Nelson Mandela Laid to Rest


By Melanie Nathan, Dec 15, 2013.

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From my Facebook Status: – Tata #Madiba, Father of the Nation, has brought the world to #Qunu South Africa- 6 AM, Dec 15 – All eyes are on #Qunu as we prepare our final farewell, #TATA #MADIBA . Our Nelson #Mandela will be laid to rest in the village of his birth with his #Themba Xhosa burial.

Thousands held night vigils, all across this land -song and dance celebration the life of our icon of democracy freedom equality and peace. Gathered everywhere in unison last night, bracing for this, the saddest day of all ten days of mourning. The funeral will be broadcast on TV and at stadiums all across the country.

Close family members and only a few invited guests will go to the actual burial site after the marquis service on the rolling hills, where Madiba once herded cows, played his childhood Xhosa games, and lived his rituals. Mandela will rest next to relatives at his family Grave site.

All the guests in Qunu are expected to be seated by 7 AM in the huge white marquis that adorn the sparse yet vast rolling hills, dotted by stark contrasting huts and cows.

Satellites, media village, shot up overnight as hundreds of red-eyed journalists from around the world camp on stretchers under the African sky. It is an unbelievable sight surreal. The oddity as Journalists shoo cows grazing by the satellites, hoping to protect their signals.

Latest arrivals via SABC News, 24 heads of State, Britain’s Prince Charles, High Comm Judith McGregor, Adv. George Bizos, seeing Oprah Winfrey walk off plane with Gail and Stedman, Thabo Mbkei, Pres. Zuma, Tutu, Fellow Rivonia Trial comrades, family,…

Who could have imagined the melding of traditional and State as we now watch the SA military marching through the QUNU tribal hills…. drums, trumpets, prepping for 21 gun salute, slaughtering of the sacrificial cow, … I have witnessed traditional but have never seen the merge of formal State funeral with it.

I will board my plane for NYC at 7 PM and will probably go silent for most of today….. I am going to allow for my own tears because my heart is breaking today…..


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From MY FB page:

Trying to extrapolate…….Comrade Ahmed Kathrada who spent 26 years with Mdiba in prison. Speaking with a quivering voice about Madiba… . Speaking of the strong tall “prisoner Madiba”. Speaking about how he saw Madiba in hospital as a man reduced physically to a shadow of himself and how it broke his heart. And look at what he left us with. he sacrificed his whole life. Mentions all the main freedom fighters …. and giants of the anti-apartheid movement. So many played a critical role in the liberation of our country. And those outside who stood by us during the dark days. And the masses so actively involved. Blessed by ANC and ist collective leadership. SA belongs to All who live in it – black and white. For all this we are deeply grateful to Madiba. Today we live in a lively Democracy and dignity has been restored to ALL South Africans….. A Constitution that encompasses all that is good in us and that protects our hard earned freedom. We must guard our Constitution. We still have a long road ahead. poverty, hunger, disease, education, Finally I address myself to Madiba or Madula ( Xhosa for older man) which we called each other. He was my elder brother..more than a friend.. what do we say to you Medula in these last final moments together (crying). Medula your abundance love simplicity honesty courage foresight patience equality justice continues to serve as enormous strength to people in SA and he World. You symbolize forgiveness, Nation building, non racial non sexist SA. In this spirit… up to new generation to be guided by your example to tackle the problems enormous pride in your life and in your death on a scale never seen in history. These days shows how your story has been the people’s story. To Mrs. Graca and family …we trust you find peace you so much deserve we mourn with you. Medula we may be drowned in sorrow and grief but after LONG WALK WE SALUTE YOU AS A FIGHTER FOR FREEDOM IN TE END. FAREWELL MY BROTHER,. MY MENTOR AND MY LEADER… When Walter (Sisulu) died I lost a father and now I lost a brether my life is a void and I dont know who to turn to…… OMG so moving.. Siyabonga

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2 Comments on “Nelson Mandela Laid to Rest”

  1. Dr. Rex December 15, 2013 at 2:35 AM #

    So moving!! Thank you for “taking” me there! Will forever be grateful!!! From the heart … Safe travels!!

  2. Dr. Rex December 15, 2013 at 2:36 AM #

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    …. almost a front-seat to these events. Thank you Melanie ….. from the heart!!

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