2014’s Most Popular Posts on O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da

By Melanie Nathan, December 29, 2014.

Out of 506 articles written and posted on O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da during the course of 2014, here are the most popular 36 by reads. The top article about the Ugandan Catholic Church’s Easter message had over 43,000 reads, with 20,000 in its first day of posting. If an article is dated in a previous year, it means it had many more reads this year.

  1. Ugandan Catholic Easter Message Calls for Genocide of Gays
  2. The Pain to Gays in Africa through the Evolution of Joel Osteen
  3. Co-founder of ACT-UP Commits Suicide
  4. Ugandan Minister of Ethics and Integrity says Men Raping Girls is Natural
  5. Coca-Cola Deleting enraged LGBT comments from Facebook Page
  6. WANTED | Names and Faces of Russian Criminals who Tortured South African Student
  7. Calling on State Department to Stop Skinners Anti-Gay Watoto Church Uganda Performing in the U.S.A
  8. LGBT Activists Demand Their Own Stoning at Homophobic Harlem Church
  9. Zulu King Homophobic Remarks insult to his Gay Ancestor Shaka Zulu
  10. Ugandan Pastor Martin Ssempa Accused of Promoting Homosexuality
  11. Gay Activists Condemn Olympic Political Statement by Out Dutch Athlete
  12. Breaking Ugandan Activist Attacked by Mob taken to Intensive Care
  13. Gay Activists Protest Matt Lauer Today Show
  14. Ugandan Red Pepper Editors and Staff Wanted as Official Persecutors of Gays
  15. Lesbian Couple beaten by straight women at Ethiopian nightclub
  16. Ugandan President Museveni Signs Kill the Gays Bill
  17. American Audience Embarrassed by Anti-Gay Watoto Church of Uganda
  18. Anti-Gay Christian Ugandans Rally in Shocking War on Gays
  19. Gender Controversial South African Olympian Caster Semenya to Marry Girlfriend
  20. Man up or die | murders of effeminate teens at South African Ranger Training Camp
  21. 20 year old Azerbaijan LGBT activist commits suicide
  22. 10 Urgent Actions You Can Take Against Anti-Gay Nigeria
  23. On Santa’s Naughty List HRC Gets Coal Delivery
  24. Gay Refugee Couple from Uganda Land Safely in Canada
  25. Ugandan Exiles Protest Anti-Gay Hate by UK Christian Extremist Paul Shinners
  26. Warrant out for Arrest of Russian Maxim Martsinkevich who Tortures and Rapes Gays
  27. Horrific Brutal Murder of South African Lesbian
  28. Good Morning Mr Mandela Book By Personal Assistant Exposes Family Drama
  29. Robin Williams Dies Today in Marin County
  30. Shock Amongst Gays in Nigeria as President signs Jail-The-Gays Law
  31. Activists Execute Eviction Notice at Uganda’s D.C. Embassy
  32. Breaking ground in South Africa with a traditional Zulu Gay Wedding
  33. The Real Russia Where Gay People Hunted Like Animals A Must Watch BBC Report
  34. Betrayed by Obama – Museveni in OUR White House
  35. 10 Actions you can take against Russia | shocking video of Russian Gay Teen Torture
  36. Lesbian dies after being deported by United Kingdom back to Uganda


UNHCR Delays Persecuted Ugandan Journalist Who Supported Gays

In the face of much evidence this United Nations delay is dangerous and inexplicable. Ugandan gays and those perceived as gay, are targets while refugees in Kenya and their cases must be expedited.


Huffington Post Gay Voices:
Secretary of State Kerry Pays Lip Service to LGBTI Equality While Denying Pride Visas for LGBTI Africans


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2 thoughts on “2014’s Most Popular Posts on O-Blog-Dee-O-Blog-Da

  1. 1. –> I had a look at a few of the articles listed above. In No 6 you posted the e-mail and IP addresses of someone who had posted comments which displeased you:

    “Melanie Nathan November 9, 2013 at 4:14 PM #


    (There are other examples in addition to that one.)

    Is this ethical? Is this something which WordPress condones? I ask because in the box for one’s e-mail address it says (something like):

    “(email address will not be published)”

    2. –> I am posting this from Malawi. Why have you published a photo of our sour-faced Head of State? (Left column, fourth row). Are you trying to tell LGBT activists that we are particulary deserving of their villification?

    1. When you declare war on a minority the adage applies : “all is fair in love and war!”

      As for your interpretation about Malawi President’s photo – have at it – you can interpret his presence there any which way you choose. However let me say how I chose the pics for this piece – I went into my photo gallery and did screenshots from a random selection of the year’s photos on the blog – capturing 4 photos per screen shot that just happened to be sitting alongside each other in the gallery – there was no design to how this was done. You sure give me more credit than due!

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