LGBT Protesters at Creating Change Call for the Destruction of Israel

Has Creating Change taken on a New Meaning: Does that Change involve LGBTQ America Supporting Anti Semitism?

By Melanie Nathan, January 21, 2016.

This week will go down in history as one of the saddest and most destructive, ever, in the lives of LGBTQ Jews.  We became the target of antisemitism disguised as protesting alleged “Israeli oppression.”  Anyone who truly understands the history, the context and milieu will clearly access the bottom line and that came in the form of the chant that served to helm the onslaught by LGBTQ protesters at the Creating Change 2016 Conference, who yelled:

” From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

CC16The chant reverberated through the halls of the Hilton Hotel in Chicago, as protesters eventually blocked access to attendees at a peaceful, all inclusive, religious Shabbat reception, held by A Wider Bridge (AWB) and to which Israeli LGBTQ guests had been invited.

Creating Change is an annual LGBTQ conference held by the National LGBTQ Task Force, a prominent LGBT organization based in Washington D.C. and led by Executive Director, Rea Carey.  The organization notes that the purpose of the conference is for LGBTQ liberation, and that its intention is to be all inclusive.

Ironically the only LGBTQ liberation in the Middle East is fostered by Israel, often serving as a sanctuary for Palestinian LGBT who have been expelled from their homes and hunted by Hamas and Palestinian authority members, who believe gays should die for being gay!

At the beginning of this week we received the shocking news that National LGBTQ Task Force, with mere days to the event, cancelled the AWB Jewish religious event to be held at the Conference. The Shabbat ceremony and reception was then moved by AWB to a different venue. However after an enormous outcry from many people in the LGBT community, including prominent LGBT community leaders and activists, Rea Carey apologized for what she called a “mistake” and the Task Force reinstated the event. That story can be read HERE.

However, it seems that knowing protests were likely, Rea Carey and Creating Change failed to protect the Jewish participants and the protests led to bedlam. I am wondering if this protest was allowed to get out of control so that Carey could justify what she had stated in her initial excuse for cancelling the event?   If it is true that Task Force had received threats that the event would be disrupted, then why was Task Force and Creating Change not prepared for what occurred? It is one thing to protest; it is another to call for the death of fellow LGBT Jews. It is one thing to proclaim a safe space for all; it another to allow it to be anything but a safe space for some. It is one thing to invite all voices; it is another to shut some down!

The protesters were not interested in dialogue, because if they were, surely they would have allowed the Jews and their guests a peaceful Shabbat and then attended the forum Creating Change asserts it had established for people to discuss their views on the issues at hand. Or at the very least protested in a respectful manner.

Chicago publication, Windy City Times wrote a flagrantly biased Article about the event, by failing to interview Jewish LGBT activists, to counter the radical assertions made by those quoted, which interviews all came across as ignorant, biased and anti-Semitic.  The video used, and many others floating around the internet,  serve as evidence of the antisemitism.

However, Windy City  Times did quote Arthur Slepian, (not Slebian) the Executive Director of A Wider Bridge, about the disruption and not the issues:

“The crowd gathered outside the reception as guests tried to make their way in. A few protesters entered the room just as introductions were being made. The guests from Jerusalem Open House did not make their presentation…….

Creating Change rules dictate that anyone with a conference lanyard can be admitted to any session. The protesters stayed in the gathering space for the entire time, according to AWB Executive Director Arthur Slepian.

“We got our guests from Jerusalem out of there very quickly, to ensure their safety,” he said, adding, “We came here with a message we wanted to bring, and I think there are lessons to be learned here. What happened tonight was contrary to all the important liberal values our society holds dear. I also felt there was a strong undercurrent of anti-semitism.”

In a separate statement put out by AWB, Slepian noted:

“Last night the values of free speech and respectful communication that we all value and that should be the hallmark of the Creating Change conference were replaced by a disgraceful authoritarian-like action that seeks to silence the voices of anyone the protestors feel don’t adhere to their rigid dogma.”

Lies and gross distortions about A Wider Bridge and Israel were being repeated throughout the conference and at the protest.

Initially when cancelling the event, Task Force cited security concerns. It was clear that they had been threatened and protests were likely. But what did the organization do to protect the Jewish group and its guests when all hell broke loose and guests were denied entry or had to be shuttled out quickly for their safety?

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.21.51 PMI am not going to get into the merits of any arguments for or against Israel. And I do have a lot to say about the bogus notion of “Pinkwashing.”    I am going to reserve that for later.  Because the bottom line of what occurred is in that one chant – which says it all.  I will say that from the chants and behavior of the protesters, all possible accusations against Israel fall by the wayside, when the chants call for the destruction of Israel and in effect all Jews. And that is what those protesters did, evidenced by the video at hand.

