Join San Francisco Pride and Vote for Board at Annual General Meeting

Vote for S.F. Pride Board  at Annual General Meeting 2013 Sunday, September 15 at 2pm

By Melanie Nathan, September 10, 2013.

SF Pride BOardSF Pride is a member-driven organization. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the largest annual gathering of Pride’s membership. Voting members have the opportunity to participate in elections for the Board of Directors and to select the event theme for the coming year’s Pride Celebration and Parade.

The 2013 AGM will take place on Sunday, September 15 at 2pm, at W San Francisco. Voting members will have the opportunity to vote for members of the Board of Directors and on the theme for the 2014 SF Pride Celebration and Parade.

By becoming a member of San Francisco Pride you will have a direct voice in shaping an event that educates and gives back to the LGBT community. At our monthly meetings, the general membership can provide direct input on the event to Board Members and the Production Team as well as stay informed year round through monthly e-newsletters and periodic email updates.

Other benefits of membership include participation in the nomination and selection of Grand Marshals, choosing the yearly theme of the Celebration and Parade as well as voting on the selection of the Board of Directors. These are just some of the ways in which you can be fully engaged with Pride and the greater LGBT community.

In addition to what has been mentioned above, all members of Pride receive the following General Member Benefits:

  • A ‘Welcome to Pride’ membership e-packet with information about SF Pride;
  • Voting rights after sixty days of membership (this includes voting for candidates for the board of directors, the event theme, and Community Grand Marshals);
  • Your name published in our the Official San Francisco Pride Guide, InsidePride

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 7.55.57 PMPUBLISHER’S FIRST CHOICE

My choice for Pride Board is an outstanding member of our social justice advocate community, a woman who has done extraordinary work for s LGBTQ individuals fleeing persecution, asylum seekers and bi-national same-sex couples, Rochelle A. Fortier Nwadibia.

“I have served as an advocate for fairness for the LGBTQ community in government service, higher education and as an attorney throughout my career. With over twenty-five years experience as a human rights litigator, leader, adjudicator and advisor, I hope to use my experience to further the mission of SF PRIDE.  My work in the LGBTQ community has consisted of assisting individuals on their quest for individual freedom in addition to other volunteer efforts. By joining the SFPCC BOARD, I can contribute to the SFPCC legacy as a voice for liberation and global equality.”


About the SF Pride Celebration Committee

The San Francisco Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Pride Celebration Committee® is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization founded to produce the San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade. SF Pride is dedicated to education, to the commemoration of LGBT heritage and to the celebration of LGBT culture and liberation.

A world leader in the Pride movement, SF Pride is also a grant-giving organization through our Community Partners Program. Since 1997, SF Pride has granted over $2.1 million dollars from proceeds of the Pride Celebration and Parade to local non-profit LGBT organizations and those organizations working on issues related to HIV/AIDS, cancer, homelessness, and animal welfare.

3 thoughts on “Join San Francisco Pride and Vote for Board at Annual General Meeting

  1. Gee Melanie, I was crushed when your buttoned-down corporate buddy was swept to the sidelines by our Left slate. During the Q n’ A she was asked her opinion on the incumbent Board’s handling of the Bradley (nee) Chelsea Manning fiasco. She likened as how the Board should make that call as the authority (Apparently community wishes be damned) Anyways so sorry your pony lost….is your gaydar always so precise?? Thomas

    1. Thats her call. Corporate? Obviously you failed to do your homework. She does more for asylum seekers and more pro bono work to help LGBT than anyone I have yet to meet. Judge her on her answer to one stupid question and you be the loser! BRadely Manning and Pride as the litmus test? P L E A S E!!!!

    2. I knew no pnne had the sense to vote for the best! So my pony actually won because in truth she is better off without all that crap

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