Did Padres Participate in Out at the Park Homophobia

According to SDGLN:

San Diego ChoirThe San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) didn’t get a chance to sing the National Anthem at The annual “Out at the Park” event at Petco Park on Saturday, instead their microphones were turned off, and the Padres played a recording of a female in their place, then they were subject to homophobic slurs as they left the podium.

SDGMC said in a statement that all of the volunteers were at the ready to sing the anthem, but crowds had to listen to the women’s recording instead.

“Executive Director of San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus made this personal statement to SDGLN, “We were founded 31 years ago to fight for social justice–to be heard loud and proud as openly gay men. Last night, our voices were silenced, but out of this we will be heard even louder than ever before.”

Further it is reported that the Padres didn’t attempt to stop the pre-recorded track and allowed it to play in full.

According to a statement from the SDGMC the entire chorus was lead off stage and endured a multitude of homophobic slurs throughout their exit. “You sing like a girl,” was reportedly heard coming from the stands.

Days prior to the game the SDGMC says that the Padres organization tried to prevent  the choir from performing by having the cast pay for their tickets in order to sing, something they say was never discussed and would have cost the small organization thousands of dollars.

The team eventually agreed to let the chorus perform, but made no mention of the pre-recorded female track according to the statement.

In the aftermath of the event, the SDGMC is calling for a full, transparent investigation into the San Diego Padres and Major League Baseball, to discover if the call to play the canned anthem was intentional or merely a mistake.   READ MORE


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Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 10.48.29 AM

Dan England: The SDGMC stood on the Petco Park field to sing the national anthem in front of 40,000+ fans during pride night and were shocked when the stadium played a female singer instead! Mike Dee the president and CEO of the Padres has apologized, but is it enough? I want answers! Was it a mistake or was it something more. PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEO!!! #sandiegogaymenschorus #sdgmc

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