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Did Archbishop Say Dont Harm Gays in Uganda for the Love of Money?

By Melanie Nathan, August 18, 2014. Whereas the churches in Uganda have helmed the battle against gays, as triggered by the shenanigans of the likes of Scott Lively, an American fringe radical right Christian pastor, who tried to re-brand Christianity for the Ugandan Christian market and other global communities, now some may be turning toward […]

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Exclusive: Father Anthony Musaala speaks about his suspension by Ugandan Catholic Archbishop

“I realized that it was good old fashioned c\Catholic prejudice towards homosexuality, or those who seem to be homosexual.” By Melanie Nathan, March 20, 2013. After Ugandan Catholic cleric Fr. Anthony Musaala authored an open letter To Bishops, Priests and Laity, entitled “The failure of Celibate Chastity among Diocesan Priests” accusing his Catholic Church colleagues in […]

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Ugandan Catholic Priest Persecuted by Scott Lively’s Anti-Gay Campaign speaks of bribes

By Melanie Nathan, January 21, 2013. The Ugandan gay community is suing a U.S. Pastor, Scott Lively  on U.S. soil, charging that he has committed crimes against humanity, resulting in their persecution. But it went further and this story illustrates just how murky the waters of anti-gay persecution can get. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender […]

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