TLDEF Commemorates Transgender Day of Visibility

New York, NY – Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund joins millions throughout the world in celebrating the Transgender Day of Visibility. Transgender Michigan Executive Director Rachel Crandall started TDOV in 2010 “to bring attention to the accomplishments of trans people around the globe while fighting cissexism and transphobia by spreading knowledge of the trans community.”

Statement from TLDEF Executive Director Jillian Weiss:

“The Transgender Day of Visibility is a moment to spotlight the important contributions of transgender people worldwide. Each day, members of our community add to the rich tapestry of society through our authenticity, resilience and courage. TLDEF recently highlighted dozens of successful transgender Americans, including scientist Dr. Ben Barres, civil rights advocate Ms. Jennifer Michele Chavez, champion athlete Mr. Chris Mosier, and 98 others, in our landmark brief in the historic Gavin Grimm anti-discrimination case. We at TLDEF work hard every day to confront rampant anti-transgender prejudice and discrimination. But today we celebrate our achievements.

Today, we recognize how far we have travelled from the days when we were told by medical professionals to cloak ourselves in invisibility and live in fear of discovery. Today, many parents proudly support trans youth, love them unconditionally and encourage them to be their authentic selves. As someone raised in the 1960s, who thought that no one could ever understand, witnessing this positive evolution brings a swell of pride and a renewed belief that love will prevail. Today, we proudly reflect on the work we have done as a movement and the strides we have made as a community. That is the foundation of our continued quest for justice and equality.”



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