Israel Includes Same-Sex Spouses under Law of Return Immigration

By Melanie Nathan, August 12 2014,

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 3.05.35 PMIsrael has decided that the law of return includes non-Jewish same sex spouses.

Directly form the Haaretz report:

The Law of Return, which gives Diaspora Jews and non-Jewish family members the right to immigrate to Israel, also applies to legally married same-sex spouses, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar said Tuesday.

The rights of non-Jewish spouses, children and grandchildren are enshrined in a 1970 amendment to the Law of Return. The legislation also applies to the children’s and grandchildren’s non-Jewish spouses — except for Jews who have voluntarily converted to another religion.

The law never explicitly excluded non-Jewish spouses legally married in a same-sex union, but the state never applied the law in this respect. In a statement, Sa’ar said he made his decision at the request of the Jewish Agency as well as the couples themselves.

“The Law of Return deals with the gathering of all members of the Jewish people,” Sa’ar wrote to his ministry’s Population and Immigration Authority, noting the 1970 amendment’s efforts to boost both immigration and equal status under the law.

“In this regard, I see no reason to distinguish between Jews married in heterosexual marriages and Jews legally married abroad to a same-sex spouse. Both are Jews in terms of the Law of Return.”

According to Haaretz, the interior minister based this decision on1970 legislation that seeks to boost both immigration and equal status under the law.

20 thoughts on “Israel Includes Same-Sex Spouses under Law of Return Immigration

  1. Jews that voluntarily changed religion can’t return. Palestinians can’t return either.

    You are a liberal…and see nothing extreme about this?

    This is the attitude that caused the diaspora in the first place, history repeats itself.

    1. I see equality for lesbian and gay and bisexual people in so far as it relates to the current law. Its not a commentary on the right of return – its a commentary on equality under the right to return law. As a liberal I fully support LGBT equality.

        1. If Hitler supported Equality he would not have been HITLER you blithering idiot – If my Aunty had balls she would be Uncle

          1. Yet you are no different than Hitler.

            Hitler supported “Equality”…for the Post-WW1 oppressed Germans.

            You support “Equality” for the time-memorial oppressed Gays.

            You don’t believe in “Real Equality”, or you would be critical of the “Right of Return” that descriminates against beliefs and race…but promotes Gays.

            1. Talk about Hypocrite? And the finger comes right back directly at you Mr David Date and perhaps Jonh Date too – that is if John from First Financial House. agrees that Melanie is Hitler Reaping benefit from business in the USA to the detriment of those who have been denied citizenship and entry to land that was once theirs? Milking foreclosures….. nice nice and you call yourself a liberal? …we can all play tyhat game should we choose Mr Date…..

              Says Mr David Date: “Melanie Nathan is no different than HITLER “…. because she supports equality for people under the RIGHT to RETURN – the existing laws of Israel. Does that translate to David Date must be like Hitler because he lives quietly and in wealthy privilege mooching off labor and low to no taxes in a country that stole from its “natives”/ Mexican people kicked out of California who can no longer come back to California and are considered ILLEGAL when they try. WHERE IS YOUR BIG MOUTH Mr David Date when it comes to the regimes you have supported that institutionalize immigration laws to the exclusion of those who should have a right to be here. Should I say you are HITLER for your participation? Lets face facts Mr. Double standards. Who is the real hypocrite?

              1. Well I am actually in favor of open borders.

                Just saying that Gays receiving preferential treatment over those descriminated by Race and Belief in Israel will inevitably result, greater persecution of Gays.

                As the Jews were hated, then the Nazi’s, Gays will be persecuted by militant extremists, followed by popular opinion.

                1. You called me HITLER and now you “are JUST sayin!” You cant even stand by your argument when you get called out on your own hypocrisy. I wonder how many Jewish people support FIRST HOUSE FINANCIAL? How many GAYS who support Equality support you? How many immigrants support your business? You have to be careful what you say publicly Mr. Date when you so clearly reveal your ant-semitism and now try and hide it behind your feigned concerns for gays?

                  Gays are beheaded, stoned and hung in most Islamic countries – gays will be the first strung up by Hamas the terrorists. By family, friends, community and government alike. And Israel provides them with equality and dignity – even Arab gays- you call that preferential treatment? You are terrifyingly ignorant. You are worried about GAYS in Israel? haha haha ha and then you worry decry the right to return with Gays getting EQUAL treatment under the existing law. Nothing you say holds up. …….

                2. IS THIS YOUR BUSINESS MR DAVID DATE? JOHN? Nice people say nice things. You called me Hitler and I believe yoou are pointing the finger where? Hypocrite!

                  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.09.42 PM
                  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.17.06 PM

                  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.14.21 PM

                4. Well it is funny you bring up some ripoffreports, I can find the same for any financial service?

                  Try Bank of America.

                5. Your excuse for ripping people off is that Bank of America is complicit? You are not denying you are a scammer David Date?

                  Here is some more via YELP:
                  Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.25.53 PM

                6. We provide an excellent service that people need.

                  Having been plucking away at it for 8 years and signing up several hundred thousand, we naturally get a few complaints.

                  You might say, “Well where are the good reviews?” I would ask, “where are Bank of America’s ‘good reviews’?”

                  We aren’t a small mom&pop setup.

                7. I have never seen so many complaints on anyone business in my entire life. LOL you are a scammer and Bank of America provides real services – all you have to do is walk into a bank and open an account and you get service. BUT you are nothing more than an internet front scam. Where are you located – prove your business is real and tell me where you are located and where you are commenting from as we speak??

            2. After you read the Hamas Charter get back to me on your last unintelligible comment. I cannot put it up because the language makes no sense.

        2. And By the way I moderate all comments and did not need to let your on my BLOG – but you amuse me

          1. Well you sure are sensational. This video explains everything we do XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

            Not everyone is educated enough to understand the investment technology outlined.

            1. David Date – Well I I am not going to allow you to use my BLOG to advertize your scam. However if you answer a couple of questions I may consider allowing your video.
              Here are the questions: 1) Where are you personally located at the moment? 2) When did you start your business 3) Where is your Head office 4) What names do you use besides David Date?

    2. Palestinians want Jews in the sea damn right they cant return. Nothing extreme at all – self preservation in a world full of anti-semites that want all Jews dead. Do you support the Hamas terrorists David Date?

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