Police Fail Progressive Protesters when Harrased by Birthers

By Melanie Nathan (For www.Lezgetreal.com) After I wrote the post on the Billboard in Colorado Protests, I sent an e-mail to Pat, the woman who so bravely started and led the protests against the sleazy car depot salesman and ‘Birther’ in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.   Prior to writing the initial Blog, I had heard Pat’s call to Ed Schultz on his radio show and was touched by her fierce commitment to defend our President. A few e-mails ensued between us, including the fact that she was touched by Lez Get Real’s support of her protest.  She agreed to report the protest day directly to me as well as to photograph the event for our site. So with gratitude,  here is Pat’s report on Saturday’s protest and a picture of the event:-

  News FromThe Picket Line- in the words of the brave Progressive Protester Pat:-

 “We arrived at the picket line at 9:45 for the l0:00 a.m. protest.  As we were setting up,

one of their salesmen came up to us and said, “Don’t you ladies have anything better to do on Saturday?” We said no.  He proceeded to laugh, and I said, “We are extremely serious.  This is JUST the beginning.”

 They are used to seeing us, and I honestly think they didn’t know what we had planned.  As our people started arriving, they were greeted, thanked and given a sign if they didn’t have one.  Some of them made their own colorful signs and we had extras. 

A gentleman showed  up on Monday before this protest,  at first scaring me to death, bye when he walked up to me closely, said “Thanks”.  I invited him to join us on Saturday.  Much to my delight not only did he show up, but he stayed for hours.  Come to find out, he canvassed for the Obama campaign, and told me of his adventures. 

 We called all TV stations, and the only paper in town, the Denver Post the night before.  Luckily, Channel 31 showed up and stayed for 30 minutes, taking pictures of us and interviewing me.  We did about 5 small “talking points” interviews, and off they went.  While this was going on, employees of Wolf Automotive were busily moving their trucks they were selling, pointing the exhausts directly at the picket line.  I told the news media what was happening.  The stench was pretty bad.  Eyes were watering, you could taste it, and generally uncomfortable.  When we moved down the sidewalk, they would start up other trucks to aim at us.  Did we leave?  Hell no. 

In hindsight, I should have called Mr. Wolf (it pains me to address him in this civil manner), to ask him if he knew this was happening. I did call the Wheat Ridge police who informed me Wolf had already called, and I advised them of the situation.  Police came out and said it was not a violation and we would just have to move.  (We are checking into zoning violations — we don’t believe him).   

 In the meantime, we are concentrating on more coverage, i.e., the young turks, local Wheat Ridge newspaper, other organizations, and putting info on many Face Books.  We intend to keep the story alive. 

 If anyone has any contacts with moveon.org, please let Me  (Pat via Mel) know.  They were unresponsive.  I have attended their rallies — now is the time they support us.  There will be another protest this Saturday.  It is too dangerous for just the women to show up.  We had 4 men, and 21 women.  Not too shabby, as we have only been working on this for a week.  (Protest started with 2 lone women.)

 The best news — Fox 31 DID not interview Wolf.  They only interviewed Protesters

 Wolf had some guy in the parking lot the entire time, and some nut was taking our pictures just in case “something happened to Wolf.”  That’s pretty normal — guess we were supposed to be intimidated.

 I’ll tell you what the worst was.  They turned on the Rush Limpballs Show and we had to listen to that gas bag.  Don’t know what was worse — the carbon monoxide, or having to listen to Rush.  Pretty juvenile, huh?

 We plan to rally again on Saturday.  They are calling for frigid temperatures and snow.  We don’t care. We will be there — we won’t back down — and we won’t stop the fight until that billboard is taken down.  In Solidarity. . .   pat”

  Blogged by Melanie Nathan,
www.Privatecourts.com ; www.oblogdeeoblogda.wordpress.com

See Progressive Protester’s Publicity and Help spread the Word.  Help  get 100 people there for next Staurday protest.   http://www.kdvr.com/news/kdvr-obama-billboard-112009,0,2612065.story

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