Molokov Mitchell Senate Campaign Manipulates Via Gay Hate Denials

Molokov “cocktail” Mitchell throws Bomb at Liberals while pretending NOT to be participating in Kill the Gays of Uganda!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.28.09 PMWhile Molokov purports not to want to meddle, he is adept at using persecuted gay and LGBTI Ugandans as a weapon and tool for his own political gain. He is using the plight of Ugandans now suffering terrible persecution in a pitch for his campaign. And it does not take a genius to figure out his ploy.

In one of the most disgustingly divisive campaigns  (Rhetoric such as “Lets Destroy the Democrats” and “I dont care” about Ugandan gays) that we have seen in a long while, Molokov Mitchell, aka Jason Mitchell, the man attempting to take the seat of Democrat Josh Stein for North Carolina Senate, pretends not to be running on an anti-gay- Kill the Gays – yet indeed he is!

This is the-  “Yes I did – No I did not – yes – er..I am lying– Flip-Flop – I support Kill the Gays — But-Not Now- – I dont really- I did then- but now I dont care about THEM,” manipulative ticket!

Below is his video attempt at escaping culpability for the Anti-Gay blood he has on his hands, vis-a-vis Uganda. But he could not resist taking the rant a step further, which really serves to blow up in his face, when in reality all it does is reiterate his bigotry.

AND all he succeeds in doing is showing that liberals care where he, the extremist conservative, (whats new?) – does not.

What would Molokov Mitchell do if the Ugandan gays, of 2014, were in fact German Jews of 1939? Would he say – “Hey leave them to their sovereign laws, stop meddling?” And if he did would you vote for the likes of one who would have Ann Frank gassed or lynched?

It is unlikely that he has yet to find out that there are at least 199 (and probably many more) Ugandans TODAY in hiding or looking over their shoulders in fearful anticipation because of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality (the one he promoted in 2010) in fear of the mobs who believe the law has provided them with a license to assault, torture and kill.

If this man cannot stand for basic international human rights then what can he stand for?

Back in 2010 Molokov Mitchell participated in a video that promoted The Kill the Gays Bill. Suddenly that Video, once online for public view,  has gone dark into “private Mode” on You Tube. I challenge Mr. Mitchell to provide that Video again for all to see what he truly believes.

The moment he announced his run for office, LGBT activists, like yours truly, exposed  history of hateful rhetoric against gays. His then target, Uganda’s kuchus. And now that being a bigot is not so popular anymore in the Republican voter pool, Mr. Cocktail is running scared and has launched an attack video disguised as his excuse.

However all he succeeds in doing is further rubbing his own nose in his own shit. Way to go genius!

HERE are examples of his divisiveness in his own words:

1) His Twitter Account pitting religious intolerance: (And he says he is not a bigot?)

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.00.36 PM

and 2) His suggestion that the Democratic Party should be destroyed!

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.28.09 PM


and 3) THE VIDEO

Why Democrats Fail from Mitchell Campaign on Vimeo.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 4.29.05 PM


2 thoughts on “Molokov Mitchell Senate Campaign Manipulates Via Gay Hate Denials

  1. Just because Uganda wanted to vote 4 years ago on punishing gays, and it is a shame, he could have said he was against such terrible things – but no, he said, it was there country. He is forgetting that all people are human beings – what a shame this guy is, to turn it around now to say, that was 4 years ago – well, if Hitler was still alive, and he said “well, it was 40 years ago”, that doesn’t mean it is now ok what he did.

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