Calling on State Department to Stop Skinners Anti-Gay Watoto Church Uganda Performing in the U.S.A

By Melanie Nathan, March 07, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.39.36 PMMega wealthy Pastor Gary Skinner and his Ugandan Watoto Church, once known as Kampala Pentecostal Church, Uganda’s first and most infamous “mega church,”  is a fierce supporter in Uganda of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, recently signed into law. And they are about to tour the U.S.A. again to raise money from unsuspecting U.S. donors, while exploiting young orphans.

“In March 2009, Watoto hosted several of the meetings at which Scott Lively and Don Schmierer appeared. These meetings provided the critical building blocks for Bahati’s “Kill the Gays” legislation, introduced in Parliament later that year. Skinner was included in a task force to educate children on the dangers of homosexuality and an action plan to address homosexuality at the local level. He was also one of many religious leaders to support Lou Engle’s TheCall Uganda in May 2010.” (

Skinner, born in Zimbabwe, and a Canadian citizen, raises about $8 million annually from the United States, part of which goes towards their pastor’s anti-gay activities in Uganda.

While the church may have contributed to assist in the the raising AIDS orphans, how does one draw the line when it comes to severe exploitation?  Skinner and his church are now raising money on the backs of small orphans, some as young as 5 years of age The children are compelled to work by touring the U.S.A., singing for donations, for up to a grueling 6 months at a time. The children perform at live concerts, to raise the very money used to persecute LGBTI Ugandans.

Apparently the Watoto Ministries of Uganda is planning a visit to Tacoma Washington, with the help of the Lakebay church. The group will be visiting the Tacoma Washington area Church on March 18.

Gary Skinner is listed as one of the wealthiest people in Uganda. In addition, the ministry itself has been accused of fraudulent land dealings in Uganda.

To this day it is apparent that Skinner has refrained from publicly commenting on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, yet the notoriously anti-gay and vulgarly noisy Stephen Langa, is a known and most active member of the church and the dealings of the Church on the issue of homosexuality is quite clear. Langa has been extremely vocal about his support for the Anti-Homosexual law, calling for its enactment even when it was known as the Kill the Gays Bill, and is one who has spoken out for the death penalty. The Church actively tries to “cure” homosexuals through its ex-gay programs.

The Church has  continued to play an active role in the anti-gay sentiment of Uganda, leading to the recent signing of the Bill by President Museveni that now mandates 14 years to life in prison, as well as outlawing the so called and nebulously defined “promotion of homosexuality.” Indeed Watoto Church has set the LGBT community as a purposeful target by offering ex-gay and ‘pray the gay away’ repentance programs.

A local member of the Tacoma community is calling for a protest against the visit of the Church:


I am reaching out to the surrounding LGBT & Allies community to mobilize in opposition. I am hoping this post can be the initial step in forming a group, brainstorming, organizing, and acting against this event. READ MORE

It is critical that U.S.A. church and concert goers be made aware that when they buy tickets, support or donate to this group, they are promoting homophobia and the further exploitation of these children.

It is my contention that in the wake of the recent events in Uganda, where many in the LGBT community have been forced into hiding due to unwarranted arrests, assaults, heightened persecution, exacerbated by the passage and signing of the AHA, as well as the recent OUTINGS by Red Pepper and Hello tabloids, that the Department of State in the United States must deny Skinner and all members of Watoto Church entry into the United States. Allowing them to raise money in the USA makes the US government complicit in the exploitation of the orphans, as well as in the shakedown of US citizens through this form of money raising, which is being used to further persecute LGBT Ugandans.


– I am asking readers of this article to write to the State Department to register your complaint against the admission of Watoto Church onto US soil.


Lakebay Community Church
11 Cornwall Road KPS
PO Box 130
Lakebay, WA 98349

by Email:

CALL TO ACTION! – Evangelical Hate Group behind Uganda’s “Kill The Gays” Death Penalty Law Coming to Tacoma Area March 18th (self.Tacoma)


UPDATED 3/17/2014:

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 6.51.17 PMREAD KING 5 Interview:


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Posted on March 17, 2014 at 6:10 PM

 LAKEBAY, Wash. — A Ugandan children’s choir set to perform in the Puget Sound draws sharp accusations by human rights activists.

Some say the Watoto Children’s Choir, put on by the Watoto Ministries of Uganda, promotes the exploitation of children and funds an anti-gay agenda.

“Not only are they known to be homophobic, they worked actively towards promoting the anti homosexuality bill in Uganda during the time when it was known as the kill the gays bill,” said Melanie Nathan, an international human rights advocate.

“The Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act,” known as the “Kill the Gays Bill,” defines some homosexual acts as crimes punishable by life in prison.

Nathan, who practiced law in Africa and has followed the church closely, says church leadership supported the measure. With this tour, Nathan worries unsuspecting donors are being misled.

“We’re not a 100% percent sure where the money goes and I don’t believe the church is transparent with the international audience,” said Nathan. READ MORE

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.36.28 PM

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  3. Either your ignorant or a moron or both to think that watoto is a mega rich church… that ignorance shows that you have never been in Uganda and to say that Skinner is one of the wealthiest in Uganda almost made me laugh… Though i sympathise with your cause,… it is stupid to use lies to further your cause… i can only hope you fail. Do you know how many ugandan children are dying because we dont have very simple anitibiotics to care for them and yet you feel the rights of homosexuals out weigh all the UGANDAN CHILDREN, WOMEN, THOSE WITH HIV, who are being sacrificed by AID cuts because of some few homosexuals (WHO estimates 300,000). For your information just the children in uganda are over 5,000,000….. denying children basic medicines and those with HIV/AIDS because ugandan doesnot support HOMOSEXUALITY is barbaric, stupid.

    1. If skinner really cared about the kids he would not attack homosexuals and nor would he exploits 5 year olds. The usa has sent millions of dollars for AID to Uganda and Museveni has put that money in his pocket. Tell me how does your dictator become Soooooo rich on a presidents salary? How does he become the only President for 26 years no opposition even though most people are sooooooo poor while he is so rich? Kindly explain the logic? and soooo wealthy? While women are forced into prostitution to feed their kids? And when people protest against M7 they are out in jail? Skinner is a part of the problem because he had become rich while you are all sooooooo pooooooor… explain my friend please kindly explain????

      1. Sinner rich? what is all this? Watoto is my church and kindly check out what you are reporting in the article above. Let me advise you not to think that this kind of lies will achieve anything. If God is for Us, who can be against Us?

        1. Watoto Church sent a petition around for people to sign the KILL THE GAYS BILL – when it still had the death penalty in – and you ARE PROUD OF THAT CHURCH – shame on you !!!!!!

          1. Sorry the ugandan anti-gay law rubbed you the wrong way, but leave watoto church alone. its the ugandan president and his parliament concerned with the law not watoto church. AM not a supporter of the law but still am biblically not comfortable with the position of the homosexuals that live in the west and when I read through the bible, its clear that the homosexuals are against truth and against God especially when they want to exert that their sexual orientation be accepted as normal. And I find the author of the article against Pastor Skinner a liar as homosexuals are liars against God.

            1. OH yes and Hitler murdering Jews by scape-goating them rubbed me up the wrong way too. What an idiotic comment. The Bible was used to justify slavery and apartheid and I guess you were ok with that too- right? And what about religious freedom of those who do not believe in the Bible. Do you believe in freedom of religion and if you do Surely those people – IN YOUR VIEW- should be left to live their lives freely as homosexuals. The law is a civil law not a religious law.

        2. If God is for you then why are you against his creation. God made ALL men, women and children. If you deny this you are not on God’s team at all. To deny equality of treatment to any is to deny justice to all. The opposite is also true. To allow justice for any is to allow it for all so your initial post was also based on flawed logic. There’s nothing Godly about being FOR hate and murder. And there’s no harm to children by being for the opposite..I don’t know if you can follow this..but it’s so. Read your Bible with the Spirit of God in your heart or else don’t bother.

          1. READ YOUR BIBLE – and tell me if you are comfortable with 5 year olds working on road tours for 6months at a time- missing school – no real ove – just exploitation – sing for your dime. Andf any American who pays one cent top that is further exploiting those kids. No more needs to be said to those who cannot wrap their heads around the persecution of gays…

            1. define school. for your information, watoto church has got from pre-school through high school and i have seen them raised and educated. you leave me no choice but to believe they could be more literate than you who thinks man is to be with man & woman with woman…..God has used skinner in several ways to impact the lives of Ugandans & the work is still going on….in my opinion, gays are sick in their heads & need immedaite psycho-med attention……silly you!

