Thousands turn out in NYC rally against hate murder in the Village

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Christine Quin, NYC Speaker with Edie Windsor the DOMA Plaintiff

By Melanie Nathan, May 20, 2013.

No amount of marchers will bring back Mark Carson, who was gunned down by a man shouting anti-gay epithets. He was only 32 years of age. However silence will mean more deaths and speakers at the NYC rally against the murder of Carson called out to end homophobic gay attacks so NYC can go back to being a safe place for gay, lesbian and transgender residents and its numerous LGBTI visitors.

Hate crimes are on the rise against Gays, in New York City and worldwide. Today a Rally was held at the New York LGBT Center in the West Village near the spot where the murder took place.

Members of the LGBT community and their allies assembled outside the LGBT Center of NYC on West 13th Street. By the time the march began the crowd had swelled to well beyond initial expectations. Led by representatives of the LGBT Center, the Anti-Violence Project, relatives of Marc Cason, religious leaders, and elected officials, the group marched towards the scene of Carson’s death at West 8th Street and 6th Avenue. Participants waved signs and chanted along the march route. A large number of police were in attendance.

Wilson Cruz, GLAAD’s national spokesperson said:

“Our hearts grieve for the victim’s loved ones. While our community has made progress, this is a stark and sobering reminder of the rife homophobia that still exists in our culture. These crimes are intended to scare and silence LGBT people. However, as a proud New York native, I am confident that our community and our city will not be silenced, but will rather come together to stop this rash of senseless violence.” …….

“We are reminded still that, until we rid our society of the discrimination that allows us to be seen as inferior and less than human, we will never truly be safe, even in one of the most accepting cities in the world.”

Glennda Testone speach @ rally against hate NYC 5/20/13:

See More Videos by Culver McCall

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