Betrayed by Obama – Museveni in OUR White House



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My Message to President Obama:


PRESIDENT Obama – I have been a huge supporter of yours. Where are your principles?  – You and the First Lady have now welcomed this gay hating corrupt dictator into OUR White House!

“On announcing his intention to sign a bill dubbed the “jail the gays” bill, the Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni addressed a cheering crowd to say he was declaring “war on the homosexual lobby”. PINK NEWS.

You should have kept your word – and abided by the sanctions you established. I see your actions as two faced.

Museveni is one of the biggest culprits of LGBT and human rights abuses in Africa. He abused LGBT Ugandans by signing The Anti-Homosexuality Act, using gays as a tool for his political gain and game, a measure of his corrupt determination to maintain his dictatorship.  The day Museveni signed that Anti-Gay bill and verbally declared War on the World Gays –  that includes me Mr. President- your citizen- your fellow American –  is the day he officially endorsed persecution of all LGBT in Uganda and people around the world.

The day Museveni attended that victory anti-gay 10,000 people strong rally, to accept his huge framed award from Martin Ssempa and the crew of antagonists, with accolades for signing the bill to jail gays for life – handed to him by those who had called for the death of gays and lesbians – is the day Museveni tacitly endorsed the 5 months of relentless outings and persecution. Some LGBT community members are still in hiding – unable to work, struggling to survive  – And you welcome him into OUR White House.   I am angry and as a lesbian American feel betrayed! There is no justification for this whatsoever. You have lost my support! I fought hard for you President Obama and I stuck up for you – often – not anymore! This is not a mistake its a slap across the face.


 You welcome him into OUR White house?

After you promised this:

Part of the sanctions imposed by President Obama :

Human rights abusers would not be permitted into the U.S.

Restricting entry to the United States. We want human rights abusers, worldwide, to know their misdeeds are not unnoticed and would-be human rights abusers to understand that there are consequences for engaging in such actions. The State Department is therefore taking steps consistent with its current authorities (including Presidential Proclamation 8697) to restrict the entry into the United States of specific Ugandan individuals involved in serious violations or abuses of human rights, including those determined to have committed such violations or abuses against LGBT individuals. While we will not identify the individuals whom we have watch-listed in line with confidentiality requirements, this step makes clear our commitment to sanctioning individuals determined to have perpetrated human rights abuses or who are responsible for such acts in the future. In addition, the United States will also take steps consistent with current authorities to restrict entry into the United States by Ugandans who are found responsible for significant public corruption.

The hardest part for me is I truly love this President. I have admired him and stuck by him – I have defended him at every turn. I thought he was one of our greatest. I am so disappointed I can barely find the words to express my anger and sadness.  I feel as if my best friend just stabbed me in the back. That is how much these sanctions and this support had meant to me.  Now I am left wondering ….. what next?

What makes this worse is that the U.S. Embassy in Uganda is bragging about this on their Facebook page (see screen shot below):  This is the Embassy that denied 7 Ugandans VISAS to come and march with me in my Grand Marshal contingency at San Francisco Pride: See – KERRY PAYS LIP SERVICE ARTICLE ON HUFFPO at


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23 thoughts on “Betrayed by Obama – Museveni in OUR White House

  1. @ Melanie Nathan hehehe… sorry i hav laughed at u but hear this from me; real leaders that stand for real Biblical Xtian Moral Standards are welcome everywhere without anyone’s consent esp not from cowardly and perverted ungodly pagans like you! Here let me laugh wit you Mr. Brilliant hahahahahahahhahahahaaaa

    1. LOL yes yes yes you are absolutely right… Everyone in the world is a Christian of course – and all countries demand that you MUST be a Christian and we call those countries democracies LOL yes of course you are right #GENIUS

    2. You can take your god of hate and his Leviticus hit list and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

  2. Pretty awful & depressing, isn’t it? You stick with the guy based on what he says–> then he does a 180… Human rights? What’s that? From a guy who ought to know better, too.

  3. I love the “cowardly” comment from “joseph the anonymous”- what a pathetic hypocrite.

    Likewise, “the imposter calling him/herself melanie”– another gutless t*rd.

    Why even let them post, Mel? You’re nicer than I would be. They are ignorant trolls at least & ugly “supposed” (hypocritical) “Xtians” at best…who would fail in the eyes of the fantasy overseer they purport to follow. What a crock. They’re not even intelligent enough to construct a viable argument in their favour or defence.