              1. To my way of thinking people who come on BLOGS too scared to use their real names make meaningless statements. its easy to hate I guess when you are too scared to use your real name. Well let me explain I know who you are because of now having your IP address- but do not worry i will not expose your location – because I do not persecute people the way you do. I always thought G-ds word was about love and that jesus stood for minorities and the less fortunate. In this case because Uganda’s gays are persecuted by you and Skinner and the Ugandan President and the Ugandan law, I h9onestly believe Jesus would have taken the gays in his arms, embraced them and the Lord would have dealt with the haters. What a shame you cannot be more like Jesus had hoped you would be. With that said I am truly grateful you came onto my blog and exposed yourself even thugh you were too cowardly to leave your name.

              2. I can see you there right by Watato Church by the Old school playground on Namirembe Rd. Look behind yu on that airtel phone and you will see me… yeeeees thats me I can see you…be careful now. I am a big bad gay …. sick in my head. I am going to biiiiteee you and huuuurt you…. watch out NO to Gays Yes To messiah, Ah now turn lefyt on Nsalo and you will be safe. yes there by the playground. Now run across the road to the Church Wattttatttttooooo Phew you made it!!! AH silly you – had you fooled for a second now didnt I. ooops thats me in the drion look above yur head… hehhe this has been fun…

      2. Melanie,do you know that there are African presidents who earn more than Obama in actual salaries and maintenance?no one is excusing them for that but you seriously don’t expect anyone to explain what you’re asking for,maybe you should write to him directly

      3. @Melanie. The very fact that this topic inspired so many comments is very telling: I’ve found that those who are being hit a little too “close to home” tend to get stung rather easily when exposed.

        With exception, so far, the people who’ve commented are either pretending they have NO idea what’s happening re: anti-gay rhetoric, money, motives, or they are all for it?

        It will never matter to these ignorant humans that their “great book of genocide” absolutely did not reference same-sex love…but spoke rather of unbalanced & hurtful (non-consensual) relationships (of that time). They NEED to believe it did, because they have an ugly darkness in their own souls that feeds off of this “belief”. It’s sick. THEY are sick…& in their own heart-of-hearts, I think they know this is true.

        1. Yes you are right. They have freaked out at this post – very telling. One of my most widely read and most comments for sure! All defensive and revealing and some with admissions of the abject hate – does not make the bloke look at all! Makes Jesus look worse too!

    2. MORON? All Ugandans who vote for M7 and remain POOR WHILE HE IS RICH ARE THE MORONS> Are you poor or rich. If you are poor you are the moron. If you are rich you are clever…. well done virtuous exploitation m,ay it reign free in Uganda

    3. You want us to care about the children and women who need antibiotics yet you seem to be fine with defaming, beating and imprisoning gays for no reason. But that’s OK, to you because gays are a minority. Using your logic, why should we care about any straight Ugandans, because, compared with the US population, ALL UGANDANS ARE A MINORITY. There, see? Problem solved.

      Before you point the finger at anyone else, please take a look at what Ugandans are doing to each other. How about you taking your misplaced rage out on the Ugandans who steal from each other, the horribly corrupt government, the fraud, Ugandan men raping and beating women, child labor, and other problems there that CONTRIBUTE to people going without antibiotics, needing food, needing education, needing health care, needing shelter? How about Ugandans taking responsibility for their problems and fixing them? Uganda has been sucking off the world aid tit for AT LEAST SEVENTY YEARS, AND SHOWS ABSOLUTELY NO SIGN OF EVER STOPPING, EVER. No, you need to fix what’s broken with Uganda. You. Not us. And you can start by realizing that treating your LGBT citizens as a criminal minority population is not winning you friends. Got it?

    4. Collecting money from church people in the US who think they are giving to children with AIDS but whose donations go to persecute LGBT people is unethical and illegal. This church and its pastor need to be investigated by the Attorney General.

    5. Skinner supports the anti homosexuality bill also so he can get his hands on more kids as gays are jailed or killed. One ugandan activist told me that many lgbt have kids. There are estimated 5000 gays in uganda. If all go to jail more kids to work as slaves for skinner. Why nake kids work?? Skinner passed a petition around the church asking people to sign support for kill the gays. And now you ask americans to support his lucrative empire. Why not ask m7 for the money to help orphans.

    6. The church’s and Skinner’s status is well reported in Uganda. Since their finances are not open…. you can deny it at all day, I guess.

      Making excuses for something so wrong is what is barbaric. Teaching a society with such dire problems that abstinence is the only protection from AIDS is what is barbaric. This church is exacerbating the same problem they claim to be fixing.

      I think Ugandan children can and are being assisted by people more interested in the health than their souls.

      Thanks for stopping by and showing us the true sentiment behind this ideology.

    7. Get lost you hate filled creep. You are ugly and so is your stupid hateful country. Who are you to think you are better than anyone else. I hope your country rots.

  4. As part of Ugandans I wonder why whites fight hard to saw perverse sexual behaviours forcifully to Africans, as a person living in Uganda we have our cultures and religions which totally do no agree with acts of homosexuality so a few people make alot of noise that “persecution of the gay community” which community is almost non existent in Uganda. Black mailing of churches by the rich gay has been done but honestly almost 99.9% of all Ugandans are in support of the Anti-gay law so whether blackmailing or withdrawal of aid from our countries this is not part and percel of our cultures and what we belive in. If the U.S still have the most states against homosexuality why do they insist on a sovereign state Uganda which is miles away from the American continent. sorry U.S we cant take this nasty behavior. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY long live AFRICA

    1. 1. There are black gays all over the world – why are you being a racist? 2. Where do American black gays originate from? 3. It is untrue that human sexuality has anything to do with culture – its innate -and has everything to do with one’s humaneness – all humans are constructed the same. 4. The Colonialists and Christians missionaries brought anti-gay hate to Africa- they did not bring gay to Africa… gay was in Africa just like everywhere else in the world since time cannot recall… 5. Why do you embrace the anti-gay hate brought to you by Colonialists? And the fact that 99% of German supported Hitler does not make Hitler right! The fact that so many people supported slavery in the South of the USA does not make it right. AND IN THE USA WE DO NOT HAVE LAWS THAT SEND GAY PEOPLE TO JAIL FOR LENGTHY PERIODS LIKE YOUR NEW LAW. And so how can you compare it. we also allow organizations that provide support for LGBT groups- no to be outlawed by Uganda. Stupid comparison and ignorant comment.

      1. Are You a Lesbian? or would you be comfortable if your son was engaged in any of such homosexual behaviours? I think before you make any attacks on the Church or pastor Garry you should reflect on these questions and if you are a Christian, try to reflect on God’s will in all that you are trying to achieve, because am not sure you will walk out of this with peace madam Melanie!!!!

        1. Whether I am a Christian or not has very little to do with Skinner’s exploitation of people – including those who he stole land from in Uganda – the subject of my next story!

    2. Whites? Gays? Rich? Americans? Why would only they have a problem with this?

      No one is telling Uganda what do other than evangelists. All we are doing is refusing to support this ministry and asking that others also refrain. Nothing is coerced, because that would illegal, unethical, and wrong. Just because there are enclaves of intolerance and ignorance in America doesn’t mean they can enforce their beliefs on anyone, anywhere. What you personally believe only pertains to yourself in your own little bubble, not a single other person. No one is forcing anything on you. Just because you can’t stand the thought of what other people are doing just means it is a personal hangup on your part. It’s none of your business, and to persecute these people…… it’s just sick.

      I want to let you know that I am the person to initially raise these concerns about the choir touring in my area. I never mentioned my sexuality because it is not relevant in any way, but I feel I should put to rest this myth you believe about a “Rich White Gay Agenda”. I’m white, guilty. I’m not gay, I’m a father of two and a devoted husband. I’m not rich, our family makes do on a teacher’s salary.

      This is not a “Gay Agenda”, it is a “Human Rights Agenda”, an “Equality Agenda”, a “LOVE Agenda”.

      Thank you for showing up and letting everyone see the hateful underlying nature of your ideology

      1. You think by stopping support Ugandans are going to die? sorry, we have our oil and gas now. Uganda this year paid 90 % of its budget, besides, USA is too broke these days. China, Russia, Brazil etc are now the world power and non of these can buy USA evil plans such as homosexuality when dealing with international policy. . Take your aid please. Why don’t you tell Kuwait or Saudi Arabia the same? I don’t know why USA doesn’t learn. This is the reason why its hated world over. ie interfering in other Country business. Instead of focusing on your internal problems of un employment, you go on looking for this and that. Sorry

    3. Godfrey, I am a gay Ugandan. I was not taught to be gay by any white person.Did you know that Kabaka Mwanga was not taught to be gay by any whites but was also very gay?

