Ugandan Red Pepper Editors and Staff Wanted as Official Persecutors of Gays

Hello Red Pepper we warned you not to OUT perceived Gays and now you are WANTED for Persecution in the International Criminal Arena

By Melanie Nathan, February 25, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.58.41 PMOn the very day that the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, assented to the Anti-homosexuality Bill, the publishers, staff and editors of Red pepper Tabloid, Uganda, saw fit, yet again, to publish the faces and names of 200 alleged lesbians, gays and transgender individuals, including those perceived as such. In effect screaming for mob lynching! We are now turning the tables so that should they ever escape Uganda, we will effect an international manhunt. I look forward to the day when their own President turns on them and they in fact do need to run. Its imminent and they have burnt their international bridge. We will not take pity on persecutors.

Red Pepper has outed gays, with the specific purpose of inciting the inevitable witch hunts and persecution of LGBT Ugandans. It is clear to all that the Tabloid, widely read in Uganda, is in on the bandwagon, exploiting the dire circumstances of Ugandan gays, participating in the heightened terror which has befallen them since the enactment of the legislation, and hence is complicit in persecutory actions.

Many Ugandans whose faces are in this magazine, have had to run for cover and are currently hiding out, in terror, for fear of being recognized on the streets. They are unable to work, roam from lodging to lodging, seeking safe housing, and are unable to access jobs, family or government help, with many now reaching out to my Rescue Fund for the very basic such as money for food.

What they have now done is set themselves up for more than crimes against humanity through their intent to persecute, but also lined themselves up for defamation charges, because according to the new law, calling someone “homo” is calling them a criminal under the new law. Unlike the old penal code, the new law specifically defines homosexuality as a crime. Yet they have made such accusation, without a single one of those persons being tried for homosexuality.

What the bold Red Pepper connivers do not realize is that we in the West are suing this to make a case against them. They are fully aware that publishing such pictures will cause assault, lynchings, mob (in)-justice and even murder. They may as well strike the blow with their individual hands. Allow me to name those individuals, who previously exposed here on OBLOGDEE suggesting that they be classified as International Wanted Criminals, denied entry to our countries, with their children banned from our Universities and their bank accounts frozen.


Exactly one year ago, Feb 25, 2013, I wrote this in an article, entitled

OUTING Red Pepper owners and staff for persecution of Gays in Uganda

Ugandans actively working to persecute fellow Ugandans – yes here we OUT the criminals current Red Pepper crew

For many years, the Ugandan tabloid, Red Pepper has purposely targeted alleged gay, lesbian and transgender people, outing them in the print magazine, often using pictures accompanied by pervasive rhetoric.    The most recent publication with photos and names, outed alleged gays and lesbians in a print publication dated Sunday February 24, 2013, accusing them, falsely, of the myth of so called “recruitment into the lifestyle of homosexuality.”

Imagine waking up in gay-hating Uganda, a country frothing at the bit to pass the Kill the Gays Bill, labeled the worst place to be gay, to find yourself outed on its pages.  This has happened over the years to numerous LGBTI Ugandans and some who were not even gay.

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 2.13.58 PMThe consequences of such an outing in Uganda are well known and can be attested to by the many gay Ugandans who have had to flee and others now in safe houses. Some of these people have sought asylum in foreign countries.  I have personally interviewed people who are either still in Uganda or have fled to Sweden, France, the United kingdom, and the U.S.A  and they have related similar personal experiences, all noting the resulting persecution, including physical assault and mental torture.

Now that we have years of proof of the persecution of these LGBTI Ugandans, recounting how they were first outed by Red Pepper and then suffered directly after the exposure, we are able to point the finger directly back at the odious publishers and call them persecutors.

The owners, management and staff of Red Pepper have now earned a designation far worse than mere gossip-mongers, they have joined the ranks of human rights abusers and persecutors, knowing the harm that these outings will cause. This goes way further than mere gossip and they all know it.

Now Red Pepper’s intent is much worse, as it has always been touted that once the new Anti-Homosexuality law passes, the Government and State sanctioned anti-gay law, is in effect, a license to kill. What better than have the Press and the public do your dirty work for?

AND allow us to turn the tables – We are again OUTING Uganda’s worst Homophobes and public persecutors, with the express purpose of a call for international justice – now these people are subject to seizure by international authorities, denial of visas, freezing of bank accounts, banning their children from our Universities and further investigation by International criminal tribunals, etc.


Ugandan Persecutors:

Richard Tusiime, Managing Director and Executive Chairman,
Arinaitwe Rugyendo, Director in charge of marketing,
James Mujuni, business development,
Patrick Mugumya, the Operations Director,
Gazzaman Kodil, Deputy News Editor (Gazzaman Gaza Kodili @Ggazzaman fen 7, 2013 Recently tweeted @Gilespies The law hanging suspected homosexuals should pass quickly. If not we will handle them with a Citizens Anti Homo Militia)
Medard Aryatuha, from the entertainment desk and has been trasfered to the news section as a sub-editor.
Bob Tumwesigye, Entertainment
Stanley Ndawula , Crime and Investigations desk.
Claude Muhigirwa, from Wtf, also a celebrity gossip section, to the Sports wing as the editor
Dalton Kaweesa, one of the newspaper’s best political and security news reporters.
Edrinnah Mbote, Business Editor, now promoted to “Regional News Editor.”
Johnson Musinguzi

Lest we forget Giles Muhame of Rolling Stone and now with Chimp Report, who started this trend and who has already, with thanks to our advocacy, been banned from the United States.