It was clear they were not interested in the all inclusive dialogue to which they had been invited.   It was also clear that their purpose was not only to disrupt the event, but also to make it known that they did not believe the State of Israel should exist at all and that all Jews should be driven into the sea. I imagine they are clever enough to realize that includes tens of thousands of LGBTQI Jews in Israel including many Jews of color, and Palestinians and Arab LGBTI in Israel too.

In effect those LGBT chanters were there to voice the mission of Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and other known terrorist groups with the chant :

“ From the river to the sea Palestine will be free.”

Yes, that would mean free of gays too! The intended mission of Hamas and Hezbollah -What a bunch of hypocritical idiots! And Task Force and Hilton Hotels provided the platform.

This known chant that denotes the desire to drive all Jews into the sea, in effect is a genocidal chant that includes the only tiny bit of LGBTQ liberation in the Middle East.   That is why they were there, to call for the death of Jews and Israel, and Task Force, through its failure to keep the space safe, was at best negligently complicit: Here is one comments I saw on Facebook by John Becker, a well known LGBT personality and equality activist:

“Assuming they mean the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, this chant would suggest that they do not support a two-state solution that preserves a vibrant, stable, and independent Jewish homeland. This is unacceptable and bigoted, and I’m disturbed and disgusted that this kind of anti-Semitism is embraced by some of my fellow LGBT progressives.”

While we here in America applaud and make room for protest, given the context, this crossed a line and should not have been allowed.

My own comment on Social media:

“The take over of Creating Change – an LGBT conference – by other outside agendas is disconcerting. It is a misuse of the event that Task Force should be able to control. The LGBT agenda should be at the fore of such event and those there for that purpose should be protected. Lack of control requires some serious revisiting about the event and its purpose. Those in charge should be accountable. No protest should ever be so seriously divisive to the point of it being unsafe to be in an LGBTQ space that was designed for all LGBTQ participate in.

I wonder how many of those protesters have ever lifted a finger to help a single LGBTI Palestinian who needed shelter and protection when escaping the wrath of parents and local authorities (Hamas) – just for being gay! Well I know many Israelis and Jews who have done just that! How many of those protesters have called on Hamas or ISIS or the Saudis or Egyptians or the Iranians to stop targeting their LGBT citizens for torture, arrest and death?

But they will call for the death of Jews who have fought off their own religious extremists in the Knesset to attain a large measure of equality for Israel’s vibrant LGBTI community.  The only sense I can make of this is pure anti-semitism.

anti senites creating change 2016

The USA LGBT community must ask for accountability from The National LGBTQ Task Force, with regard to the entire genesis and evolution of this tragedy and also insist on an explanation from Hilton Hotels.

Some in the Jewish Community are calling for Rea Carey’s resignation.

I do not agree with that at this point and I also do not agree with A Wider Bridge giving them a pass on this – as future events in our community are at stake.  I would like a full report with full disclosure, to include all relevant communications prior to and during the event. I think LGBT Jewish America is owed this!

This could lead to new rules in place – finding ways to embrace our ever evolving issues while keeping this event well within its mission.  Failing such, I anticipate the days of Creating Change may well be over! I do not know any sponsor who would want to be actively involved next year to endorse a cry for the destruction of Israel.

Anyone who is interested in forming a coalition to look further into this, is welcome to contact me at [email protected]

By Melanie Nathan, Executive Director, The African Human Rights Coalition,
Contact:  [email protected].

FULL STATEMENT FROM A WIDER BRIDGE added at 2.43 PM 1/21/2016:

Statement from A Wider Bridge

Our program last night featuring Jerusalem Open House (JOH) was an important victory for A Wider Bridge, as more than 100 people came to our reception at Creating Change to learn about our work and to hear from the leaders of JOH.

Sadly, part way through the reception, a handful of anti-Israel protestors entered the room and later commandeered the stage, denying the leaders of JOH the opportunity to tell their powerful story to the more than 100 participants, Jews and non Jews, who had assembled inside after JOH showed its powerful video. In the hallway outside our program, about 200 protestors blocked many others from entering the room, and turned the LGBT Task Force’s conference and the Hilton Hotel into a fire storm of hate that felt truly unsafe and threatening to many of our participants, and especially to our Israeli guests.