      I know at least one thousand other gays who live in different parts of Uganda, all of them are Ugandans, none were taught, none were given money,so can we stop this nonsense of blaming whites and accept that being gay is part of being African whether we like it or not? No one is asking you to like it or to do it,but why harrass and imprison someone who has done nothing to you?

      Why have Ugandans become so racist fifty years after Independence??Is it because our so-called Independence and sovereignty have failed miserably due to corruption,dictatorship,economic mismanagement, tribal selfishness etc..and we need to blame the whites and the gays instead of blaming Ugandans, including you.

      I have never molested children. I have never asked you to be gay. I have paid all my taxes and helped many people both gay and not gay, to go to school and start businesses, just like other responsible Ugandans. Now because of so called ‘African culture’ and ”religion”, people in my village abuse me and harrass me because Im gay. The the police want to arrest me though I have not committed any crime. Is that African culture? Is that the religion of love? Now I am forced to leave my home , my country and my job. I have no where to go. Does that make you feel good?

      I wish I could stop being gay but I can’t, its in-born and natural to me. I hope that one day you will understand this.

      1. You are lying dude. People in your village NOW? Why not earlier? The police WANT to? I thought the word out is that homosexuals are rotting in jail, that is, if they’ve not been clobbered to death. What I find so sad is how people outside Uganda have been duped into believing that homosexuals in the country live every second of their lives in mortal danger of losing it. They are free people. They are very clandestine in their activities; so they never really fit into ordinary society. To thrive, they feed you westerners with that line about being endangered. If anything, the ordinary Ugandan would rather ignore than acknowledge gays. Yes, actively persecuting them is constituent of acknowledgement. That Anti-gay law which you all make so much noise about is no different from most other Ugandan laws–Tough in wording, very weak in carrying out.
        The bottom line is, Uganda’s homosexuals are lying to you. All they want is your money.
        Note: Daudi Kato died the same way so many other Ugandans and people around the world die. Violently. It wasn’t a hate crime. He just happened to be a homosexual. If you don’t believe that, come down and do real research. Your computer buttons are not a competent tool with which you can make judgements about Uganda.

        1. Well you know a lot about how it feels to be a homosexual in Uganda DUDE!!! Hmmmmmm just wondering – you seem to speak with such authority. You must be gay? You know exactly what some are ging through and how they feel and you know exactly about the personal threat to each and every of the 30 million Ugandans, very smart

  5. There’s no outweighing of lives! NOT EVER! Every life in itself is precious and a gift from G-D. To say so and so many children are worth more than so and so many gays is just inhuman and unethical and, if you are christian, not according to your ten commandments. By the way – what if one of the rescued children turns out to be gay or lesbian? Put them in a labor camp to make them pay back??? As a historian I’m strongly reminded of Nazi Germany, the acts, the verbage and the attitude. And as the German saying goes: Wehret den Anfängen – we will not stand and watch!

    1. I understand where you’re coming from and All Life is Indeed Precious. Period! But also we do know that G-D does not approve of Homosexuality, Period! No one is created by G-D as a Homosexual. No One, Look it up! Homosexuality is a wrong humanistic choice, a wrong choice just like Nazi Germany’s wrong humanistic and catastrophic choices. They were not based on Judeo-Christian principles. The Judeo-Christian Way is The Way! Period!

      1. Ray whose God? Yours or mine? My God loves me any way I am. So you are saying ONLY your religion is significant when it comes to law in civil society?

        1. Melanie, God Loves you as you are (a homosexual), but He calls you (and all other homosexuals and sinners such as me) to repentance and to live a transformed life thereafter, by His power.

      2. Your god doesn’t need to approve. Your relationship with your god is just that, you and them. It doesn’t involve anyone else. The circular logic of equating homosexuality with Nazism, only to go on about the one and only acceptable life choice, is exactly what you are accusing people of by calling them a Nazi.

        I’d like everyone to see where this is coming from.

        Here is Stephen Langa quoting from it.

      3. You are a nazi. Who cares what a hate filled monster like you thinks anyway. You and your stupid ignorant country.

  6. I think the author of this email should mind his business and stop hating. We do not influence policies in the USA nor does their legislative bodies ask for our opinion.europe and USA have have broken social settings,no respect for family or life itself. We in Africa we still do know the value of family. Even the so called aid are things you have stolen and are still stealing from us so keep your money we will continue with our usual hardships but with clear conscience

    1. OH YES haha – are you serious with this comment – the perfection of Africa. First of all Big dada Museveni has kept you poor – And the men run off while the women struggle and cannot feed the kids? You in africa love your family values – that is why so many women in Uganda have had to turn to prostitution to support their children. And the men instead of buying food for their kids are paying other men’s wives to have sex -prostitutes- and that sex money is being used by these desperate women to feed the kids. dont tell me about African family values. Lets starts at the top with BIG dad and you all run around scapegoating a small minority of people to pretend that you are dealing with morality when you have all this other SHIT going on.

    2. It is actually a small, relegated, and reviled minority of religious extremist from America who is influencing policies in Uganda. These people do not speak for America.

      And it is my business when our nation allows developing nations to be subjected to these zealots. It is my business when these hate groups tour my small town. This is my doorstep and I will shine my porch light on what is going on.

      Uganda has suffered much from the hands of the West and I will be the first person to admit that. It was colonialism which created monsters like Pol Pot or Idi Amin, in Uganda, creating monsters to fight monsters.

      Skinner is this monster. Going back to his days in Rhodesia, the missionaries were just an extension of colonial exploitation. He is no different than a cross between Cecil Rhodes and Fred Phelps, but with orphans.

      As another religious man once said, “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said ‘Let us pray.’ We closed our eyes. When we opened them, we had the Bible and they had the land. ”

      -Desmond Tutu

  7. Hi Melanie, (This is really long but it’s meant just for you so…) I have to say a lot of your facts here are factual but are way out of context from the truth. Here is the REAL DEAL Melanie (Am Ugandan by the way writing from Kampala the Capital right now so maybe am just a little biased).

    Correct me if am wrong but American Christians (Mostly Evangelicals) do not support Homosexuality unless of course American liberals have their heads in the sand and those American Christians WILL continue to support those orphaned children with their private money and not with American Government Tax Payer Money.

    Maybe you and your friends can decide to tell the U.S Government to cut aid to Uganda instead……oooohhhhhhhhh wait, I forgot; It will have ZERO impact on Uganda (Acquaint yourself with this new article by Fitch Ratings about the Ugandan Economy and it’s ‘Positive’ ways even after so called aid cuts by the “West”.

    Let me give you the real reason aid cuts can ever be effective in even just denting the Ugandan Economic outlook. Here is the REAL REASON. It’s called BIG BUSINESS! a.k.a Those Profit making Hedge Fund Managers in New York. You heard me, Red Blooded American Hedge Fund managers are even this very second cushioning Uganda’s Economy from any so called “aid cuts”.

    They are literally ‘stocking’ up on Ugandan Financial & Central Bank Instruments based on the Countries Ratings by the “West’s” very own Fitch Ratings Company which is a British Financial Analysis and Ratings Institution, Standard & Poors (S&P) will follow and so on and so on.

    8 Million Dollars? That’s what you guys are going after? PLEASE! Sure, let’s go after the helpless HIV/Aids orphans hehehe…You’re better off going after the 8 Billion U.S Dollars those American Hedge Fund Managers in New York are using to stock up on Uganda Financial and Central Bank Instruments. FYI, I do know a thing or two about Finance and Investing. Believe me when i say that all you “Human Rights Activists” are doing is simply feeding at the bottom of this barrel called “let’s go after anything Ugandan”.

    The guys harvesting the real fishes, the real mula, the real dough are the ones seated in those air-conditioned sky scrappers in New York City right now and by the looks of things they don’t seem to be giving a damn about any law that doesn’t affect their bottom line and by the looks of things The Ugandan Government is quite comfortable with them too.

    Forget the politicians in Washington, all they’re doing is politicking and trying to score leftist political points because as everyone here in Uganda knows, it’s just a law like any other law that Ugandans won’t care about and will totally ignore anyway.

    Heck, i see prostitutes roaming the streets everyday and yet if you saw what is on the law books about prostitution in Uganda, you would sound the biggest alarm in protest.

