Gay Republicans Commit Equality Suicide with Pride over Romney’s Ryan Pick

“I am disgusted by any Gay person who by their promotion for GOP votes condones the race baiter NOM Pledge” Melanie Nathan

By Melanie Nathan, August 11, 2012.

Jimmy LaSalvia, Christopher R. Barron, GOProud Co-Founders

In an anomaly that defies reconciliation, Gay Republicans of the GOProud and Log Cabin creed, have praised the Romney choice for VP, asserting that the Paul Ryan pick will ‘energize gay Republicans.’  I can barely bring myself to write this article.

“The Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, two groups that represent a broad spectrum of gay and conservative voters and their allies, praised former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for selecting Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate in statements that focused on his plans for the economy, not his record on LGBT rights.” More can be read in a report in the Advocate:

Let me say this – I simply cannot reconcile the fact that any LGBT person would put ideology relating to taxes and economy ahead of the freedom of an entire marginalized community they purport to be part of and represent; not to mention the basic human rights of  communities around the world. And I am not even bringing the poor, the seniors nor women into the equation – where a Romney Ryan presidency (splutter splurt!!!I said it…) would decimate life as we know it and would like to know it.

As their ‘Energizer’ trigger, Gay Republicans assert the fact that Ryan showed support of ENDA with his vote back in 2007,  I must remind all of his Tea party journey since that time, and the fact that the Romney ticket is an anti-gay ticket, loud and clear! While Paul Ryan gave a vote back in 2007 supporting ENDA, he has maintained his position to overtly Tea Party anti-gay synced.  He voted against hate crime protections,  does not support LGBT families,  by voting against  gay and lesbian  adoption and his opposition to the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” is loud and clear.  The repeal of DOMA would not get his vote nor his signature if ever he were president as he is clearly against marriage equality.

When one uses the “gay” label, one is using gay muscle and gay vote! That carries with it a responsibility – not only to one’s domestic community, but also to world at large.

Gay Republicans (I have only ever met GOP gay men – yet to meet a single GOP lesbian identifying politically as such) endorse candidates who have signed the NOM anti-equality pledge, whose human rights policies would undo all the imperative work on the part of the current administration when it comes to the international efforts to help decriminalize homosexuality.

All I can think of is equality suicide by GOP Republicans. Its one thing to hang yourself, but please not the rest of us too!

But its more than just equality suicide for  gays to support a Romney and Ryan team – their anti-gay grit will extend into the world at large and given where we have come thus far after extraordinary advocacy by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, and where we still need to be going, a win by the right wing candidates will result in heightened persecution and deaths to African gays, of this I have no doubt.

I think any form of endorsement of candidates, who have signed the Maggie Gallagher NOM pledge, given the recent revelations of race baiting, is disgusting!  It disgusts me to think that  groups touting the GAY banner support this under any circumstances and if they are going to be energized by Ryan, for whatever reason at all, they do support the NOM pledges too – no escaping it.

Any form of endorsement that has sidled up to the likes of Michelle Bachmann and the rest of the Tea Party gay haters is unconscionable.

This is not ONLY about American gays – our administration serves the LGBTI people of the world and if we land up with Romney and Ryan, you can say goodbye to the U.S. pressure against Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill as well as many more protocols that may just save lives.

To my way of thinking, especially this choice today, I have no regard for any person declaring support for a Romney Ryan ticket who uses the word “Gay Republican” in the same sentence.

Gay Republicans we are at war! There is nothing good about what Gay Republicans are doing for LGBTI people at home and around the world by promoting a single vote for Romney and Ryan. It is time Gay Republicans ditched the label “gay” when promoting their cause or its time they conceded the irreconcilable differences.  There is not one ounce of GAY acceptable to those Tea Partiers and panderers whom they support and so they are bashing their heads against the very brick wall of those who hate them but would gladly have their vote.

Where is the real pride, the dignity?

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3 Comments on “Gay Republicans Commit Equality Suicide with Pride over Romney’s Ryan Pick”

  1. pinkagendist August 11, 2012 at 2:17 PM #

    Personally, I think this is a good thing. For too long Republicans have been hiding behind semantics and platitudes in order to conceal their anti-gay agenda. Gay Republican groups have been all too happy to endorse and embrace the crumbs thrown their way by a party that scorns them. At least now lines are being drawn and positions made clear. I hope gay republicans turn down the Chopin in their luxury SUVs and hear the message loud and clear: They are not wanted in the Republican party.


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