 364,000 kids in foster care,” he pointed out. “This is our family and it works for us. And you know what? We have four amazing kids that we adopted out of foster care. These are four kids that have fulfilled our life more than we ever thought.”

“So to tche Million Moms, I say to them, ‘You know what? Go to your local foster care agency, those kids could really use your help and not worry about the Sheer family.’”

Amaya Scheer, 11, also had a message for One Million Moms: “This is none of your business.”  ” (Video here)

I am here to inform One Million Moms that real morality is when one reveres good deeds, promotes love and applauds civil rights for all Americans.  Perhaps, as the Scheer family suggests, – the Moms ought to stop wasting their time and consider how they TOO can use the energy to help foster kids.

Campbell Soup gets it. They understand that today we have marriage equality in America and that is a highly moral state of affairs.  That means that when it comes to commercial advertisements, one can expect to see diversity, to include all families, whether different or same-sex – the face of all America is what is right! It is real and it is truthful. No amount of boycott or threat will ever alter what is truly right.

Here is One Million Mom’s insidious campaign in their words:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.51.30 PMA homosexual “married” couple is featured prominently with a young boy (their son) in the new Campbell’s Soup advertisement. Campbell’s #RealRealLife campaign aims to change the face of the American family. It starts off with the first man feeding soup to the little boy and in a “Star Wars” Darth Vader voice says, “Luke, I am your father.” Then the other man enters the scene and says, “No, Luke, I am your father.” How confusing for this little boy and for all children viewing this commercial. Obviously, Campbell’s is sending the message that homosexual men are raising children, whom they wouldn’t have if a woman wasn’t involved, and they are ok with it.

Campbell’s Soup is glorifying this unnatural marriage. One Million Moms believes family is based on love, but this does not justify normalizing sin. 1MM does not agree with the need for Campbell’s to support same sex marriages or couples.

Companies should advertise the quality of their products. It is no longer about the product but about their cause. They should not be highlighting who is attracted to whom or who sleeps with whom. This is a marketing decision Campbell’s will regret.

This gay-inclusive commercial is attempting to desensitize viewers. There is concern about the way this ad is pushing the LGBT agenda, but an even greater concern is the way that they are attempting to redefine “family” and “real marriage.” TAKE ACTION Please contact Campbell’s Soup through our website urging them to pull this inappropriate commercial immediately and remain neutral in the culture war.

Also, let Campbell’s Soup know that continuing to air this ad and other offensive advertisements in the future will force your family to make the decision to no longer purchase any of Campbell’s Soup Company brands such as Pepperidge Farm, Pace, Spaghetti O’s, V8, Swanson, and Prego.

In their TAKE ACTION E-mail they use the subject header: Have you condensed your morals too?”


Please take the time:-

So folks perhaps we can show Campbell’s that as an educated and loving community we understand and appreciate inclusion of all Americans in their ads.
Campbell’s Soup Facebook Page:
Send To: [email protected]   How about the Subject : THANK YOU for Including All Americans – it is the Moral Thing to Do

By Melanie Nathan: [email protected]



7 thoughts on “One Million Moms Anti Gay Tirade Against Campbell’s Soup And Foster Kids

  1. Reblogged this on Fairy JerBear's Queer/Trans News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    A look at the anti-LGBTQIA action by the so called ‘One Million Moms” against Campbell Soup for their ad featuring gay dad’s and their son.

  2. Bob Scheer was shocked that there were some bigoted moms(NOT OneMillion more like 10,000) WHO Do Not Believe that GOD Created each of us personally in his image and to his own specifications, so much so that he loves us all. … But probably not them very much.

  3. So, I dunno about any of this 1 million moms thing, but when we saw that ad, we went out and bought 20 cans of Campbell’s soups. Lo and behold, I say unto you, we realized how much we missed a good bowl or two of soup as a meal. I guess everything happens for a reason after all. 😉

    1. LOL love it! Well done. You should send a letter to both Million Moms and Campbells and tell them this.

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