Medard Aryatuha
Dalton Kaweesa
Medard Aryatuha
Medard Aryatuha
Claude Muhigirwa
Claude Muhigirwa
Edrinnah Mbote
Edrinnah Mbote

We in the international community will continue to hold these WANTED persecutors, accountable – and in so doing keep track of the direct harm they have caused to LGBTI Ugandans. As many of the Ugandans who are contacting us are now in hiding, we will continue to keep a record of the specific hardship and persecution each victim of Red Pepper’s outings have suffered, so that this may be used in international tribunals against all concerned.  We will continue to collect the evidence to use for any future actions, civil and criminal, in Uganda and outside of Uganda, against Red Pepper’s staff and ownership and so we are recording the actual evidence which we can attribute to the persecution that was a direct result of these outings.

We will also ensure that anyone who has participated in these despicable persecutions are not welcome anywhere else in the world; and that if they do travel to international countries, that they are detained for their crimes against humanity. These names will be provided to the U.S. State department and the U.K. Foreign office following publication of this article.

The tabloid was started by seven partners, two of whom have since left the venture. The remaining five include Richard Tusiime, Managing Director and Executive Chairman, Arinaitwe Rugyendo, Director in charge of marketing, James Mujuni business development and Patrick Mugumya, the Operations Director.


Now it is our turn to take action:

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 2.40.15 PMI believe that what they have done must be adjudicated in the international community. We put all these people on notice on February 25, 2013, and now exactly one year later to the date, they are using the new law as the impetus for their crimes, stating that Museveni has signed the Anti-Gay Bill while placing pictures of alleged gays in print for all to see.

Those associated with Red Pepper have knowingly committed crimes against humanity and civil defamation, while they may be protected within Uganda, they should not receive that protection when traveling into international territory.

Knowing the anti-gay fervor, and the current call by 90% of Ugandans to kill gays through the passage of the horrific Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB), outing in Red Pepper Tablois is tantamount to a call for their lynching, a call for the persecution of those they specifically out.

Red Pepper we cannot wait to get the international LAW on you – watch out- karma shall exact its sweet revenge!

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 4.17.20 AMUPDATED 2/26 : I JUST FOUND OUT THAT RED PEPPER INCLUDED ME, Melanie Nathan, from the U.S.A. on their hit list.  To me to be on such a hit list is like a badge of honor. To stand with Kuchus at the height of their oppression is for me an honorable place to be, notwithstanding the ill intent of Red Pepper. However I will not minimize the impact for Ugandans who are on the list, as it is indeed intended to persecute. The RP people know what fear and terror they have instilled and for that they should be charged in an international tribunal.

So for this I am grateful. As one commentator, and well known actor J. Stephen Brantley noted: ” Consider this. One can be lauded in one nation and lynched in another, on the same day, and for the same reason. As we celebrate civil rights victories here, it’s important to recognize that it’s only getting worse in some places. We must not be too distracted by things like this ridiculous law in Arizona that can’t possibly stand. We have to continue to speak out for our friends in places like Uganda. Write to your leaders and to theirs.

Another well known US LGBT activist, Ellen Sturtz said: “Congratulations to a great voice of our community, Melanie Nathan. May these “honors” help you shed light on the life and death situations facing our community. Mazel Tov!”

Miriam Ben-Shalom, a U.S. military vet of great standing: “Well, gentle people, I tried to connect to this web site to ask them to add my name as a homosexual so I may stand in solidarity with my Ugandan brothers and sisters who are LGBT and with Melanie Nathan. I tried 5 times to connect, but Google could not do it. F’ing bunch of cowards., this crew in Uganda. Yellow bellies indeed.”

We have just heard from the USA ambassador that they will deny Visas to all Ugandan haters related to bill so that includes Lawmakers. We will ensure Red Pepper people are on that list and will be submitting those names today. Also I hear Mr. poop Ssempa has US residency because his wife is a USA citizen is planing to come to the USA. I cannot wait for his arrest.

Here is the U.S. Ambassador is condemning  Red Pepper –

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    This information needs to be shared. These people are indeed guilty of fanning the flames of heat and increasing the hardships that this branded community is already experiencing!! Take note …

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    If this isn’t another reason to consider Uganda as nothing more than a pariah state, what is?

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  4. How disgusting to be named in a rag like that because you love differently.This is 2014, for God’s sake!

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  7. People that are working for the red pepper are going straight to hell… they printed my pictures, full name, a picture of my house, my address and filthy filthy lies!! they have over 300 law suits… why is this paper still existing…

  8. I love the all idea but I’m still puzzled why you dressed them like Muslim when they are not??? I’m gay and Muslim and I would find that offensive… Hope I get clarification on that

    1. I did not dress the as Muslim. I took the photo from an article that existed on their own publication.

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