Defiant Ugandan LGBTI Community Vows to Fight The Anti-Gay Laws

“Finally we want to assure you that despite this setback we are not broken AND never will… We refuse to be marginalized!”

By Cathy Kristofferson, December 23, 2013

defianceFollowing the passage through Parliament of The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill, the LGBT community held a Press Conference today, which was reported here on OBLOGDEE, earlier. Here is the Ugandan Coalition’s Press Statement and also a Statement of Defiance.

Since the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was first introduced into the Uganda Parliament, several years ago, these human rights defenders have continued to show extraordinary tenacity and resilience and these statements express that they will continue the courageous fight, regardless of consequences.

The full text of both is below.

The Statement of Defiance begins:

“We shall not abuse power like the Parliament but we shall overcome using our inherent rights to expression, life, dignity and respect amongst so many.”

They go on to warn the international community of the perils that await should the Bill be signed into Law:

“We want to inform all Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender tourists and all friends and allies coming to Uganda that this is now a no go area as the Parliament has made it very clear that you are not welcome here.”

The Press Statement clarifies, again, that the LGBTI community is not what the anti-gay bigots, domestic and international, proclaim and lays out the harsh realities of the Bill. It also warns all of Ugandan society of the witch hunts to come:

“The Anti-Homosexuality Act will enable the state to interfere with your very intimate private life, expose you to public shaming and ridicule as a parent/friend/sister/brother to a known gay person, bring strife in families, and lead to the psychological torture and even suicide of persons born and raised hiding feelings of same sex attraction because they will be criminalized and socially outcast.”

It concludes:

“Only criminalize us if:

We rape

We defile

We molest a child

We harass sexually

But do not criminalize us when we fall in love or have mutual, consented, adult relations and sex. Thank you”

Read the full text of both. These human rights defenders deserve all the support the international community can muster whether diplomatic, organization or from everyday activists.

Statement of Defiance:

View this document on Scribd

Press Statement:

View this document on Scribd

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