Uganda Pride Postponed Due to Threats from Government Minister Lokodo

mel pride maskFollowing the brutal and unconstitutional police raid on a pre- Uganda Pride event this week, the Uganda Pride Committee has issued a  statement postponing the event.

Uganda Pride Committee Statement:

Dear community members, friends, partners/allies.

We wish to thank you for the support in any kind you offered us and each other during yesterday’s police raid. We are disheartened that the pride week events have been disrupted.

We are giving all the support that is needed to the person who sustained serious injuries as he tried to flee for his life. With the support from our partners @Chapter4 and Hrapf Uganda the boy who was trapped in a shop at the mall where last evenings event was held, was released on police bond. The partners continue to follow up on that case.

Earlier today, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity in a press statement indicated that he would do anything in his authority to make sure that the pride parade does not happen as planned. He added that if police did not do anything about it, he will incite violence by calling on the public to storm the venue and do harm.

Our partners and allies have started negotiations with top government officials to have this decision turned around.  As the committee, we have agreed that all the remaining events of the pride week to be postponed as we await a positive outcome from the already going negotiations.  This is to allow us to get enough time to also reorganise and give us all time to clear our heads and relax after what happened last evening.

We will be communicating the new dates as soon as the negotiations are completed.  To our friends and partners that had travelled from out of Uganda to grace the PrideUganda2016, we thank you for the support.

We call on all community members to please communicate to members who will be traveling from different parts of the country that the events have been postponed. Please share this information so that members don’t go to the pick up points that were earlier communicated.

Please keep away from the venues, as they might be under police surveillance, you do not want to be found in the wrong place at the wrong time.

For any further information, or details please don’t hesitate to consult.

Please keep calm, and stay safe. We are doing all this with so much consideration of everyone’s security and safety.
‪#‎Standingtogether‬‪#‎   PrideUganda2016‬.

African Human Rights Coalition Statement:

The African Human Rights Coalition (African HRC) vehemently condemns the brutal police attack against peaceful innocent pageant attendees at Club Venom this week in Uganda.  We further condemn, in the strongest terms, the continued threats of the Ugandan government by Minister Lokodo, and the incitement of further acts of violence against the innocent and good citizens of Uganda, who merely wish to enjoy their basic freedom and to exercise the very basic human right to peaceful and lawful assembly.

The African Human Rights Coalition offers support and guidance to refugees and asylum seekers, as well as support for safe shelter for persecuted LGBT people in several African countries, including Uganda.

While many people who were impacted by the raid have made contact with us, in an attempt to explore their options for safety and possible exile, others are digging their heals in, determined to fight for their rights and to express their pride in some form or another, defying the Ugandan government with a courageous online social media posting protests.

Ugandans are expressing their Pride through social media postings such us those shown here – and the world is showing solidarity.



Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 5.26.32 PM

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