Protesters Win in Shutting Down Trump Rally

Just when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump thought he was infallible, and that he could get away with racist violence at his rallies, Americans in Chicago responded to his bigotry and his calls for violence with a protest the likes of which has not been seen at a political rally in American history.  Protesters succeeded in shutting down the Trump rally at the University of Illinois. Trump is a loser – he did not win!

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.46.37 PMIllustrating the dangerous milieu constructed by Trump, with his hateful rhetoric, the man who suggests he is a ‘unifier’ attracted thousands of anti– Trump, many pro Bernie protesters to his 8000 seat rally. The revolution has begun! And its not the revolution envisaged by Trump.

Thousands waited outside while many hundreds of protesters managed to get through into the venue, avoiding the designated protest area, joining Trump supporters inside.  Signs supporting immigrants and condemning violence and racism, as well as Bernie “Feel the Bern” signs out trumped the TRUMP signs.

Trump did not make it to the venue and police were called in to shut it down.  Scuffles occurred and eventually thousands of anti Trump posters milled about outside the venue.  Trump did  NOT win! Trump’s call for violence renders him the loser.

The evening was quelled when the event was cancelled and the ten thousand, left without incident. As far as we know there were no arrests and no injuries.   Here is my hope – that from this moment on thousands will show up at Trump rallies to SHUT DOWN BIGOTRY.

Trump then goes on Don Lemon (CNN)  and Hannity (FOX) shows and does not take responsibility for any of the violence and protests he has caused. Most sane people believe that Trump has  set a violent tone with his campaign and rhetoric.  Yet Trump spins this to blame “economics” in America.  He also goes onto his Ohio rally where he says: “The protests were organized professionally staged wise guys – we have to fight back?”.  Yes there were some organized protesters who were there because their organizations had invited them.   However he ignores the hundreds of families, immigrants and students – all authentic in their protest. They were horrified by Trump’s attacks on them. The man with a hand made sign “I am not a RAPIST”. was not organized professional, but authentic.

All said and down, Trump is doubling down on that which is causing pain and violence. This is going to get a lot worse, until Trump starts to act like a leader and until he changes the tone of his hateful bigoted campaign.

Trump needs to learn that the First Amendment rights apply to dissenters too. People find his politics appalling. And people are protesting against bigotry and divisiveness.

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THERE will be an anti-Trump Rally in San Francisco Next week,

Melanie Nathan: [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Protesters Win in Shutting Down Trump Rally

  1. No, they actually lost! FEEDING RIGHT into his plans… But I still appreciate them….
    ‪#‎CHITOWN‬ ‪#‎UIC‬ ‪#‎Chicago‬ ‪#‎WindyCity‬ … Thanks for showing the country there are WHITE PEOPLE who do not want Der Trumpenfuehrer for President…. BUT YOU JUST GUARANTEED HE WILL WIN ….Every white male and most women will vote for him now and the STRONG MAN to save them (and get them into more Wars for Profit and Glory) UNLESS…. AND. This only way to stop him is to personally help Register every Black, Brown, Red and Yellow person in the Country and drive them to the polls in November. Otherwise get used to hearing stories about President Trump.

    Remember this is The Man … who sleeps with Mien Kampf by bed instead of the Bible… and if you dont know which chapter he is on right now you BETTER FIND OUT. PS ‪#‎LGBT‬ ‪#‎lgbti‬ @HRC @PFLAG @GLAAD @GLSEN .. GET YOUR PINK TRIANGLES OUT! @LogCabinGOP

    1. He lost because he was shut down. No matter what trump has the ability to spin things in the way he wants. That does not mean he is NOT alienating many voters. He can spin as much as he wants – people can see through it. He has not even begin in the West Coast yet or the bigger Cities. Those people attending for Trump rallies are hill billies and rednecks driving long distances from FuckervilleNowehere

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