These remarkable LGBT leaders from Israel, who do great work in the very diverse and challenging city of Jerusalem, had spent the last six months helping their community heal and recover from the trauma of a barbaric act of anti-gay violence at last summer’s Jerusalem Pride March. They expected to be supported and embraced by the U.S. LGBT community at Creating Change. Instead, the protestors denied their humanity and silenced their voices, and the conference tragically did little to provide for their safety and security.

Last night the values of free speech and respectful communication that we all value and that should be the hallmark of the Creating Change conference were replaced by a disgraceful authoritarian-like action that seeks to silence the voices of anyone the protestors feel don’t adhere to their rigid dogma.

Lies and gross distortions about A Wider Bridge and Israel were being repeated throughout the conference and at the protest. We look forward to working with the leadership of the Task Force to ensure that Creating Change can be a welcoming and safe space for LGBT people, Jews and non-Jews, who care about Israel.

We will never be dissuaded from building bridges between the LGBTQ communities of North America and Israel.

Arthur Slepian
Executive Director, A Wider Bridge

VIDEO ON YOU TUBE BY WINDY CITY TIMES from 3.40 the genocidal chant starts.  It includes chants of “Ho Ho Wider Bridge must go” and  leads into a chant of “SHUT IT DOWN” and “FIGHT BACK.”


In the meantime, here are the Board of Directors: I wonder how many of them applaud what happened at Creating Change 2016 and how many are abhorred by the takeover?

Board of Directors, National LGBTQ Task Force


Mary Harper
Lawyer/Money Manager
Robert W. Baird, Inc.
Kalamazoo, MI
Read Mary’s Bio

Roger Thomson
Brinker International
Miami Beach, FL
Read Roger’s Bio

Hez Norton
Director of Leadership & Partnership Initiatives
Third Sector New England
Boston, MA
Read Hez’s Bio

Suman Chakraborty
Squire Patton Boggs, LLP
New York, NY
Read Suman’s Bio

Sydney Andrews
Media Marketing Manager
Denver, CO
Read Sydney’s Bio

Marsha C. Botzer
Botzer Consulting
Seattle, WA
Read Marsha’s Bio

Brad Carlson
Managing Director
Fortis Development Group
Miami Beach, FL
Read Brad’s Bio

Liebe Gadinsky
Community Activist
Miami Beach, FL
Read Liebe’s Bio

Rev. J. Bennett Guess
Executive Minister, United Church of Christ
Cleveland, OH
Read Bennett’s Bio

Monisha Harrell
Senior Partner, RULESEVEN
Seattle, WA

Rose Hayes
Engineering Director, Research Organization at Google
San Francisco, CA
Read Rose’s Bio

Jeffrey Hoyle
Denver, CO
Read Jeffery’s Bio

Naomi Metz
Law Office of Naomi E. Metz
Santa Rosa, CA
Read Naomi’s Bio

Karin J. Mitchell
Associate Attorney
Johnson, Graffe, Keay, Moniz & Wick, LLP
Seattle, WA
Read Karin’s Bio

Sandra Nathan
Vice President, Programs and Loans
Marin Community Foundation
Novato, CA
Read Sandra’s Bio

Shilpen Patel
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
Read Shilpen’s Bio

David J. Price
Sales Executive
Miami Beach, FL
Read David’s Bio

Rashad Robinson
Executive Director
Color of Change
New York, NY
Read Rashad’s Bio

Andrew Solomon
New York, NY
Read Andrew’s Bio

Ken Thompson
Senior Program Officer
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Seattle, WA
Read Ken’s Bio

Vince Wong
Deputy Director of Policy & Community Relations
Found Animals Foundation
Los Angeles, CA
Read Vince’s Bio

National Action Council

Over the years, the Task Force has had a number of incredible advocates and supporters who have been committed above all others in helping the Task Force achieve its mission of building grassroots power for the LGBT community. The National Action Council recognizes these individuals who have been so critical to the organization.

John Allen
Muskegon, MI

Sue Anderson
Non-Profit Consultant
Boulder, CO
Read Sue’s Bio

David Bowers
Vice President, Marketing
Showtime Networks Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Anthony Aragon
Director of Boards & Commissions
Office of Mayor Michael Hancock
Denver, CO
Read Anthony’s Bio

Margaret Burd
President & CEO
Magpie Software Services Corp.
Denver, CO
Read Margaret’s Bio

Victor Diaz-Herman
Executive Director
Pridelines Youth Services
Miami, FL
Read Victor’s Bio

Matt Foreman
Director, Gay and Immigrant Rights Programs
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
San Francisco, CA
Read Matt’s Bio

