South Africans want to Ban Melissa Bachman the Lion Killer

Show presenter Melissa Bachman slammed after posting photo of lion she killed in South Africa 

By Melanie Nathan, November 16, 2013, 5:14 AM

“Bachman posted a smiling picture of herself with a dead lion in front of her, gushing about her ‘incredible hunting day.’ Her enthusiasm was not shared by thousands of others, who signed a petition to ban Bachman from South Africa,” according to David Harding of New York Daily.

Screen Shot 2013-11-16 at 4.20.05 PMTV presenter and hunter Melissa Bachman posted this photo of herself with a lion she killed in South Africa, tweeting,

“An incredible day hunting in South Africa!’ she tweeted. “… what a hunt!”!’

South Africans have begun a petition to ban the smiling killer, Bachman, after she gleefully posted a picture of a male lion she killed on Twitter and Facebook.

Bachman's websites feature smiling photos of her next to slain animals.

Melissa Bachman via Facebook

Bachman’s websites feature smiling photos of her next to slain animals.

Cape Town resident Elan Burman has  launched a petition to get the “avid hunter” banned from returning to South Africa, demanding she no longer “be granted access” to South Africa’s natural resources.

“She is an absolute contradiction to the culture of conservation this country prides itself on,” claimed Burman.

Bachman shared this photo on her Facebook page of a zebra she killed in South Africa.

Photos: Melissa Bachman on her Facebook

Lion hunting in South Africa is legal.  An investigation into the growing South African industry of hunting lions bred in captivity has reignited a long-running controversy among hunters, captive breeders and animal rights advocates.

But her delight was not shared by thousands of others, reported the Daily Telegraph.
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My comment: “I do not understand the mentality of wanting to kill such a magnificent animal.  Its part of nature whether canned or not. Serves nothing more than to breed a violent culture.”

UPDATED 11/23: Petition is now closed and it reached around half a million signatures in a few weeks.

50 thoughts on “South Africans want to Ban Melissa Bachman the Lion Killer

      1. Found it!!! What the heck is she doing in SA?? I sure how that she is banned from your country. And then boasting about her “kills” ….. can grasp my brain around that one!!
        SMH …..

      2. Just a thought!! Minnesota … could she be related to Michelle Bachman, the congress person? They may very well be … both cookoo!! Michelle is from Minnesota too.

        1. Such majestic creatures!! Imagine how long it took them to grow. Imagine the “families” they left behind!!!😦

    1. That woman is stupid! Melissa Bachman! I hope one of those animals that she is preying upon prey on her!!! She is an outcast to society!

    2. Dear dr., our country has strict and ethical laws regulating hunting and as hunting is the major contributor to conservation in our country, the majority of South Africans welcomes all hunters of all countries as long as they adhere to our law – Riaan, Pretoria, South Africa.

        1. Mr. Mostert from the conservation area were the hunt took place confirmed in a national newspaper, the “Raport”, that the hunting expedition was done by the book. Lion hunting is strictly regulated in South Africa because of the unethical practice of “canned hunting”. In 2011 435 lions were hunted in South Africa.

          1. Riaan – the point is not about the law. The point is not about whether the petitoin is correctly framed or even if this woman can be banned from South Africa. The point is that MANY MANY people abhor hunting and abhor the fact that a person gloats over a kill of a magnificent animal. Many many are offended and so no matter what happens, the petition and articles like this are a forum for us to note and express our disgust.We are entitled to be repulsed by it, we are entitled to be disgusted by it and that is regardless of whether it is legal or not. So here I say again – the gloating BACHMAN is repulsive!

            1. The point is pretty much about the law. People are asking to ban the woman for a crime she technically didn’t commit.
              You could ask for lion hunting to become illegal for example. What is going on on social media is a witch hunt. (funnily enough a subject you discuss in another subject on your site)

              1. YOU miss the point – protests are not always practical but voices heard and delivered! Your comparison of the criticism on Bachman to the persecution of gays in Uganda trivializes the GREAT suffering of an entire community. And I fond it quite insensitive and ignorant on your part if in fact that is what you are doing.

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Minnesota native! Thrill of the hunt … Sad woman! Disrespectful of Earth resources. Hope she gets banned from the country!

  2. What you people don’t get is that this person is on a mission to destroy what Africa holds beauty, she has to be stopped, banning her from South Africa is not enough, she shouldn’t be let in Africa at all

  3. Wait….so she has done nothing illegal? You may disagree with killing animals but she didn’t break the law so why should she be punished?

    1. Exposing people smiling over their KILLS for more than just their fans who support what they do will create outrage. AND creating a noise and protests around it is what often gets laws changed.

  4. I’m sure she is not the only monster out there. I do hope that life is unkind to her until her debt is repaid. Jail time sounds good for her. What right does she or anyone have to kill these type of protected species in a country where we hear so much about protection from poachers and other idiots. Sad to say, but she is an idiot. Especially for posting photos and boasting. Dummy. Someone should hunt her dog, her family or even kids and see if she likes it. This is sad. How can we stop more terrible people from doing the same?

