The 10 Worst Lies Spread in Uganda about Gays

by Anti-Gay Evangelical Christians and those falling for their hate, leading to the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and its current passage through the Ugandan Parliament

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 23, 2013.

The 10 Worst Lies Spread about Gays*

Screen Shot 2013-12-21 at 8.03.07 AM

Ugandan MP David Bahati, who based his authorship of the AHB on lies and myth

  1. Gays are pedophiles
  2. Gays recruit children – “they are coming for your kids”
  3. It is possible to make someone gay or lesbian
  4. Gays and lesbians promote homosexuality
  5. The Bible says that 2 people of the same-sex cannot love each other
  6. Gays and lesbians have paid people to be gay or lesbian
  7. The members of parliament who voted against the anti-homosexuality bill, including Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, have been paid off by wealthy lesbians to vote against the bill;
  8. Homosexuality is a Western concept and import
  9. Homosexuality is Un-African
  10. Gays are criminals, being gay is a vice and that homosexuality is a behavior and a choice

The 10 Worst Enemies of Gays in Uganda

  1. Scott Lively, Lou Engle and other Western and African Evangelical Christians (Promoters and originators of the rhetoric and lies behind the Kill the Gays Bill)
  2. David Bahati (Member of Parliament and sponsoring author of The Kill the gays Bill)
  3. Pastor Male  (A Christian and fervent hater of gays who preaches death)
  4. Martin Ssempa ( Mr. Poopoo obssessed with sodomy and vulgar language)
  5. Giles Muhame, (“Hang the Gays”, Rolling Stone Magazine Publisher who outed 100 gays, including now deceased heroic leader David Kato)
  6. The Editors and Publishers of Red Pepper Magazine (Complicit in the persecution of LGBT cmmunity members with constant outings)
  7. Janet Museveni (The wife of President Museveni who has spoken out ignorantly against gays)
  8. Speaker Rebecca Kadaga (Who promised and delivered her Xmas gift of a Gay Hating bill, a year later)
  9. Fr. Simon Lokodo (Ugandan Minister of Integrity and Ethics who claims to be a celibate virgin, but probably was defrocked because he had a kid, unless he thinks he is Mary. Actually, probably self loathing gay man, who believes that men raping girls is justified as natural, and who already started detaining human rights defenders under a law that had yet to pass parliament)
  10. Jon Qwelane, South African Ambassador to Uganda (outspoken homophobe who was sent to Uganda to escape his hate speech trial) and South African President Jacob Zuma, (who leads the one African country where sexual orientation and gender identity is protected by the Constitution and if he had any balls would have honored the legacy of the late great President Nelson Mandela, by doing some deterring diplomacy or publicly spoken out against the AHB)

*Please note that this list is not unique to Uganda.

Courageous Ugandan LGBT Community Holds First Press Conference Since the Passing of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill – Read more

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7 Comments on “The 10 Worst Lies Spread in Uganda about Gays”

  1. cecilia December 25, 2013 at 1:15 AM #

    Can you do the FAQ abt the ten myth abt gays in uganda. Aka answed with statistics and bible quotes to prove the myths wrong? That would really help me a lot with my ugandan in laws

    • Melanie Nathan December 25, 2013 at 7:13 AM #

      I do not have time…. ask them to prove any of the myth is right? There is no proof of any of those assertions. Usually one has to prove one’s assertions – not the other way around. So if I accuse a group of people of being pedophiles its my job to prove it – not their job to unprove it!!! Its like me saying all straight en are pedophiles. So ask – have they met one case of a person who has been “made” gay? Paid? etc. Not even Bahati could bring this proof to the USA TV or even the Parliament itself. What he did was feeble and based on rhetoric only. When he was asked by Rachel Maddow, on US TV MSNBC, to defend his assertions. He promised me proof to her and to me and 3 years later – still not any proof of these assertions. In fact the anti-gay preachers Martin Ssempa and others convicted in UG for their lies and they got convicted trying to spread lies.

    • Melanie Nathan December 25, 2013 at 7:17 AM #

      Ugandan News reveals horrific rape case and 20 Girls defiled daily by straight men in Uganda
      While the Ugandans still allow for the distractions and time wasting Anti-Homosexuality Bill to dominate the discourse about sexual immorality and so called defilement of children, with one single case yet to appear as evidence of such, this article appeared in their press today: 20 girls defiled daily in NOW if gays are harming kids or anyone then you have all the same criminal laws to get them. You do not need ananti-homoseuxality bill to witch hunt gays before they commit any crime. Imagine havign a law saying you going to hunt all straight men because some of them defile girls?


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