    Uganda would really start to “panic” once those suits on wall street stayed out of Ugandan money. To be fair they invest it in here first hehehe…The Ugandan President is not scared of President Obama or Secretary Kerry, to tell you the truth, he is more scared of that Hedge Fund manager in New York City who has his money in Uganda and right now that Hedge Fund manager is more powerful than the U.S President; at least to Uganda right now. Look it Up Melanie and tell me am lying!

    Trust me when i say it’s all high stakes Business for Americans Here and believe me there is a Bunch of them Here (Check out this American Business that’s in my Neighborhood here in Kampala ( They are minting REAL Money here i tell you.

    You see, the U.S media keeps reporting the low level social issues taking place in rural Uganda (am not saying they shouldn’t, trust me those are their in the U.S too) while these U.S Hedge Fund managers and American Businesses know THE TRUTH and are reaping in the big bucks. As i speak ‘American Garden’ products just launched big in Uganda and now all it’s products are in all the Ugandan Supermarkets as we speak.

    Check out other American Companies doing big business here;
    – Google (
    – Coca-Cola
    – Pepsico (
    – Chevrolet

    I could go on and on but you already get the point. Trust me when i say that they are not going anywhere. Forget the 8 Million Dollar Orphan Money, these companies are in for The Billions.

    THIS news, you definitely will not be getting on The Rachel Maddow Show any time soon. Oh and about those tabloids you mentioned, they are TABLOIDS trying to sell papers and make a buck) Since when is a tabloid reliable for ANYTHING. It’s all fabricated lies to sell papers hehehe….You won’t believe how much money a tabloid can make with a Head Line like “Obama Dumps Wife Michelle for Musician Beyonce” which headline you will find in those same tabloids you are quoting here hehehe,,,and the west falls for this every time. It’s pitiful really how the American public remains so uninformed. The U.S networks just want rating too and at least of recent Uganda made for some not too shabby TV ratings for CNN and MSNBC.

    You all can continue with this Image of Uganda you want to see, you know the African babies with runny noses and so on; that your media keeps feeding you with or you can join them hedge fund managers and American business people and come make some real dough.

    You don’t even have to leave the U.S. You could just be like that smart Chelsea Handler Chick and her ‘Uganda be Kidding Me’ book and comedy tour. She gone reap millions riding off Uganda’s back (pun intended hehehe…come on Melany that was funny hehe…)

    So, how about it Melanie. Come to Uganda and make a real buck, you might even have fun doing it. And please quit listening to all the B.S on the News Feed.

    Don’t take my word for it by the way, Look it up for yourself. Hope you make it to Uganda soon.

    1. AND AND… and that is your argument to my post about the exploitation of young AIDS orphans? Is that all you can say? Oh [lease clearly you missed the point of the piece and I am certainly not trying to engage here in the whole other topic of AID and boycotts. Of course I know that $8million is not a whole lot relative to the entire mooching that Uganda does off other countries while M7 fattens his purse string. That is not what the article is about. And nor is about AID or boycotts in general. Go back and read it again and see if you give a continental F’ck about this kids who are being exploited by this con artist Skinners. The issue of general AID and all the BS you cite here belongs on a different page. But enjoy the rant anyway – we call rants like this trolling where I come from.

      1. Thanks Melanie, Good point about the ranting. Maybe i did get carried away. Okay let everyone go to the Watoto Children’s website here: XXXXXXXXX and read for themselves. Maybe they just might not trust what they see as true?! So maybe then they can book a flight to Kampala instead. Come visit the Children’s villages and homes. And i dare anyone to document this “exploitation” on video and post it on here for the world to see. It’s a Children’s Church concert for crying out loud. And when you come visit, maybe you can pass by the Church too XXXXXXXXXXX and document how “evil” it really is. And while in Kampala, maybe then we can continue this conversation in person over a bucket of American KFC (I support American:-). Don’t try to tell American Christians how to spend their money. Gary and Marilyn were here in Kampala in 1984 (Before Museveni by the way) in the heat of it all when the country was in all out civil war and going to hell in a hand basket and they did not run away like everyone else. They survived it and so did we and now that we’ve recovered, people such as yourself who know NOTHING about Uganda are attacking him and his wife. You can’t believe how much I Love that Canadian Couple and what they have done for Uganda. Love you Gary, Love you Marilyn. Keep Up the Good Work! and God Bless!

        1. I censored your links to the Church – These people are hiding behind the orphans and I will not allow my BLOG to participate in a link to it. No pretty exploitative website will ever change that. The people I know are not WELcoME in the children’s homes and villages. In fact if those people, including me, came there we would be criminals in the eyes of your new law. Here we go – I admit to being a “TOP HOMO”. I admit to lesbian sex =”aggravated homosexuality” – , I admit to being in love with a member of the same sex. I admit to having been married to a woman. So you see – now with these admission I am a bona fidei criminal in your country, and hence will be subject to arrest for life in prison. I take it your law applies to everyone. So thanks for the invitation to see your lovely villages and orphaned children – but NO THANKS! So again you miss the point – NO WE WILL NOT SUPPORT people who have asked for our death and demise. And we will not come to your villages to hang ourselves while the GAY people you persecute run from those very villages.

          AND YES I will continue to tell American Christians the truth about what you are doing in Uganda and what Mr Skinner is doing too.

          Then the American Christians can decide for themselves WHO they would like to support.

          Lest we forget GAY people have kids too – in those very villages you speak of. Imagine this scenario

          Skinner advocates for KILL THE GAYS BILL. Gay person with kid gets arrested. Kid of arrested gay who has life in prison goes to Skinners orphanage. Then Skinners uses that little Kid to beg for money in USA. And then uses that money to further persecute gays like the kids parent. Sheez ….

          Gary and Marilyn are fringe nothings in the USA. And would probably be tried for crimes against humanity in a heartbeat for passing that petition around the church calling for death of gays. They stuck it out there because they saw a money machine and because they are big deals there and nothing elsewhere.

          I may change my mind if I saw Gary Care about ALL Ugandans! Including the minority LGBT community. He aint no Christian the way i understand Christians.

          1. Melanie, Its sad you talk so rudely about people you have never meet or have talked to face to face. Your not helping this situation. If you want to prove your point – do it with compassion and with the same respect you want to be given.

            1. When you show the Ugandan gays the dignity they deserve as human beings I may be so inclined. In the meantime I am pissed off and am not afraid to show it. Also sad to see you support child labor and defiance of the USA anti child slave laws. I have spoken face to face with the gays that Skinners has cause to run into hiding. They are the Ann Franks of the modern century. Skinner and his Cohorts are the Nazis. I have no respect. No respect for people hiding behind Bibles and small children.

              1. We all know what this is REALLY about……Melanie is trying to a job with The Enqirer magazine! With all these crazy lies, they should hire you in a heartbeat! 👍

                1. Lol funnychap you are absolutely right – they probably pay a lot better than OBLOGDEE… The only lie is Skinner and his front money machine pretending to LOVE when they really preach hate and exploit kids. He lives well off those kids doesnt he. He even steals land from families who have owned the land for generations. He is a disgusting person hiding his lies and hate behind kids and bible.

              2. People have to show respect in order to be respected. Go back and read your rants to anyone who disagrees with you. As for me I am done carrying on a dialogue with someone only wants people to agree with them and labels anyone who does not a hater.

                1. Hate is Hate! Where Hurt and persecute is the result. Of course you are done because you are not the one who is hurting. Turn your back on the new holocaust. Did you dialogue with Hitler?

          2. I actually thought you were a lesbian from your convoluted and biased argumentation and lies. Are you okay Melanie?

    2. We call this a TL;DR. You might want to make your points more concise and specific. This is a whole lot of conflation.

      There are some evangelicals in America who support your views. They are called the Westboro Baptist Church. Read up about them, take a look in the news, see what we think of them.

      The overwhelming amount of Christians do no think that way. There are good people here who don’t know what your church represents and that is why we are doing this.

      I believe your church’s philosophy only exacerbates the problems you claim to be fixing. For one, abstinence only AIDS prevention. BOOM! Right there you undermine everything you do.

      I believe there is other assistance, assistance without a total negative deficit, that are more concerned about Ugandan’s health than their souls.