  5. South Africans should vote for a government that makes hunting illegal, not asking for that woman to be banned from the country via social media. Policing and judging should not be done by popularity vote on Facebook and Twitter.
    If what she’s done is legal, then there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  6. I don’t agree with this killing but if lion killing is banned in Africa, how did this foreigner do it? Arrest her and lock her up or something… who needs petitions? can’t the authorities go get her? sounds like there is a double sword here.

    1. No one said it was illegal?? ITS LEGAL in SOuth Africa and some people breed lions especially for hunting. People pay money to hunt and kill. That is what is wrong. this petition may create enough of an outcry to change that law.

      1. Dear Melanie, in the past South Africa’s wild life was in a steep decline until some farmers started to convert their cattle farms to game farms for hunting. Today more than 30% of the traditional farms have converted to game farming, restoring the echo system and greatly improved the numbers of wild animals including lion.

        1. That does not help the fact that I am offended by the killing of the beautiful lion and the gloating over it. And so this is about enterprise for those farmers? And the echo system has been restored and now they must kill to keep it right? That is exactly what nature intended I am sure.

          1. Dear Melanie, managing a conservation habitat sometimes means that you need to cull some of the lions to keep the pride healthy and productive. If there are to many males the dominant male will eat the young. Yes lions are magnificent and proud animals, but they are also carnivores that kill for food and fun!

            1. Riaan for a naturalist/ conservationist tone, I am surprised that you say “, but they are also carnivores that kill for food and fun!” Firstly I dont believe Lions kill for fun – I think its the wrong way to define the ‘act’ – as they do not have a human mentality.
              And secondly you seem to impart in that statement that BECAUSE they are carnivores that that somehow justifies us “killing” them. Please note that cant exactly go down to the local supermarket to BUY their meat!

  7. Melissa bachman i only pray that what goes around comes around you are a inhumane pile of dung i pray that you are eaten by a pack of anything preditor i will take great pleasure knowing you have been taken down like the piece you are

  8. I hope that this bachman spends many years in an afrucan prison for being a poaching scum bag then maybe she will die in jail and feed her corpse to the afrucan cats she take sheer pleasure in murdering.

    1. I do not think this was poaching. In South Africa there are farms that breed game for the purpose of hunting and it is legal in certain places in that country. So she was probably not breaking the law. However an outcry may help change some of those laws.

  9. The problem people SHOULD be focusing on here is that hunting in designated areas is legal. Thus, this person as such did not break any laws – except perhaps what some consider to be moral ones. I suggest instead of whining about people who enjoy violence going around killing things where it is legal to do so, they should rather put their energy into changing the laws to make it illegal to hunt.

    1. The point is less about the law. And yes if that can be changed and articles such as this the impetus for such good and well, The point is not about whether the petition is correctly framed or even if this woman can be banned from South Africa. The point is that MANY MANY people abhor hunting and abhor the fact that a person gloats over a kill of a magnificent animal. Many many are offended and so no matter what happens, the petition and articles like this are a forum for people to note and express disgust.

      We are entitled to be repulsed by it, we are entitled to be disgusted by it and we are entitled to express our feelings about it- whether productive or not. And that is regardless of whether it is legal or not. So here I say again – the gloating BACHMAN is repulsive!

      And if there are animal rights groups in SA that would take this up with the SA Government, by all means. We all know what that will take as hunting is clearly a lucrative attraction. The other thing is If I were an animal rights group, I would lobby to boycott Safaris until hunting was banned outright. But the that is me – a radical position of course. But I am an LGBT advocate and will save animal rights for the odd article here and there when I am personally offended and also will save it for my next lifetime – that is if I dont come back as a lion in the lens of Ms. bachman.

  10. I fail to understand VILE people like this.. they must have absolutely no empathy and missing something inside there heads.

    I saw another article about this.. which ended with “Ricky Gervais, the British comedian, shared Ms Bachman’s comment “what a hunt!” on his own Twitter feed, adding: “Spot the typo”.”

    Well said Ricky Gervais.. very well said !

  11. Bill From MN …. Why are you calling me an idiot? I agree with the post content. I don’t think that these beautiful creatures should be killed just for the pleasure of “the hunt” … I was being facetious when I compared the “Bachmans” ….. If this offended you I sincerely apologize.
    Hey ….. Michelle Bachmann IS an idiot!! Whether you agree or not …. it would be best to agree to disagree.
    Sorry … didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers!!

  12. Ok why are you all up in arms so to speak over the killing of a lion in Africa? Why is it anyone’s business? The lady payed to go on a hunt she got her game. It’s an animal we eat these things for food, well most of us do? She didn’t break any laws and yes it is a beautiful animal it will look amazing after it is mounted. Good for her in following her dreams and not worrying about the people who whine about it. I am going to guess that you are either all vegitarians or vegan. Because if your not your all hypocrites. We slaughter thousands of cattle and chickens and turkeys a day don’t see you complaining about that.

  13. You are with out a doubt the most uncaring , selfish person I have seen in a while… I cant believe anyone could take pleasure in taking the life of this beautiful trusting animal!!! You are a true killer . … one that needs to have your method of trophy…

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