Johannesburg Gay Murder Trial Accused Expresses Backhanded Remorse

 By Melanie Nathan, February 12, 2015.

Miscke Thomas Craog Thomas professorTwo men involved in the murder of Professor Carl Mischke  turned on each other in court, with each blaming the other for the beating that claimed the University of Johannesburg academic’s life, during an apparent robbery.  At the time of the murder it was speculated that the Professor was the victim in a series of murders targeting gay men around South Africa.

Mischke was found dead in his Norwood home in April 2013, the house looted of electronic goods and other valuables.

On Wednesday, Mischke’s apparent lover, Craig Thomas, revealed the details of the horrific crime for the first time in court, after confessing to the robbery and murder last year,  during the murder trial of Jacques Terreblanche, who has also pleaded guilty to the robbery but denied the murder.

According to Thomas’s testimony, it was Terreblanche who suggested they kill the professor and raid his home to get money to satiate their crystal meth habit.

Thomas has expressed remorse for  the crime. This somewhat backhanded apology seems more about self preservation, rather than an expression of pure remorse, while seemingly more concerned about being saved from suicide or a drug overdose, than actual compassion for his victim and his family.

While Department of Correctional Services personnel told him he could not speak to the media, Thomas was able to provide a letter to a reporter:

“I would like South Africa to know I am sorry for what I did wrong. I am grateful that I was arrested and that I am incarcerated, it saved me from drug overdose or suicide. It is not the end just a new beginning”. (notes thomas)

According to reports:   Mischke’s sister, Trudi Clements, said she believed the convicted murderer was at least partially sincere.

“However, this had not made her family’s ability to cope with Mischke’s death any easier.

“My brother was a gentle, kind, big giant of a person who did not deserve what he got. I remember him as a loving brother,” she said, holding back the tears.

Clements believes it was her brother’s kindness – a love of helping those in need, from his students to his lover – that led to his death. “I think he believed he could help treat someone’s addiction, he didn’t understand how violent people could get on drugs.”

READ MORE ABOUT THE TRIAL which is ongoing.

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