    3. Hey Ray, Melanie is not after getting to the bottom of things.. she’s just looking for ‘ratings’ for her blog (as she has learnt from the big media firms in her country)….. for a ‘writer’ she sure is unable to relay information that is backed by concrete facts…but well that’s all based on the real purpose of this article..which we have all figured out by now…#fromoneUgandantoanother

      1. I am really enjoying all the private emails I am getting thanks to these articles where people are reporting many improper dealing on the part of Skinner. I doubt the Ugandan authorities will do anything because he helps fatten their pockets too. But I cannot wait for the UK and USA authorities to get him when they see the evidence of wrong doing that we will provide in due course. I am not going to show my hand yet. Ratings would be good to get if I got paid for this. However this BLOG earns no money at all. Ads are free and I fork out money to keep it going. Though ZI do enjoy exposing haters. I get a lot of pleasure out of seeing justice and this BLOG has helped attain justice in many an instance. After all it is an ADVOCACY BLOG. Thanks Juliet for reading my bLOG and your continuous support. Much appreciated. Please feel free to come back each and every day to boost my ratings.

  8. IT is true he should be prevented to perform from USA, because this man is an exploiter he uses orphans to solicit funds and en rich him self. now we lgbti people we are suffering because of him. very day we are between death and life imprisonment because of those foreigner. please he should be burnt also alive he is wicked.

    1. I just want to let you know we all are aware of what you are trying to do here and it is very transparent. Burning people? Nice try. I wish you could rely on the merits of your argument instead of trying to falsely portray your critics.

    2. Exactly!!!! Put him and others like Scott Lively on the no-fly list. That would solve a lot of problems, exporting hate and promoting genocide is against the law by UN Geneva standards.

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  10. Didn’t read all comments above. This is for you Mel. Sent out after reading first paragraph to many.. Then I read about Tacoma and messaged to Joe Mirabella and tweeted to Dan hopefully will get some action somewhere. This is EXPLOITATION against CHILD LABOR LAWS of the US! and Child Abuse among other things!

  11. Melanie Nathan: Thank you for trying to be a voice of sanity, intelligence and reasoning in the face of so many posting here who are ignorant, biased and bigoted. One comment I found particularly repugnant: “If God is with Us”. Well, if God is in agreement with the fratricide now going on in Uganda against fellow citizens there who happened to be born with a gay sexual orientation, then I want no part of THAT God. I cannot fathom such hatred coming from people who claim to be “Christian”. I feel like echoing Gandhi’s sentiments: “I like your Christ, but not your Christians”.

  12. Gary Skinner is a textbook hate monger. A classic propagandist who knows EXACTLY what he’s doing and has done A LOT to galvanize this wave of homophobic bigotry that has engulfed Uganda. Afro-culture is not homophobic. We are very sexually and socially ‘open’ but we just don’t discuss sex of any kind. Uganda is the drinking capital of the world and is known for MANY other destructive things. I find it ironic when Ugandans try to pretend that they are the moral compass of our day. This ignorance feeds this pervasive homophobic movement that is masterminded by western evangelicals. I’ve literally heard the SAME talking points used by America’s right wing being uttered all over east Africa..word for word. These vulture pastors have exported bigotry and homophobic talking points that resonate to the fringes of American society and repackaged for gullible Ugandans. For the Ugandans who are able to read this, mark my words. The world sees YOUR country as the biggest joke. A total embarrassment. Uganda is a failed state and a prime example as the leading uncivilized “democracy” of our this new century. The country is ruled by a dictator who has chained his own people to the misery of poverty, disease, ignorance ad sectarianism. He’s managed to run down his country into this pothole this for almost 30 years.

    I actually don’t believe that M7 is ‘homophobic’ perse, I think he’s just a cunning dictator who knows how to effectively exploit his people. Homosexuals are the populist unwanted minority of the day and he’s simply just giving his subjects what they crave. White evangelicals came and saw this as an opportunity to drag Uganda into their own culture war and gamble with Uganda’s future. Unfortunately, Ugandans will be the ones to pay the highest price which will yield greater economic isolation, more poverty, and more dictatorial misery.

    Lastly, I want to reply to Ray’s comment about business in Uganda. I found it comical that a cheap franchise (KFC) which is usually perceived to be “junk-food for the poor” is somewhat hailed as some sort of global biz feat in Kampala. Uganda is clearly not in the 21st century. But strictly business. Do you realize that the most competitive businesses are based on the principle of non-discrimination? When IBM, Google, Apple, Barclays etc are looking for employees, they don’t care about your “tribe”, they care about your competency so discrimination of all kind is unacceptable. When countries make Draconian laws against innocent people, business run elsewhere. Not entirely because of the politics but because of the safety of their diverse workforce. For instance, Nairobi is home to the largest concentration of multinationals in East Africa. Many of these firms hire a wide range of globally diverse workers so if our govt were for instance to follow Uganda’s suite, all our multinationals would pick up their bags. How can any respectable global company recruit a competitive workforce to move to Kampala? Most people, even non gays would not move to a place like Uganda to work given the current political climate and populist bigotry. It’s been a few weeks since the “Jail the Gays” bill passed. Did your roads magically transform? Did you unemployment rate decrease? Did your countries economy expand? Remember when Dada Imin kicked out the Asians? Now M7 wants to banish the gays to prisons and Ugandans start making songs for him. The same people who were singing praise to Amin for kicking out the Asians are singing praise to M7 for kicking out the gays. Here’s a hint. When you adopt medieval policies of governance, you adopt medieval institutions and once again, Uganda will be on the wrong side of history.

    1. So what do KFC and the other American Businesses want with “poor” Ugandan money! Profits! and what do we want with them? Taxes! It’s Business!…Medieval Capitalism seems to be working just fine.

    2. Ray gave you afew examples of those who won’t leave so for those who want to exit,the door is open,KFC was just another example of American entities operating here but anyone who wants to leave should feel free too,we’re fine with the law and it stays,as long as we’re not complaining,don’t get vexed by our ‘appauling’ situations because we’re okay with living in the 1200’s,it seems like we’re fine and not the only Country with a long serving leader,you guys are actually ‘forcing’ us to love him…….and did you read about the russians today?their billionaires are selling off shares in American companies,everyone is going East and you better campaign to change that coz on that side,no one cares that much about humanrights violations and it seems they’ll be ruling all of us in this and coming centuries maybe

      1. hehe they are selling because we will freeze their assets for human rights infractions. Shame on you for not caring about human rights.
        So its okay to make salves of people if a majority of people think hat is a good law?
        So Apartheid is ok because the people who got to vote thought it ok?

    1. America will face the wrath of God and rot first…..infact,you need to change ‘in God we trust’ coz you’re misleading the entire world in many aspects and we’re simply saying NO.

  13. Your info isn’t correct. Just want to put something straight! The ministry and church are 2 separate financial entities. So saying that the money the children raise is for the church is incorrect. Watoto Child care ministries is a independent NGO that gets support from Watoto church. No money is going from Child Care to the church. Did you check any of this?

    I know that the Skinners don’t approve of the bill. It is a shame that this bill came through and I would like to leave it with that.

  14. ……..i’m not part of watoto church but i’ve always admired what pastor Skinner and his watoto family are doing in changing the lives of these children and it’s not only those in the watoto homes,they’re even helping to educate other children living with relatives,atleast i’ve heard real testimonies of beneficiaries so to it’s sad to see someone expressing their ignorance in such a way. trying to waterdown their goodwork makes me want to question what they’re doing in their part to change the world.does this author even know that watoto church is probably the only church that audits and opens up to the public to ask questions about their dealngs in an open forum discussion?……well Uganda is only 50 years old so we can’t compare to America so cut us some slack okay?our president isn’t perfect so is yours.we’ve our own issues to deal with so do you.we’re poor so are most Americans according to your standards over there but the good thing is if we’re not complaining about our situation,stop doing it on our behalf,maybe one day we will but currently we’re not enlisting any help from any of you.enjoy watching the sad pix that feature on your TV screens but also remember that there’s some awesome bits about being this side of the planet that you can only experience if you come here with an open mind.our scientists say in every community,there are people with gay tendencies and that it’s something that can be learned and unlearned thus the need for the law,we’ve agreed so allow us to enact laws as we wish,it’s called democracy and America has campaigned for that around the world so what’s wrong when our MPs represent the views of their constituencies?there are 17 states in your country that openly have anti-gay provisions,why does Uganda matter most?is it because we’re ‘poor’ as many of you use that as a catch phrase?well we are but at this point,most Ugandans are ok with the idea of going on without American government help.we’re okay with your gay-love claims but let us live our way,you don’t always have to tell us what to do.if being anti-gay or standing up for my country makes me a Moron,so be it…..besides,use facts like Ray did,impolite or harsh words don’t help to stretch a point,don’t get abusive coz someone expressed a view not in line with yours.


