Is The Human Rights Campaign Tacitly endorsing Donald Trump?

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 3.17.44 PM
Trump the Face of the GOP

After The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) decided to endorse a Republican Senator above a Democratic contender, I wrote an article, “Five Reasons why LGBT Activists Endorse Tammy Duckworth” which I posted here back on March 28, 2016.   However now there is a compelling sixth reason which categorically makes the case for why HRC MUST revoke its endorsement of Mark Kirk – and they have an excellent exit excuse which they may not have found as compelling before Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

Kirk has endorsed Donald Trump. We know HRC has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President – how hypocritical to endorse a Republican who has actually publicly said he supports Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.58.20 AM
Chad Griffin the Face of HRC

Yes, HRC – hear this loud and clear –  a vote for Mark Kirk is an alliance with Republican presumptive nominee, Donald Trump.   Is HRC comfortable endorsing the anti-LGBT megalomaniac who has promised to reverse marriage equality?  CNN is calling the two running pals and for good reason and HRC is silent – now endorsing that pretty picture.

Now CNN notes:

Chicago (CNN) Whether he likes it or not, Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk has a new running mate: Donald Trump.

For both Kirk and his challenger, Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth, much of their campaign strategy hinges on Trump, now the GOP’s presumptive nominee for president.

Republicans are worried that Kirk, one of the most vulnerable GOP senators, could be dragged down by the divisive billionaire and help Democrats, who only need to win five seats to flip the Senate.

It’s a scenario that’s repeating itself in Senate races all over the map this cycle. Trump has been an omnipresent part of Democrats’ rallying (and fundraising) cries, and with campaigns and spending groups looking for ways to tie Republican incumbents to Trump.  READ MORE.

Here is the March 28th Article repeated in full – and I stand by all these assertions – PLEASE CONTACT HRC and tell them to reverse their endorsement –

Five Reasons why LGBT Activists Endorse Tammy Duckworth

3 thoughts on “Is The Human Rights Campaign Tacitly endorsing Donald Trump?

  1. They also can just be horrible closeted MISOGYNISTS … i know it seems most of my LGBT friends are ..ALL they can do is slam Hillary and Tammy and all female candidates… WHAT is with that?
    Anyway thanks for this will share.

    1. Have you counted how many females are on HRC Board. There are 32 members of the Board and I think 6 are female. Of those two may be trans or maybe the female trans people make is 7.

  2. Calming down a little…but not much. .. FYI here is the header I am using for all groups, though I wrote a separate one for the MILITARY groups.
    We already know @HRC Human Rights Campaign did NOT ENDORSE #Veteran #TammyDuckworth for Senator of IL… WHY? …. and now that Sen Kirk has endorsed the Donald Trump…. does that mean HRC does too? OR are they too so guilty of Misogyny they cannot even see it?
    THIS Good post HAS the one with TAMMY’s complete qualifications…
    and LOTS of contacts to the Human Rights Campaign @HRC if you think they should not be endorsing DONALD TRUMP. ..and/or that they should be endorsing TAMMY DUCKWORTH!

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