Pictures of Police Using Force on LGBTI Refugees in Kenya outside UNHCR gates

This is an update reflecting some new pictures:  We wrote an article this week following the story of 18 LGBTI refugees detained and beaten by Kenyan police while outside UNHCR gates:

In general when a refugee escapes war or persecution by entering a host country, they can be assured of support and protection, as by crossing a border they have hopefully escaped their persecutors. However when you are  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) – and reside on a continent where 34 countries criminalize you, its almost impossible to find safe haven in a host country, causing an enormous challenge for refugees , human rights organizations and UNHCR. 

There is no solution at this time. Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, intersex and transgender people in Africa are trapped. No matter which way they turn, even when showing up to UNHCR, very few are guaranteed safety.  The arrest and unconscionable treatment of the 18 refugees by Kenyan police proves this problem!   After extreme vetting and many insecurities, refugees have been successfully resettled in Western countries by UNHCR – however the plight of refugees in African countries such as Kenya continues.  The situation is bleak as many struggle to survive in refugee camps and as urban refugees, pending resettlement.


Kenyan police beating refugees outside UNHCR gates. |
Kenya: Refugee forcibly removed by police | |
Kenyan police beating refugees outside UNHCR gates. |


Refugees outside UNHCR, Kenya, Protesting lack of protection and |
Kenya: Refugee sleeps on sidewalk outside UNHCR Gates |
Refugees in Kenya sleeping outside UNHCR Gates |

3 thoughts on “Pictures of Police Using Force on LGBTI Refugees in Kenya outside UNHCR gates

  1. Headline: “Pictures of Police Using Force on LGBTI Refugees”

    Where are the police in the photos? I see only private security guards, at least two them wearing G4S caps.

    Also I see only a single (possible) refugee being manhandled in the photos, and only in the top three.

    In short, I am failing to see refugees (pl) being handled by the Kenyan police.

    1. They were arrested – and detained and taken off by police – then returned from Nairobi to Kenya. Why don’t you ask the 18 young men for their story.

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