NOM fails to present public tax returns at deadline

By melanie Nathan, Nov 17, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 12.55.10 PM
Brian Brown dressed as CAZR
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Brian Brown dressed as crook

We all know that cashing in can be a lucrative enterprise for those who have declared war on marriage equality in the United States. National Organization for Marriage (NOM) under the leadership of Brian Brown, in the footsteps of Maggie Gallagher, is one such organization.

Rights Equal Rights (RER), under the leadership of Fred Karger, the relentless LGBT activist who has taken NOM to task over the years, sent a representative to the Washington, DC office of NOM on Friday morning to pick up both copies of NOM’s federal tax returns for 2012. NOM’s tax returns were originally due on May 15, 2013. The organization had apparently taken two extensions, with a final deadline Friday November 15.

It seems that there were no tax returns available for public inspection at their main office on Friday. RER reports having an audio clip of a NOM representative saying to “come back Monday or Tuesday.”

According to Karger, NOM President Brian Brown claims they are “law abiding, file all their tax returns on time and obey all state and federal election laws.” However Karger notes, “They do not.”

Karger began filing formal complaints against NOM with the IRS back in 2009, after their formation, because NOM would often be years late in filing its tax returns. Here is his column “Where’s the Money Maggie?’ dated May 4, 2009. CLICK HERE

Karger further notes:

It took the State of Maine’s investigation for NOM to finally release several delinquent years of tax returns. Even then NOM’s tax figures did not match up to their donor organization’s like the Catholic Church’s political arm the Knights of Columbus which gave NOM over $1 million in 2010, but NOM never reported the massive contribution.  Washington Independent’s Jess Zwick discovered this major discrepancy in September 2010: CLICK HERE 

And take a look at this very revealing interview with Brian Brown that appeared on Maine Street Plaza on this very subject when he was new to NOM:  CLICK HERE

So now NOM is suing the IRS and attacking them almost daily. Seems like a bad idea from a “non-profit” organization that has a very checkered past when it comes to handling its own tax filings.

Maybe Brian will have better luck hiding NOM’s millions in Russia where he is now traveling regularly to fight LGBT equality over there. These trips could well be in violation of the federal government’s Logan Act on influencing foreign governments:  CLICK HERE 

We are sure Fred Karger will have his representative at NOM’s door again next week looking for those public 2012 tax returns.  Lest we forget that we hear Brown pulls a salary around the half million mark from his non-profit appointment with NOM.

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