South Africans Deliver the First People’s Pride

By Melanie Nathan, October 09, 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.22.12 AMJohannesburg People’s Pride (JHBPP) took place in Constitution Hill on the 5th of October 2013. The theme People’s Pride indeed spoke for itself, because it embodied all kinds of People. JHBPP was not only for LGBTI people even heterosexuals were there.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.16.35 AMLebo Mashile (poet) also graced the day with her presence. She recited a poem about the human body. Also in attendance were interesting individuals and activists from different townships around South Africa.

Well perhaps South Africa continues to serve as an example on many levels. An example of people coming together in the face of everything that is wrong in society.

The hope is that divide becomes unity. That  the promise of the new South Africa from so many years ago will finally be realized. Now it is up to politicians to make that happen as given the resources, the people will be willing.

Quote Inkanyiso: – “There was a group that played Jembe, creating music as part of the performances which ignited the spirit of mostly queer audience. We then marched to Hillbrow where the first pride took place, the throngs of marchers sang and chanted  struggle songs remembering late activists like Simon Nkoli and our friends who died because of their sexuality.”

What do the people of South Africa want?

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.16.06 AMAs I understand it and please feel free to add to my list, noting this is not in any order of importance as many of these issues carry equal gravitas:

End corruption at all levels of Government

Deliver basic  services  to all – electricity, water, medical, dental, HIV/AIDS drugs


End homophobia, bi-phobia, transphobia, lesphobia etc.

Bring justice and accountability for the mine massacre


Financial justice

End Poverty

End child abuse

End Child trafficking

END Hate speech

Bring real hate crimes legislation

and these words and more rang in what can be termed asthe World’s first ever PEOPLE’s PRIDE and the photos from INKANYISO speak volumes……

Photo album by Collen Mfazwe
Location: Constitution Hill, Hillbrow, Johannesburg. South Africa.

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