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FireShot Screen Capture #630 - 'NEWS_ White House senior staff meet with Freedom to Work

Exxon’s Anti-LGBT Policies Prompts Freedom to Work Campaign

Last night, Tico Almeida, president of Freedom to Work — a national organization working to ban workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Americans — announced the launch of a new campaign and petition aimed at ExxonMobil’s discriminatory policies against LGBT employees.

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ENDA could save the Facebook Privacy Invasion

By Melanie Nathan, 03/26/2012 I read an article today in SF Gate, noting that some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person’s social networking profile  and may have the audacity to ask for log in information, such as the usernames and passwords. The idea is that a prospective employer can […]

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Breaking: Facebook Timeline Glitch Could Cause Danger for GAY LGBTI Users

UPDATE: 8-08-2012 –  It would seem from checking back at the site concerned that the problem has been resolved.  It may not have been a problem at all, it is difficult to tell. However, exercising caution when using social media is advised at all time. by Melanie Nathan, Jan 08, 2011 SAN FRANCISCO –  Facebook […]

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2012 and My Resolution to Support Barack Obama All the Way!

LGBTI rights depend on 2012 – here we come! By Melanie Nathan, Dec 31, 2011 Well in mere hours it will be the year 2012 – I am going to let bygones be bygones! I am holding the Obama administration accountable for the upcoming repeal of DOMA, for the imperative passage of ENDA and for […]

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Mixner’s Twenty Top Lesbians in US Politics – But Where is the Messiah?

4-17-10 –  By Melanie Nathan; David Mixner has produced a great article, where he asserts his choice of 20 most powerful lesbian leaders in American Politics.But who may I ask has with with vigor and resolve led us to  “Amend the Civil Rights Act- to include Sexual orientation.” Indeed a worthy list – and truly […]

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I AM HERE WITH YOU IN THAT FIGHT and yet I give as much as the law allows?

I was skeptical about President Obama’s speech and yet hopeful. The short version of this post is that I was generally pleased. Of course I could highlight what was left out and the uncertainties that remain for our full equality, yet my ‘glass half full’ beckons and I succumb! Admittedly, the strongest language yet from […]

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