Xmas Love from LGBTI Refugees in Africa

By Melanie Nathan, December 24, 2015.

#‎THANKSfortheLOVE‬ ‪#‎Heartbreaking‬ I am very very touched by the outpouring of holiday love from the LGBTI refugees who are in contact with me and many who have not previously been in contact with me- from many parts of Africa. I had no idea that many people knew about our work here at African Human Rights Coalition.  The encouragement, the gratitude and the love from people who have no idea what the next minute will deliver them – in terms of safety, shelter and food – and yet so much love! I am deeply moved.

Thinking holiday time must be bitter sweet, I asked one young refugee how he felt about the holiday season – – he responded:

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 1.52.25 PM“The situation is very terrible, most of us can’t even believe its holidays, We cannot work, we are not in position to provide whatever we need to ourselves, we only depend on assistance from few which isn’t even sufficient but we appreciate it, we are living in fear and at the edge. We’ve nothing to celebrate because we are ever in fear for our lives and we are missing our families back home especially during this season. We wish everyone happy holidays and please keep us in prayers during this season. best”

I only wish our larger LGBT community in the USA would be more aware of what is going on in African countries and I only wish the direct humanitarian response would be more significant.

Please consider that when you give money to the organizations or foundations which mostly provide capacity building and advocacy, all important – yet – that money is used in a way that comes at a high price for some.

With more awareness and advocacy comes more persecution and yet nothing is set aside by these large organizations or foundations to cover food, shelter, transport, tampons, medical for the so called “Ann Franks” of Africa!

If you want to help, kindly consider a tax deductible donation to African Human Rights Coalition at www.AfricanHRC.org -where no one receives a salary – we work purely as volunteers. DONATE HERE.

OR to this direct campaign – which is not tax deductible – DONATE HERE

We do not have a robust email list and so passing this along to friends and LGBT community would be much appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Xmas Love from LGBTI Refugees in Africa

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