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Crucial leadership emerges on boycotts against anti-gay Russian laws

By Melanie Nathan, August 22, 2013. While the less educated on the realities and impacts of boycotting Russia because of its new Putin signed anti-gay laws, are quick to draw conclusions that boycotts are not working, relevant leadership emerges calling for persistent boycotts. Masha Gessen is emerging as the new and prized leadership, an imperative […]

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NY Times Video highlights American evangelicals help to finance violent anti-gay movement in Uganda

Gospel of Intolerance: The filmmaker Roger Ross Williams reveals how money donated by American evangelicals helps to finance a violent anti-gay movement in Uganda; though the Video offering may not be without controversy. By Melanie Nathan January 23, 2013. ROGER ROSS WILLIAMS was raised in Pennsylvania, and  grew up in the black church. He exposes […]

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Americans must Heed the Cry of African LGBTI Victims

“Actions speak louder than words!” by Melanie Nathan Dec 22, 2011. SAN FRANCISCO – Shorty after Secretary Clinton and President Obama spoke out about LGBTI Global human rights, the bloggers and press began to buzz with statements and comments from those impacted by the speech and memo, respectively.  The most sought after statements came from […]

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