Lezgetreal Calls on Movie Industry to Boycott Florida

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I wrote this letter  today:

Dear Stephen Precourt,

Gay Rights Advocates Call for Boycott of Filming in Florida – http://lezgetreal.com/?p=27912

Please get rid of your hate clause in the Bill for  film tax credit increase.    Hollywood is pro LGBT equality and Gay people will continue to be portrayed  in the positive light deserved.  For the most part we have every family value attribute possible. That is why we want equality. You should get to know a few of us before you make such bland judgment calls, probably based on your inability to honor our constitution by separating church from state. If you came to my home for dinner, you would be impressed with our values and the modeling we provide for our two daughters.  You will see the normalcy and love in our family. In film, we will be increasingly  depicted for exactly who we are and your shoddy legislation will never eradicate our de facto and soon to be de jure existence.  In fact all it will serve to do is isolate Florida from the industry; as the film industry will rather suffer the loss of tax credit than the freedom of speech and the right to equally portray every kind of family that depicts our real world. We will Boycott Florida if you fail to withdraw your discriminatory legislation. Warm Regards, Melanie.READ THE WHOLE ARTICLE , Lezgetreal Calls on Movie Industry to Boycott Florida, Mar 2010

You should read the whole article.

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