Will Forrest
McKinsey and Company
Chicago, IL

Mario Guerrero
Legislative Affairs Director
SEIU Local 1000
Sebastopol, CA

Jody Laine
Sebastopol, CA

Cordey Lash
Jordey Group
Dallas, TX
Read Cordey’s Bio

Chad Richter
Manager, Retail Sales
Kiehl’s Since 1851
Miami Beach, FL
Read Chad’s Bio

Lee H. Rubin
Marketing Executive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Read Lee’s Bio

Christopher Russell
Community Activist
Miami, FL
Read Christopher’s Bio

Michelle J. Stecker, Ph.D., J.D.
Lucy Cross Center for Women at Rollins College
Winter Park, FL
Read Michelle’s Bio

Beth Zemsky
Multicultural Organizational Development

Minneapolis, MN
Read Beth’s Bio

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.22.31 PM

35 thoughts on “LGBT Protesters at Creating Change Call for the Destruction of Israel

  1. What’s wrong? Now the LGBT left and ultra-orthodox right have something in common.

    I never thought anything would bridge that gap

  2. This is an example of blatant antisemitism (hatred of Jews) that happens in some cases to include internalized antisemitism.

    The protesters appear to believe that Israel has no right to protect itself from the jihadists whose openly stated goal is to wipe out Israel and replace it with an Islamic theocracy.

    They also have nothing to say about what would happen to LGBTers now in Israel if jihadists achieved their goals.

    There was a two-state plan on offer from the U.N. in 1947. Middle Eastern Jews accepted the two-state plan; Arabs overwhelmingly rejected the two state plan.

    Had that two state plan been accepted by the Arabs, there would have been no wars and no refugees.

    An Arab with money may purchase private property in Israel.

    But in the P.A.-controlled West Bank, and in Gaza, the penalty for the “crime” of selling property to any Jew is death.

    These protesters are fine with that.

    They are anti-Jewish bigots, so full of hate for Israeli Jews that if to get all Israeli Jews killed, they had to see Israeli LGBTers wiped out, with no LGBT rights in the territory that was Israel, they would cheer that outcome.

    They have ZERO practical suggestions of how Israel is to defend its population against the jihadist threat. They demonize Israel for protecting itself against the jihadist threat.

    And they certainly aren’t defending the rights of people of the Baha’i faith, who have their headquarters in Israel but are not allowed to exist in Gaza, the P.A.-controlled West Bank or in any Muslim-majority country.

    1. @Scott. This is often how it goes with “mob-mentality”– a few sound-bytes fed out designed to froth people up, people who are stressed react as an outlet w/o researching the “bytes”, and then the “mob” protests something they have no true understanding of.

      This was a very poor & embarrassing show by this group who interrupted the Creating Change event.

      If they have something of importance to say, get your OWN venue & say it loud. Otherwise, you’re a giant group of d*ckheads.

  3. These protesters take no issue with Hamas’ policy of murdering LGBT Palestinians. They oppose the passage of equality laws. The LGBT movement has been hijacked by sickness, hate and mental illness.

    1. Yet Iran is the #1 provider of sex change surgeries, it even covers the costs of surgery.

      So we should support Iran and denounce Israel and Hamas.

        1. The Iranian gov’t covers the cost of sex change surgeries because they force people to have them. This is not even remotely something to be happy about or to emulate or to praise. See the BBC link in my previous post.

        1. There is a difference between forced and pressured. Anyway Iran is the only country on earth that will give financial assistance for this surgery most transgenders can’t afford, making it the most progressive in your book.

          And so what if other brands of gays get lumped in as well, being castrated is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself, castrated men add an additional 10-15 years to their average lifespan, thus even outclassing women.

      1. All I can say to this is shame on them, shame shame shame. These protesters are the very worst kind of self righteous lying hypocrites and bring only shame on themselves with their lies. Shame shame shame. I am sorry you had to experience being subjected to such hate,

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  6. This is troubling at the very deepest level. If a Palestinian state were to be established ‘from the river to the sea’, among the first to be killed would be all Jewish and Christian and Muslim gays. They would be thrown from roofstops, stoned and lynched. Those Palestiian LGBT people who currently conceal their sexuality would be forced to keep themselves well inside the closet from then on. On the other hand, all the gay, transgender etc. people currently enjoying full civil rights, police protection, and freedom to be openly gay on the streets would be murdered. That an organization that works for the rights of gay people should want to expose their fellows to murder goes to the roots of this insanity. Something on the far left of politics, the anti-racist left, the socialists campaigning for justice and human freedom has turned sick. It is, surely, a form of mental illness to attack a country that offers rights under the law yet to ignore countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia or North Korea that trample on those rights. It is morally and ethically wrong to do this, yet a whole generation has been brainwashed into taking a stand directly opposed to the very rights they say they want to see in place. It is a defiance of all the best Enlightenment values, a spit in the face of rationalist and fair play, a finger-up sign that says we want to support the same people who actually attack the values we claim to hold. In ordinary life, someone who harms himself will be sent to a psychiatric facility to be treated.