    1. I know I do moderate but want peop[le to see the type of stupidity and hate that underpins the anti-lgbt movement

  4. My Sister Ur off track Ur a lesbian???? What are U leaving for U better think otherwise Ur parents r waiting for the grand

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I am sorry to say …. this is one side I didn’t want to see. “This is not a mistake its a slap across the face.” …… a day I hoped not to see!!

  7. Reblogged this on shaunynews and commented:
    Obama has a LGBT hater in the White House.. Many people didn’t like this. I don’t blame them. My friend Doc @ was hurt also..And that hurts me..

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  9. They were not the ONLY ONES there. He was there for the African Leaders Summit, as a Head of State, along with all 74 African Heads of State.They were not INVITED by the President. Hell if you want to bitch, how about all the horrible people that were invited by BUSH. Every time the President does his job you people bitch about it. Get over it!

    1. LOL I love the intelligence of those who think activists for one issue have a duty to cover every issue under the sun before their ONE issue is worthy of protest??/ As it happened I rebuked BUSh every opportunity I had. I abhorred Bush’s presidency and was not silent. But in case you didnt notice I am an LGBT activists and that is what this about. And in case you didnt notice I am BITCHING because President Obama launched the ABOVE MENTIONED sanctions a mere 2 months ago and ow he is flip flopping. The greatest human rights abuser -of LGBT Uganda is President Museveni. He should be refused entry into the USA – regardless of Summit – based on the new sanctions put in place against Uganda because of the new AHA. But not only was he granted entry he was given the red carpet to the White House. THAT IS MY COMPLAINT . Summit or no Summit

      Why do you think the Court date to revoke the AHA was suddenly pushed forward 2 months – it was done probably just in case M7 was denied entry. Though the latter has not helped the human rights abuses that are happening as we speak. Several outed UgandanLGBT remain in hiding because of it. READ!!!!

      1. Politics is not a one issue occupation. Museveni has done plenty that is in the USA’s best interests, namely, sending Ugandan soldiers to Somalia to fight in the ‘war against terror’ and basically sending troops to save the government of South Sudan from imminent demise.

        The USA was not prepared to take on any of these roles and Museveni did so, quite frankly, mostly on its behalf.

        Uganda is now a very strategic listening post for the entire east and central African region, which includes South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo, The Democratic Republic Of Congo, and The Central African Republic. Refusing him entry into the USA could trigger a messy retaliation that would leave South Sudan and Somalia as epic humanitarian disasters waiting to happen.

        The entire region is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. Believe it or not, Museveni has been one of the better actors in the region over 30 years, and for that reason alone, the USA is reluctant to throw all that advantage away over one issue.

        And yes, Museveni is smart enough to manipulate the situation to his advantage. The mistake that the ‘gay community’ is making, is that it has failed to understand that African attitudes towards homosexuality are steeped in ignorance. That will not change anytime soon.

        The fight for freedom has got to be approached through issues which the average African can comfortably relate to. Convincing poor people to fight for a man’s right to ‘wear a dress’ is far fetched and likely to make them outraged.

        This is where we find ourselves today, with the sad fact being that the outraged majority does not even know that by persecuting gay people, they are in fact laying the ground work for their own future persecution. Having said all that, I will contradict myself and say, that the fight by the international community over gay rights in Uganda has certainly forced our government to back track and think twice. The problem is, when Uganda’s petro dollars start to flow in a few years time, the west will have a much diminished financial lever over the Ugandan government. Then what?

        1. “… the USA is reluctant to throw all that advantage away over one issue.”

          Yes, “one little issue” of innocent & consenting adults being murdered…just one, insignificant issue after all? Why the fuss, right?

          “Convincing poor people to fight for a man’s right to ‘wear a dress’ is far fetched and likely to make them outraged.”

          Wow- nice cliche. Talk about trying to stir the pot. If this is the rhetoric coming from a supposedly “sympathetic” person, imagine the reaction from the bigots in Uganda over a statement like that?

          1. @ Tracy there are no more “bigots” in Uganda… they are in church rehabs and are very happy that they have finally seen the light and have been set free in Jesus’ name from this “despicable habit”

            1. The only despicable Habit Joseph is people who use God and Jesus in the name of intolerance, and hate. Its time to start looking at the real prblems facing some countries in Africa like Uganda and ALL the problem often start with people who are corrupt intolerant and stroke patriarchy’s hairy chest!

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