Uganda Seeks to Introduce More Anti-Gay Laws to Stop NGO Services

By Melanie Nathan, April 28, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 10.26.26 AMIt is clear that the Ugandan government is doing everything that the Hitler Government did – that which preceded the holocaust. As if the scapegoating and Anti-Homosexuality Bill is not enough, now the Ugandan Government is looking to close loop-holes in its new already onerous law, which became law only in March of this year.

The Ugandan government wants to ensure that the LGBTI communities in Uganda receive no help and support, even with regard to HIV/AIDS services, medical services etc. Currently Ugandans, including human rights defenders are being persecuted or under severe threat of persecution, with many in exile and hiding, desperately seeking ways to survive. Many have been kicked out lodgings, rentals, family homes, jobs, schools etc. The hardest hit are the transgender community.

All the while Uganda continues to claim that America is boosting tourism to Uganda and America continues to vacillate on the idea of cutting or redirecting aid, providing sanctions – it seems that the Ugandans believe that the persecution of gays through institutionalized homophobia is a popular event, working as mechanism to gain political points as they head to elections. It worked before why should it not work again? Why not keep adding persecutory laws?

It is important to note that the so called “promotion” of homosexuality is a falsified concept. This is merely excuse terminology used in law to justify oppression and the silencing of critics. It is impossible to “promote” a sexuality to people – who are either LGBTI or not – but it is possible to offer support to those LGBT people in need. The accusation of “promotion” seeks to curb the support needed by people to navigate their already existing sexuality.

Reuters Reports as follows:

(Reuters) – Uganda has drafted a new law that would bar non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from promoting homosexuality, tightening rules further after anti-gay legislation in February was widely condemned as draconian.

The draft, now being studied by the cabinet before being introduced in parliament, would also ban foreign NGOs from meddling in the east African country’s politics, junior internal affairs minister James Baba told Reuters on Monday.

Critics say the legislation will further erode civil liberties and entrench a climate of oppression and political intolerance already evolving ahead of 2016 polls in which veteran leader, Yoweri Museveni, is expected to stand.

The February law strengthened punishments for having gay sex and imposed jail terms of up to life for some categories of homosexuality, including sex with a minor or while HIV-positive.

“There are some NGOs who have come here to undermine us, to promote very bad behavior like homosexuality,” junior internal affairs minister, James Baba told Reuters on Monday.

“As a responsible government we need to check that. They (NGOs) will not be able to do that when we pass this law.”

The new law will require all charities to declare to the government their annual budgets, their sources of income and will also be obligated to present accountability for any funds received from those sources at the end of every year.


Foreign NGOs, he said, would be barred from commenting or involving themselves Ugandan politics. “It is for Ugandans to say whether Museveni should rule or should not rule,” Baba said.

“As a foreign NGO, what stake do you have in our politics?” he asked. “Our nationals have every right to put their government to task and to question the performance of government, but outsiders should not have this privilege.”

In power since 1986, Museveni has come under increasing censure for his growing repression of opposition and failure to reign in corruption that has affected vital public services.

Local and international rights groups have been especially vocal in highlighting mounting violence against members of opposition and the impunity enjoyed by corrupt officials loyal to Museveni, who they say is eager to close all key platforms that give a voice to civil society.

Last year parliament, which is heavily dominated by the ruling party, passed a public order management law that requires any group of more than three people meeting to discuss politics to first seek permission from the police chief.

A Kampala-based human rights lawyer, Nicholas Opiyo, said the law was aimed at blunting NGOs’ criticism of government corruption.

“What is happening is that rather than use brute force, Museveni’s politics is increasingly dependent on use of money to win elections,” he said.

“So in order for them to have a free hand in spending public resources to buy votes in the next election, what do you do? You begin to restrict NGOs.”



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No job, no community, no home, no money… this campaign will provide direct help for food and shelter.

Ugandan lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people are living in exile in their own country, as a direct result of:

1. The Anti-Homosexuality Act, effective in March 2014, criminalizes same sex relations, imposing sentences of 14 years to life in prison. It outlaws so called “promotion” of homosexuality – which has already shut down major HIV/AIDS medical clinics;

2. The public outings of LGBTI Ugandans in the Ugandan Tabloids, and police parading of LGBTI people in public, effectively call for lynchings, witch hunts and mob vengeance;

3. A major public march of 10,000 people was led and supported by Ugandan Church leaders, soldiers and police in uniform; even the President of Uganda was there to praise the new law which institutionalizes the persecution of LGBTI Ugandans.;

4. Mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, neighbors and village elders banishing LGBTI Ugandans from their villages, landlords evicting them, employers firing them, universities and schools revoking scholarships and expelling students, threats and assaults, arrests and more….

These are modern day Ann Franks and it is happening on our watch – did we say never again?


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