On Passover LA Police Arrest Rabbis Protesting Immigration Persecution

On the third day of Passover in downtown Los Angeles, 35 Rabbis, Priests, and Muslim activists — in a coalition of local faith-based groups were arrested for an act of civil disobedience.

In protest of the Trump administration’s inhumane efforts to tear immigrant families apart, these leaders physically blocked the entrance to the local detention center, sitting in the street until they were handcuffed and led away by police while hundreds of supporters sang and chanted and cheered the resistance.

The April 13 act took place on the third day of Passover. Those who participated drew parallels with the Israelite Exodus story from bondage to liberation with the slavery of undocumented immigrants who live in fear of being detained.

From the Jewish Journal:

“I’m standing with my brothers and sisters in faith … on behalf of the undocumented and the refugee and immigrant communities that are being targeted now. Especially now during Passover it is time we remember our own liberation,” Rabbi Sarah Bassin, associate rabbi at Temple Emanuel of Beverly Hills, told the Journal, locking arms with Wilshire Boulevard Temple Rabbi Susan Goldberg, prior to their arrest.

Bassin said she was released shortly after her arrest. The LAPD treated her professionally, she said, adding that the charge is equivalent to a traffic violation.

This powerful act of solidarity is one way that organizations such as Bend the Arc, and others and thousands of supporters like across the country are taking imperative action to fight Trump era white nationalism.


8 thoughts on “On Passover LA Police Arrest Rabbis Protesting Immigration Persecution

  1. More embarrassing faux outrage, if anyone illegally immigrated to israel, a muslim country, or even the vatican they would surely be deported, yet the US is expected to not enforce its laws.

    1. Well my dear friend – here is the HUGE difference: Israel is the size of the Kruger National park. And can fit into a few USA suburbs. So do some math and reconfigure your argument!!!

      1. I agree with you that all immigration is good if its to do reclamation work on rural areas, but it looks like they are being deported from already overpopulated urban areas, they shouldn’t be in.

        Are you suggesting we setup Arbeit Macht Frei instead?

          1. No I am in the PH to culturally enrich them with my white diversity, giving them technologically modern tasks other than rice-farming. The PH is too homogeneous of a society and needs unrestricted mass-white immigration to end its third world status.

            So they aren’t trying to deport me, but if I weren’t doing this they would if I was found anywhere but a rice-field or unpopulated island….and that’s just racist y’know!

            1. well you seem to employ the idea that all immigrants belong as rural – contradicting yourself or hypocritical per chance- after all you ARE an immigrant – right?

            2. Please can you clarify how unrestricted mass white immigration will end it’s 3rd world status.

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