      If it is SO SO easy to survive without the West then why are you using your kids to beg for money on our soil. Why raise $8million here. If you want oiur money then it is on our terms and that is stop persecuting gays. You are throwing them onto the street. I am currently supporting 37 people who have fled your laws because they are gay and loving people. All they want is to love their partners in privacy – but you throw stomes at the, write on their walls, threaten, beat, chase out of homes, and even murder. thats okay with you? What kind of Christ is yours?

      Its because of the second part of your statement that we do not want you using your children in the USA to beg for money on our soil.

      You see we have a right to inform people that you stigmatize and persecute a minority of your own people. Right now we will not support even the poor people of Uganda because they believe what you believe- that it is ok to throw your own children into the street because they are gay?

      So what is this hypocrisy about being G-ds children and loving everyone if the gays amongst you are excluded. What an hipocrisy!!

      I am sorry to hear that people will suffer because of this collective mindset. So that is fine. PLEASE if you feel that way keep your begging kids off our soil and give us back the $8million dollars they raised last year.,

      So in essence you are agreeing with my article. I can tell people – because I have proof -that your Church uses its pulpit to speak hate against gays. And then you have the audacity to come to our Country to raise money on the backs of the very kids against our child labor laws on our soil?

      We dont want you here in the USA – take your kids and go home

      And when you change your laws you would be most welcome back

      But we are not going to support Skinner getting rich while he persecutes gays

      And your people may have to become even more poor without our money before you realize you should get rid of M7 the dictator

      And why the hell can M7 – not fee his own kids? His own orphanages – why are you here.

      And as for sovereign laws – does that mean if I enact Nazis laws or slavery laws – the world should just sit back and say OH thats ok its a soevereign country,

      And is it OK for a country to breach its obligations under Intl Decl of Human Rights?

      Sure feel free to isolate yourself – then dont come knocking on our door.
      Stay away

      Keep your kids away too.

  15. he’s made countless trips to the US with these kids and it took the anti-gay legislation for you guys to notice that… could i forget that America’s double standards in everything would definately rub onto some of her citizen’s?

    1. Jay get a life – start your own BLOG honey, you need a soap box.
      That said- YES it did take the anti-gay legislation for me to notice
      because Skinner’s cohorts passed a petition around his Church at the time it was known as KILL THE GAYS BILL
      That is why its relevant \
      So face facts
      Hate is hate
      Love is love
      A pity your breed of Christian does not know the diffs

      1. Melanie, I appreciate your efforts in trying to speak out for the LGBT community in Uganda but defaming a church, charity organization and it’s leaders is not the way to do it. It is one thing for a person not to be in support of the LGBT and it’s another for them to support the bill(Referring to the statement about Steven Langa- He doesn’t constitute the entire church and organization) . I am a Christian Ugandan and find the bill extreme in as much as I do not support the practice. Everyone of us has a right to an opinion about everything in the world ranging anywhere from politics to sexuality.
        It may not be right to force one’s opinions on others but at the same time dragging the Watoto name into the mud will surely not serve your purpose. Pastor Gary Skinner is not as rich as you portray him to be, he is, to me, a well off Ugandan citizen but definitely not one of the richest. And the Watoto Children are not exploited. If you visit their homes and schools that they attend, they receive the love and care that they deserve. The do not only go around singing and “soliciting for funds”like you have made us to understand, these children have a life like any other child out there. They attend school all the way to College, and go ahead to work as influential people in society. These children are given a second chance at life by the Watoto Child Care ministries as most of them are total orphans. So to defame this organization and Church in the bid to voice your cause is in no way right.

        1. Why did you NOT speak up against KILL THE GAYS? What kind of Church passes around a Petiton asking society to kill a minority of its population? THAT IS WATOTO DID! And people like you should be ashamed coming on this BLOG saying you dont agree with it when you did NOTHING and just kept silent. AND you are still silent. Did you read the ANN FRANK book. The Nazis wanted to exterminate her. So she hid. She could not escape. Right now I have 37 Ugandans in hiding who we are sheltering and feeding. Some of them have children that they had to leave with parents when they ran into hiding. One man had a note on his door “Leave or we will Kill you – Museveni says we can!” WHERE ARE YOU now? Where is your Christian voice while Ugandans hide for their life? Yesterday 3 men were beaten by people like you – people who approved of the Anyi-Gay Bill through their silence, You are all complicit in this crime against humankind.

          Your orphans are collateral damage in the war that Museveni declared on GAYS. Its M7 who should be criticized not me the messenger.

          AAND THAT SAID THERE is plenty of evidence against Garry Skinner and the changed name church:

          This is only a little bit

          More will come out soon

          We have chased the money

          support for “pro-family legislation that preserves the biblical standard providing security for all members of society” — language consistent with support for the Bahati Bil

          Part of what makes them so powerful, says Mugisha, is that American preachers do more than just preach. They also support the poor. He points to one American-led Pentecostal church in Uganda, which boasts tens of thousands of followers.

          “Watoto Church – they support hundreds of orphans,” said Mugisha. “So there is no way a gay activist like myself is going to compete with Gary Skinner, who is the owner of the church, in saying, ‘Ugandans, you should listen to me, you should not discriminate against anyone because of their sexual orientation’, when someone who is feeding the orphans is telling them homosexuality is an abomination.”

          Ironically, the very day I watched that interview, the issue hit very close to home. A clergy colleague from West Hollywood called my parish in Pasadena asking if we were the congregation hosting a fundraiser for Watoto Church — the Uganda church headed by Pastor Gary Skinner linked to the Bahati “Kill the Gays” Bill. We were not… but it turns out a neighboring Episcopal Church was.

          IN 2007, Watoto Christian Church head Gary Skinner told the Uganda Monitor that “We condemn all inhuman practices including homosexuality, prostitution which people are pushing for their legalisation,” and Skinner’s church appears to support Watoto elder Stephen Langa’s eliminationist antigay agenda:
          In March 2009, Langa’s Family Life Network organization held a now-notorious Kampala, Uganda conference on homosexuality during which American evangelical speakers alleged a vast Western conspiracy against traditional Ugandan family structure, a conspiracy in which wealthy Western homosexuals were said to be bribing Ugandan children to become gay.

          1. Melany,quite a number of states in the US have anti-gay constitutions. You are all up in arms against Ug’s anti gay bill,yet you have failed to clean house in the US. U attack my country with no understanding whatsoever of what is going on here,except for what you hear in the news, or read from the papers. You of all people should know that a lot of what the media prints is tainted with lies and exaggeration just to make it sound all the more scandalous.

            You may think ‘the minority of corrupt leaders and religious fanatics” make the laws here. To a small degree you may be right,but when it comes to the bill in question, you are wrong. Put it to the vote anywhere in Uganda,and your accusations will be nullified promptly.

            Yes,we have been on aid from your country and others for the last seventy years. That does not give you people the right to tell us how to think, what to believe and how to run our country. Uganda is a sovereign sate- respect that first,then we will have the time to hear you out. We may be poor,but we still have our dignity, and we still have a spine of steel,especially when it comes to certain things.

            Your neocolonialistic attitude permeates every word you type on this blog. You are in effect saying that if we want financial assistance,and friends in high places,then we should do whatever they tell us,or else…..You rant on and on about human rights, but all you are advocating for here is gay rights- you are making them synonymous.There is a big difference there,my dear, and it lies in your eagerness to sacrifice millions on lives of babies, children and mothers,just so you can push your agenda forward. That is a diabolic perspective..that makes you people terrorists. No pun intended,just calling it like it is – look up the definition of terrorism if you like.

            We may be poor, but do not at any one time assume that that fact makes us idiots. We have our weaknesses as a country,yes( which do not hold a candle to the monstrosity of America’s issues) – but we still remain a sovereign state, with the freedom to make our own state decisions, whether you approve of them,or not- it is allowed,you know! And just as you respect Saudi Arabia with its Sharia law (a blatant dismissal of human rights)…and Russia despite its political hostility towards its own people:respect my country.

            Finally, instead of basing your opinions and arguments on hearsay,why don’t you come live in Uganda for the next 10 years,and then you can re-blog your arguments on good authority.

            1. No my friend you have it ALL WRONG. The AHA is based on myth and lies about gay people. It give licsense to people to persecute and they ahve risen to the challenge.

              I am not telling you what to do with your laws – but I am telling you that it has failed your OWN constitution caused a breach of t International human rights obligations. Your Anti-gay laws infringe your own constitution and your courts will soon be telling you the same thing – in the new case launched against the bill. Your law targets a minority in your own country in a persecutory and discriminatory fashion. A MAJOR breach. And your Parliamentarians know it. Yet they would make such a law in defiance just because of the popular vote for it.

