Ugandan Diaspora Gays Condemn Buturo’s Anti-homosexuality Attack on Clinton

Science is not a Western import; The only import from the West was the Church of Scott lively and its hate rhetoric –

By Melanie Nathan, Jan 03, 2012;

Recently Dr James Nsaba Buturo, the resigned Ethic minister from Uganda,  made public statements in response to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s international LGBTI rights speech, (see Video) by demanding the Ugandan government stand firm against homosexuality, citing the Secretary’s ideals as a Western import and one which Ugandans should reject.

Secretary Clinton called upon leaders in the World to decriminalize homosexuality and to show true leadership by treating all LGBTI people with dignity.

Buturo responded with an aggressive attack on the Secretary’s remarks and called homosexuality an abomination.

What Buturo does not understand is that if indeed homosexuality is a Western import as he suggested, then all the science that proves sexuality innate, would miraculously exclude Ugandans from the human race and the animal kingdom altogether. What would Ugandans then be?

Well as far as I am concerned Ugandans are indeed as human as any other and hence must subscribe to the internationally accepted science that homosexuality is not a choice.

To this end Moses Kigozi, the president of Uganda sexual minorities in the Diaspora ( not affiliated with the local SMUG group), has stood  up to the ranting of Buturo as he accused Dr Buturo of inciting the people of Uganda toward mob violence against suspected homosexuals.

“Dr Buturo, like others who think like him, does not understand anything about being a gay. If he is open to learning, he should ask people in the know to help him understand other than saying something for the sake of it,” said Kigozi.

SMUG assists LGBTI people who have been rejected by their own families, which is common place in Uganda, where education is seriously lacking in the understanding of sexual orientation and where members of parliament, as well as President Museveni and his wife Janet Museveni have fueled anti-gay fervor through rhetoric and the promotion of the pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill, otherwise known as the kill the Gays Bill.

The anti-homosexuality Bill in Uganda can be voted upon, still, at anytime, although some assert it will not be voted upon because the current law already criminalizes “acts against the order of nature” which some assert include acts of homosexuality, although this has yet to be tested by the independent Supreme court.

Please note that the DIASPORA Group mentioned in this Article is not in touch with the Ugandan Sexual Minorities group, SMUG led by Frank Mugisha in Uganda.

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