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The Stories Of Shirley Tan and oter families

Immigration Equality Fails Binational Same-Sex Couples Again

Immigration Equality Seeks to blame Obama Administration for its own ineffectiveness and fainting mission By Melanie Nathan, February 23, 2012 Andrew Harmon at the Advocate reports that The Obama Administration held talks with LGBT groups on January 30, and the “big ask” was rejected.  “While the administration has taken affirmative steps in recent months to […]

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Bi-nationals – Take Back your Right to your FIGHT

Dear Friends,   Since June of this year I have been critical about Immigration Equality’s strategy – in promoting our UAFA  through inclusion in Comprehensive Immigration reform (CIR) as a priority strategy.   My sense of logic told me that by doing so they would be ‘shooting us in the foot’- as they would in effect limit […]

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No thanks needed …the work goes on and our community thanks is our community’s help- Call your reps in support of Immigration Reform and UAFA!

Shirley, Jay & Melanie,  I wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you, so much, for joining us in Washington last week and for all of your amazing efforts on behalf of Immigration Equality.  The past week was the most momentous in our country’s history for binational couples, and you were all an […]

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