              In the same way as Germany and Hitler scape-goated Jews – making laws that eradicated their rights – you are doing the same to LGBTI Ugandans and you ask the world to sit back and watch and yo give you AID – to support a society that specifically targets a minority for arrest just because of who they are? With your argument we should allow countries to have slavery, and nazi extermination laws based on a country’s sovereignty?

              Your argument is infantile and denigrates the entire role of the International Declaration of Human Rights to which Uganda is a signatory.

              I am deeply embedded in what is going on in Uganda and am currently helping 37 LGBT people who have ran away into hiding because they have been threatened/and or beaten. I have the notes and the beaten bodies to prove it – so you my friend are condoning this and you call me ignorant of whats going on when you dont even have a clue – or are you turning a blind eye the way Germans did during Hitler’s Germany? One note said “Museveni sent me for you – if you do not leave this village, We are coming after you” Another note to a gay friend of mine said “We dont want dirty gays here get out now while you alive”. I have the note to prove it. I have the stories of over 50 gays who are in hiding or trying to escape to higher ground. And you think that is OKAY?

              This is NOT hearsay. These people and I are in direct dialogue. I have paid for their rentals and their food through my fund. I have names and passports numbers of the persecuted and I have the names of those doing the persecution.

              What can you do to help my friends in Uganda instead of crying foul neocolonialism? Are you going to sit back and condone this. because it is NOT hearsay. I have the photos, the emails, the names, the places, the assuallts the threats. Much proof to show. Do you want to go down to the hospitakl now to see the latest 2 victims for yourself? Do you want to meet with the man just traveling from a Kenyan Refugee camp as we speak to hear the story of how his partner was murdered by a mob beating him?

              You are doing to your kuchus exactly what Hitler did to the Jews and this law has provided license- even in the words of one of the perpetrators. And anyone like your good self looking for excuses or to deflect the blame on the messenger is 100% complicit in these crimes against humanity.

              I have zero respect for state sanctioned persecution you are damn right.
              LGBTI is my issue and other human rights activists can deal with their issues – be it in Saudi Arabia or wherever. The fact that I do not write about all human rights infractions in no way derogates from the seriousness of the one in which you currently participate.

              What are you going to do to change this? And Stop hiding behind your so called sovereignty – its a poor excuse.

              And so if you want AID from America or elsewhere – like Sweden and UK who have also cut you off – you need to do what is right – which is not to use state laws to persecute a minority of your opwn people.

            2. Some people should be asked to go to some countries in Eastern Europe or anywhere in Asia and declare that they are gay or simply that they are pro gay.

            1. I rest my case – as the coward who curses fails to stand up to his curse by revealing his name. Though G-d knows who has hate in his heart…. so i gues we dont need your name after all. Though we do have your IP address and so we do know where you live….

  16. I would be willing to make a bet that Gary Skinner is a closeted, gay man, and instead of trying to face and reconcile his sexual attractions as a Christian, he is taking out his fear, which is manifested in the way of hate, on others who mirror his own very sad self-loathing. Just a guess/

  17. May Judgement be left to God above! May God touch all of you to love one another and to love each other, May God forgive us all. With Love and affection!

        1. Because I am a Jewish person and our religion does not permit us to use the “o” because we are very humble to G-d and by not writing his name fully we show our humility. It is as my religion requires. Sometimes I do not do it because I am tired of being asked the question all the time.

          1. I think the solution would be from our Government, put all of the haters on the no-fly list that promote genocide. There are laws in the Geneva convention and UN resolutions as enough justification. I’m surprised to see more then one Jewish person here, may G_d bless, Shalom!

        2. Interesting you say you do not serve the G-d of the Jews. I thought we all had the same G-d. Jews and Christians.

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  19. Hey Guys
    I wanted say Opinion about this topic too.
    First of all I want to say that Gay People should not be killed neither put to prison or be beaten like in Russia or other countrys round the globe but they should get the offer to be cured or get an vollunteer workshop how to live with their disease.
    Yes I just said disease because homosexuality is exactly that a mental disease.
    In the Beginning God created a Man and a Woman not two man or woman.
    God loves every Homosexual as he loves Heterosexuals but he wants them to go the right way and know the truth he saved us on that cross on calvary an died for all our sins and if you go on your knees and pray to him that he will forgive you he will not say no you are a murder a thief or a homosexual no god doesnt looks at the person god looks at the heart(1.Samuel 16,7 second part)
    And I think if you are gay but come to the lord he will give you the strengh and all you need to fight against but that will not be easy.
    Last but not least I want to excuse me for my english I am from Germany
    The Lord with you

    1. YES MASTER JACK – your English certainly is excellent and gets your point across well…..
      This is indeed your OPINION but your opinion is not shared by science, nor the educated world. In fact allow me to offer a lesson and then go ahead and some reading outside the BIBLE which is NOT science by any means.

      Homosexuality is a HUMAN sexuality and not a disease. Heterosexuality is a HUMAN sexuality and not perceived as a diseas in the eyes of gay people. We do not think you are diseased because you have a different seuxal attraction. We just think yo are different. As it happens you probably are a majority in the world. But the question of majority vs minority should not render the minority diseased. If tere are more black people than white people in the world I would not consider being white a disease and vice versa. That said….. you are buying into the myth and Rhetoric of Hitler because by calling for a CURE to gays you are in fact calling for extermination of gay sexuality – for its eradication – and by doing so that is indeed a form of genocide. Let me explain whether its death, life in prison or a cure – extermination and ending something that is part of humanity is all the same. Now I seriously suggest you do some reading before you jump in here with YOUR OPINION because its mere unschooled expression is persecutory by nature..

  20. God loves all people come to him and if you want he will help you with all your he can help you to handle with everything homosexualty also.
    And no man-maked law or any other method to fight homosexualty will have any sucess if the lord himself doesnt help these people which he loves as much as all others.
    In the end I wanted to excuse me for my bad english I am from Germany.

    1. Do some reading = you are buying into the myth and Rhetoric of Hitler because by calling for a CURE to gays you are in fact calling for extermination of gay sexuality – for its eradication – and by doing so that is indeed a form of genocide. Let me explain whether its death, life in prison or a cure – extermination and ending something that is part of humanity is all the same. Now I seriously suggest you do some reading before you jump in here with YOUR OPINION because its mere unschooled expression is persecutory by nature..e

  21. whoever wrote the above comments is an enemy to the world. Pastor Garrey and his church are the most amazing pipo Uganda has ever had. they have given life to a number of pipo taught financial integrity, actually I was invited by a friend to this church but all I can say. ” What God has blessed No man shall curse.” Garry is blessed. remember Uganda is dedicated to God. Homosexuality is for the devil not our master Jesus Christ.
    Glory to God in the highest.
    Longlive Watoto church.

    1. Check out Ireland. 60% Catholic and voted for same-sex marriage into their constitution. Check out Israel – very religious country. Give equality to gays. You have been fed lies by people who are using you to raise money for themselves. Jesus did not get rich off his preaching. But the preachers who lie to you and misinterpret the Bible for you are all RICH while you mt friend are poor. Something stinks about that! Watato preacher is rich after what? From where? Where did he get his land? Who did he take it from? He is a white colonial imperialist. And you are stupid enough to fall for his bullshit. Ssempa is a wealthy man with an American passport and and American wife. The Bible does not say its wrong to love someone from the same sex. Show me where it says that? Gays do not recruit children. Gays do not hurt people. The only people who hurt people are the straight male rapists and men who do not feed their children so the mothers of their children are forced into prostitution. You are BLIND to the truth,. Open your eyes and smell the piss in your beer!

  22. it is Good u say Christ the precious Lord would have embranced the guys. but remember when he forgave the prostitute he told her not to continue in her ways again. Christ has also set guidelines for us to follow in his word. that is what our Leaders here in Uganda are helping us to do. they are setting up measures to curb this satanic act that has been being promoted in our country by some satanists. One thing the Western world shud understand is that their perception of homosexuality is totally different from that of Ugandans. in fact many even pipo dont even know whether such acts exist on earth. If a cock cant mate with a fellow cock then how about humans with brains!
    Human rights is a disguise, homosexuality as well as other forms of sexual immorality are all evil and sin will always be sin. Sin will never Be good.
    it is an abomination amongst all tribes, christians, moslems and even those for African traditional believes to be a homosexual in Uganda. it is not part of us much as the Whites perceive it okay.
    As for pastor Garey Skinner he is the best person Uganda could ever have.

