Tell Mayor Ed Lee NOT to Veto Tenant Protections 2.0

URGENT CALL TO ACTION: Let the Mayor of San Francisco Know your thoughts!

Posted by Melanie Nathan, Oct 07, 2015.

Last week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed the crucial measure, Tenant Protections 2.0,  to protect tenants in the City of San Francisco. However, Mayor Ed Lee is apparently considering a veto of these imperative tenant protections.

Ed leeThe legislation:

  • Limits rent increases or evictions based solely on the addition of roommates;
  • Limits the ability of landlords to evict tenants for minor violations (no and low fault evictions);
  • Limits landlords’ ability to raise the rent on units after securing a no-fault eviction;
  • Strengthens tenant notification requirements (requiring landlords provide notifications in the tenants primary language); and
  • Requires landlords provide a written refusal with a “reasonable” explanation when denying tenants the ability to bring on a new roommate.

Mayor Lee is strongly considering vetoing the legislation and he has until Friday, 10/9 at 5pm to do so.

Activists are suggesting:

(a) Write a personal note and hand deliver it to the Mayor’s office letting him know that you DO NOT want him to veto Tenant Protections 2.0. Let his staff know why you are there, and request that he gets the note immediately. Ask for a reply from the Mayor in your note and verbally.

(b) Email the Mayor: [email protected] AND call his office at (415) 554-6141 telling him NOT to veto Tenant Protections 2.0.

Let us know your thoughts if you take action!

3 thoughts on “Tell Mayor Ed Lee NOT to Veto Tenant Protections 2.0

  1. As an owner of property in SF I’d have to say veto it. The tenant protections are already fucked beyond belief, they don’t need more.

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