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FireShot Screen Capture #320 - 'Why Don’t Hyundai, Kia, Porsche, And Suzuki Value Their LGBT Employees_.jpg

Gaywheels talk KIA, Porsche, as LGBT Americans may be Driving Unfriendly Vehicles

By Melanie Nathan, 02/24/2012 I recently read a report fro Gaywheels site that Hyundai, Kia, Porsche, and Suzuki offer no protections or benefits for their LGBT employees. Of the 37 car companies Gaywheels has surveyed,  33 are gay-friendly (at least to some degree).   While only four are lagging behind, it is unconscionable considering that every single […]

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Gays as Accidental Anti-Gay Tourists in Africa – The Lioness and the Wallet

By Melanie Nathan, 01/05/2012 When we as Western tourists go to Africa, we go to view nature – to visit tribal villages, to see the dance and hear song; we sit eagerly at waterholes waiting for the lioness to pounce the unsuspecting deer, while the landscape and the vast bush yields to the pristine African […]

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