    1. You use foul language which shows you are not a true Christian. The use of the word “cock” is vulgar and rude. In English it is called a “penis” – I hope that helps yu clear up that foul language sin with God.

      Now waaaaaaaaaaaay long before the colonialists ans and their missionaries came to ingratiate you with the teaching of Jesus – men having sex with men was a very common factor amongst many African tribes – especially in battle fields.

      It is the white man who came to you with a Bible in his hand. Not a black tribal man. That same while Colonialist who brought you his Bible and gave you HIS interpretation told Americans it was okay to bring black people as slaves from Africa to work as slaves because that is what the Bible said it was ok to do. So do you agree with that? That because the Bible is interpreted by some to cause slavery and to justify black people not being treated the same as white people in America that it is okay? Then I see people eating pig and they dont get thrown into jail. But it breaks biblical law. How much prison sentence is there for adultery in Uganda because the Bible I heard about said it is a sin to have more than one wife or to cheat on your wife. Then the Bible said you must support your children. But when the Parliament tried to bring the marriage act to Uganda all those men refused to pass it into law because they all have many wives and many children. So I guess you just want to pick and choose what YOU think is okay from the Bible.

      OK now that we have said all that – what about people who do not believe in YOUR Bible. Are you going to force all people on earth to have your religion and to believe in it?

      You fail to separate church and state.

      You fail to acknowledge the world is full of different beliefs.

      Uganda is no different.

      You also want to play in the global economy, or do you want to stay alone isolated to return to your hut in the bush. What part of Colonialism do you want and what part do you NOT want? .

      Do you want to know how many people Barclays bank hires who are gay? Hilton Hotels? Marriott Hotels? Facebook and Google? You should really get off line right now and stop using all these things that gay people have made for you to use. Because your fingers may fall off. Never ever type on an Apple computer or a MAC I-phone again. The CEO is an open homosexual who says he is proud of it. He explains its not his choice it is just who he is. Sexuality is not something that can be changed,. I cannot make you a gay and you cannot make me a straight.

  23. Melanie what? keep your gay views in America.we don’t need them in Africa. we can do without all the gross things gay people do to make themselves fell human.its psycho disgusting and tell me if you like a fellow woman,why then hire surrogates?crazy psychotic bitches.keep your gay views to yourselves.

    1. MY MY what about gays scare you so much that you have to reduce your manners to such filth and disgusting TALK. I do not know know a single gay person who would come on this website and use such foul language to express themselves. What is your fear? Why so much hate? Now to your points – ARE you trying to suggest that there are NO gays in Africa? I can keep my views in America if I was not concerned about my fellow gays in Africa. You see if a person belonged to a class of human that you belonged to anywhere in the world, surely you would be fighting for them if they were persecuted just for being who they are? So for example if black people were being treated badly in another country and you were a black person would you fight to help them and express your views about it to that country. If you were a Jewish person being hurt by Nazis would you fight for fellow Jews even in the country where they are so hated? No revisit yourself and take a deep breathe relax and get your own morals into check!

  24. Since i have been following Skinner’s efforts in everything and each one of us in Uganda knows he has done a lot to help and uplift children affected by the AIDS scourge, i will not comment on your attacks on him. He’s one of the few pastors who is scandal free and there’s nothing that anyone can really say against him here coz he’s morally upright and he’s been very exemplary in all aspects, transparent too. I stick to the bible when it comes to homosexuality and trust me, if it were normal and natural then why would they have to wait for laws to freely practice it. Sometimes America takes it liberties too far and that will be their downfall. I love America coz it champions democracy, but democracy depends a lot on majorities not just minute minorities. Melanie, if you want to be pro-homosexuality it’s up to you,just don’t force it on Africa(Uganda) coz we have to choose ourselves whether we want to be pro or not. and leaving it to us is what we call democracy. For crying out loud, there has never been any mistreatment of homosexuals in Uganda, we always ignore them because we don’t like what they do. We however do not stigmatize them or mistreat them because we feel sorry for them. I mean what is so enriching about being like that. If you give me about 20 genuine reasons, who knows i might jump on the bandwagon, but they just ain’t there. I find it funny that they even want to adopt yet they freely give away their right to naturally procreate. Sometimes i just laugh coz i have never met a happy homo-lesbian coz their conscience is just not clear. They want people around them to champion them so that they can justify what they do. Let them just be happy if they are content in being who they are. And even if you stop Watoto from performing does not mean that Africa or Uganda is going to become pro-gay. and please we have never killed any person for being gay coz Africans are highly tolerant even of things they don’t like. It’s our culture that teaches us to be so. Unfortunately, America does not have serious culture and that is why they fail sometimes to know what is right for them and their families.

    1. I disagree that he is scandal free – but don’t have the time to waste on him.

      Sexual orientation IS normal and natural. Science has provide that. Heck we just found out there was another species of homo naledi – so what makes you think the Bible is IT!!! The Bible belongs to religion and is not a statement of science.

      Whatever your orientation may be which is heterosexual, bisexual or homosexual. – you are NORMAL!!!

      Sorry you “stick with the Bible” – most modern day theologians are able to place the Bible within the higher spiritual context of science and are not deniers like you are. I feel sorry for you that you are unable to contextualize. Stikcing to the Bible will make you crazy. You need to adapt science otherwise you are denying way too much of reality, I don’t have time to invest in your education here. So do some work on it!

      I would NOT be proud of the democracy you supposedly live in – so don’t try and preach about it to me. Are you happy so many women in Uganda are forced into prostitution because their lovely “men” wont support their offspring? Are you happy that the Church chooses its battles like going against gays when men and women are committing adultery all over the place and they are no prosecuted for it? Are you proud of a President who oppresses his opposition with arrests and trying to shut down public rallies instead of retiring his dictatorship after 30 friggin years?

      Finally YES – gay are being persecuted in Uganda, – Do you really think UNHCR is resettling gays from Ugandan and countries around the world are giving asylum based on NOTHING – as you seem to suggest?

      This BLOG is full of evidence of assaults, banishments, evictions, firings, etc. Here is some proof and do more research right here for reports and you will find you my friend are DEAD WRONG – either tour head is deep in the sand or you are lying!!!!!

      PROOF :

      There is much much more evidence on my site – take a look.

  25. This is such a misguided posting, based largely on rumor, not fact. If you knew Watoto and the Skinners, you’d understand that their passion is in empowering and enabling the youth of Uganda to be raised as the new leaders in Uganda. In a country that has been torn apart by civil war, Uganda needs more people thinking about others, not themselves. Do your homework. You owe it to yourself and the LGBT community to understand where Christians support a position on a social issue and where they don’t ascribe to violence against those who disagree with them.

    1. Shows you dont have a clue what your are talking about Mark and another creep here to defend the radical fringe right wing haters and misbranders of Christianity? Tel;l me when was Uganda “torn apart by civil war?” Are ou talking 30 years ago before Museveni or are you talking about now? Because their aint no civil war – just oppression of a dictatorship. Yourt ignorance proves to me that you know nothing about Wattato Church and how it land grabbed and stole from local land owners. Your friends are participants in corruption and they use those kids to disguise the truth.

  26. Am proud to be part o f this great church that is agains t homosexuality. …..big ups watoto for representing Christ

    1. well there you go finally someone with courage to admit that Watato Church hates gays instead of all you other cowards who keep pretending and making excuses. Now GILBERT you have endorsed my article, and made it a worthwhile endeavor. Than you for the legal admission!!!! So you do speak for Skinners and you confirm everything I have said in this article woooo hooo!!! And Thank you! Though your admission sickens me – because indeed you are not of G-d or Jesus’s compassion! Thank G-d there are religions and Church affiliations who love and accept gays.

  27. Let me speack Forth to all of you
    who are gays. For there is no Fate for you,
    the devil has blinded you with his lies but you are
    to end up in Hell. i tell you the solmen truth unless you all
    confes and turn a way from Evil you are to end up
    in Hell. See what God Done to sodom
    and gomora. you may think we are just making texts to you and joking but we are trying to Save. your lost souls. I rebuke the devil in your Life in the Name of almighty God Jesus Christ

    1. Jesus Christ – You dont know how to spell “SOLEMN”? Its not “SOLMEN”. And your English grammar leaves a lot to be desired.
      I never knew your first language was Swahili – but I am COOL with that!
      Don’t they have spelling dictionaries up there on Jesus moon?
      And thanks for your profound judgment – send my love to your daddy, my G-d!
      I just have one question – I though your Christian Bible prevents you from casting Judgment Jesus – is that not big Daddy’s job? Did you just do naughty naught rule breaking here?

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