U.S. Ambassador slams Ugandan Government for Anti-gay Bill

Horror at Red Pepper Tabloid for Inciting Death of Gays

By Melanie Nathan, February 26, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.32.16 AMThe U.S. Ambassador to Uganda has in an interview with the BBC expressed a passionate condemnation of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality law.

Hear his interview below, where US ambassador to Uganda, Scott DeLisi, tells #BBCNewsday Uganda should repeal its new anti-gay law and notes  for the record, the United States will bar all haters from receiving visas to the United States, noting that those who promulgate hate and incite violence are not wanted in the United States.

He also speaks gravely of the Red Pepper article which suggests the lynching of LGBT people in Uganda through their names and pictures being outed in the widely read Tabloid. Read more http://oblogdeeoblogda.me/2014/02/25/ugandan-red-pepper-editors-and-staff-wanted-as-official-persecutors-of-gays/  

He also talks about U.S. AID and the now complex situation the Uganda American partnership finds itself in. This interview illustrates how insidious this legislation is and how it has complicated the partnership between Uganda and the USA.  Hon. DeLisi notes that the U.S. needs to understand the law and the way the Uganda will act on the law.

$720 million per year is at stake for Uganda.  He said that when he hears a Government say we don’t need “your AID” and “it is not of value to us,”  then the Ambassador noted, “I ask you to go ask the children we are saving if it matters to them and their families?”


Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 7.32.16 AM

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 7.21.02 PMRESCUE FUND: PLEASE HELP SUPPORT LGBT ASYLUM SEEKERS, THOSE NEEDING ESCAPE and REFUGEES http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rescue-fund-to-help-lgbt-people-escape-africa/x/6400968


Ugandan Red Pepper Editors and Staff Wanted as Official Persecutors of Gays

Hello Red Pepper we warned you not to OUT perceived Gays and now you are WANTED for Persecution in the International Criminal Arena

By Melanie Nathan, February 25, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 3.58.41 PMOn the very day that the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni, assented to the Anti-homosexuality Bill, the publishers, staff and editors of Red pepper Tabloid, Uganda, saw fit, yet again, to publish the faces and names of 200 alleged lesbians, gays and transgender individuals, including those perceived as such. In effect screaming for mob lynching! We are now turning the tables so that should they ever escape Uganda, we will effect an international manhunt. I look forward to the day when their own President turns on them and they in fact do need to run. Its imminent and they have burnt their international bridge. We will not take pity on persecutors.  READ MORE

Ugandan President Museveni Signs Kill the Gays Bill

 ”A dark cloud has fallen over my beautiful country, I cannot hold my tears!”

By Melanie Nathan, February 24, 2014.

Photo courtesy @ubctvuganda

Photo courtesy @ubctvuganda

On Monday February 24, 2014, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed the Kill the Gays Bill, despite pleas around the Globe asking him to refrain. The media was notified with individual calls from the Sate House, indicating the President wanted to make his epic signing a big show for the World. In doing so he has thumbed his nose at the World, and told all to go to hell, as many have expressed their horror at the Bill, including President Obama, who has described it as ‘odious.’ READ MORE

Activists Execute Eviction Notice at Uganda’s D.C. Embassy

While others pay another visit to Scott Lively…

By Cathy Kristofferson, February 24, 2014

UGAmbEvect1halfToday in Washington D.C. and Springfield, MA – and many other locales worldwide we hope! – activists reacted to this morning’s signing of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, better known as Kill The Gays, by President Museveni with action.

An eviction notice was served in D.C. suggesting useful re-purposing of READ MORE

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