  7. To the Uneducated LGBT Idiots, In fact the censuses taken throughout the different historical periods show Jewish presence in this region, it is continues and uninterrupted. Somehow this is never a valid argument that Jews had always lived in this region.
    Jews never occupied Palestine, but it is Arabs who want that Jews should vacate every inch of Israel. It is the leaders of hamas and hezbollah who are on record saying there is no place for the Jews among Arabs. Women in Israel are not stoned to death when raped by men, there is no honor killings, no genital mutilation, and no marrying of child brides and gays are not hanged or pushed off buildings. And the only gay parades in the Middle East are in Israel. Your ignorance and antisemitism is astonishing. Do not notify me about anything, I will make sure to never support your causes. But do yourselves a favor and educate your ignorance.

  8. “Jews of color” is somewhat oxymoronic, since Jews as a whole are a Levantine people (and thus “people of color”). Only recent converts could really be considered white, if we accept that all Middle Eastern people are non-white.

    That aside, this was indeed a disgusting display of antisemitism.

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  10. Melanie,

    I sincerely respect your disdain for social conservativism and its persecution of minorities to include those of us who are gay. We both agree on that!

    But it’s people like the ones you have cited who represent the Far, Fringe Left who made me the Conservative I am, today. They get caught up in a cause and are not careful to research what they are buying into. In fact, they REMIND me of social conservatives and their own Crusades! What’s the difference?

    I am a supporter of a two-state solution, I just don’t think the terrorists in the PA are. But when and if the State of Palestine comes into existence:

    1. Homosexuality will be made illegal, while it conntinues to be welcomed in Israel.

    2. Abortions will be banned in Palestine, while they will still be performed in Israel for Palestinian women crossing the border, daily, as they do, right now.

    These days, I make my home, some days, on MintPressNews, a Shi’ite, anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-American-Arab-Allies website of Lefty EXTREMISTS out of Minnesota. I enjoy shooting down their ridiculous arguments, Holocaust Denials, fake Talmud quotes, and the like. It’s cotton candy for the mind. The groups you cite remind me of them.

    And yes, I find it absurd that 75% of American Jews vote Democratic. I believe in social activism, as well, but it seems that the old, FDR Democrats like my mother and even Hillary Clinton are fading away, being replaced by narrow-minded people with a one-sided narrative.

    Incidentally, The Salon just carried a story about this same LBGTQ extremism and anti-semitism and your concerns and fears are confirmed, I am VERY sorry to say.

    All the best!

    – Jim Wherry

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  12. Oh, wait; let me correct myself. NOW it gets even worse.

    Again, Melanie, I’ve watched this TV episode before and it IS a re-run. “Non-violent Leftist activists” suddenly turn to violence “because our cause is just and we are right, and we can do no wrong.”

    The Ends Justify the Mean-ness.

    I am a gay man who PROUDLY supports the Jewish Nation of Israel and its right to exist! Bigotry against one is bigotry against ALL.

    Arab nations kicked the Jews out of their countries (not “Zionists” – JEWS!), in 1947-48 and again in 1967. Where DID they expect them to go? Why don’t I hear the same shrill voices call for an end to the occupation of THAT Jewish land, where Jews lived, before the coming of the Arabs, a thousand years later? Why didn’t they call for an end of the OCCUPATION of the Jewish Quarter by the Arabs in 1948?

    The West Bank and Gaza are parts of the former Ottoman Empire – just as Yemen, Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon all were. Every adult Palestinian that fled the fighting in Israel in 1948 was BORN in the Ottoman Empire, yet these other former Ottoman Empire nations passed laws forbidding them to receive citizenship in their original nation they were part of!

    There has been a population exchange, and nothing more. The West Bank and Gaza need to end violence against Israel, if they want peace, but from the MONTH the Oslo Accords were signed, the Palestinians began suicide bombings against Israeli civilians INSIDE of Israel. From the month the Israelis left Gaza, rockets and missiles began to fly against Israel. What will we get, if Israel leaves the West Bank?!?

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