Those Republicans Want Retributive Murder But SCOTUS said NO

The US supreme court has ended a dramatic day of legal tussles over Arkansas’ unprecedented plan to execute eight prisoners in 11 days, declining to allow the state to go ahead with Monday night’s scheduled killings in what amounted to a major victory for the condemned inmates’ lawyers and anti-death penalty campaigners.

The nation’s highest court took several hours to reach its decision, finally announcing at 11.50pm that it had declined to lift a stay on the execution of Don Davis, 54, imposed earlier in the day by the supreme court of Arkansas.

The ruling brought to three the number of condemned prisoners who have now been spared the audacious execution schedule set by Republican governor Asa Hutchinson in a rush to use a batch of the lethal injection drug midazolam before it expires at the end of the month. READ MORE

My Questions:

Is it the Bible that drives those Republicans to think they have a ‘right’ to re-Murder?
And when they do – Who Hangs the Hangman?

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2 thoughts on “Those Republicans Want Retributive Murder But SCOTUS said NO

  1. The Republicans are being more liberal than you Melanie…

    No one should have to pay taxes to support a welfare population sitting in prison gulags [this is illiberal which is funny since you call yourself a liberal]…the gulags should instead produce wealth, or people should be immediately put to death upon guilty verdict.

    I propose selling prisoners into slavery as allowed by the 13th amendment. Then they can produce clean electricity by running on treadmills adjacent to cattle prods for when they don’t keep the speed up.

    1. Well your definition and my definition of liberal differ – Anyway why attach yourself to MY label to poop your bigot blast? I am willing to call myself a SMELLY PIG TURD in exchange for NO DEATH PENALTY! THERE thats a nice label you are welcome to attribute to me. Forget that silly ol “liberal” label. Anyway I can only imagine all the ‘good’ your mindset contributes to the Philippines way of life….

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