Anti-Gay Ugandan Human Rights Abuser Speaker Kadaga Celebrates Birthday in United States

Happy Birthday Rebecca Kadaga, Love America – now take our money, rant and run

By Melanie Nathan, May 25, 2915.

Kadaga BirthdayNow here is an interesting birthday celebration to report. Vehemently anti-gay Hon Rebecca Kadaga, the Ugandan Speaker of Parliament, celebrated her 59th birthday in the country which has values she openly detests.  She was lavished with a birthday cake by members of a US based Twegaite, an organization of development minded Basoga people living in the United States.

The group was holding its annual convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota to fundraise for the completion of a Cancer Unit they are setting up at Jinja Hospital in Uganda. Thank God for money from America!

Born in back 1956 , Kadaga will be seeking yet another term as the Kamuli Woman Member of Parliament, a position she has held since 1989.

Joining the Speaker to mark her 59th birthday was Prime Minister Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda who represented President Yoweri Museveni, Jinja MP, Hon Moses Balyeku, and FDC’s Vice Chairperson for Easter Uganda Hon Salaam Musumba, Leader of Opposition Hon Wafula Oguttu, Miss Uganda Leah Kalanguka among others.

How the hell did these human rights abusers and democracy oppressors get visas to the USA in the first place – when most LGBT people seeking refuge from their persecution are denied such visas?  Well that is another matter and one to notch up for US State department hypocrisy ..later!

“Together we can transform the economic and social landscape and livelihoods of the people of Busoga. A key ingredient for the development of Busoga is good leaders who can work with government,” said the Prime Minister.

Er…. Okay!

Did he leave out this part out of the speech:….

“And we will come to America to raise their money and do it even though we hate what these equality loving Americans stand for.”

Kadaga and her anti gay rants expound the most reprehensible ignorance when it comes to homosexuality:-

“Ugandan lawmakers are once again considering a bill that would heighten punishments for not only homosexual acts, but for any LGBT advocacy. Ugandan Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga is one of the chief proponents of such measures, and this weekend she warned Christian ministers in the country that they have much to fear from gay rights activists.

“Be very careful because gays are here to distort our heritage,” she told clergy gathered for Golden Jubilee celebrations at St. Stephen’s Church in Pajwenda on Sunday. “We have discovered that they adopt our children and confine them in gay communities abroad to train them on gay practices. By the time they come back home, they are already influenced by homosexuality and are used to influence others in the community.”

Kadaga also warned that computers and books donated to Uganda schools include software and literature that promote homosexuality.”

Kadaga 2 wgKadaga brought the Anti-Homosexuality Act to the floor for a vote in Uganda’s parliament when there was no quorum. This unconstitutional passage of the Act caused it to be invalidated by the Courts after President Museveni signed it into law.  She did it to be exalted by the populace as a heroine. And while doing so she participated in what turned out to be an overnight spike in evictions, firings, imprisonment, assaults, rapes, blackmail – in essence a state sanctioned mass persecution of LGBT people in Uganda.

She has berated President Obama for his pro LGBT stance – telling him when he was in Senegal in 2013 to back off speaking against the Bill in Africa.

She has said that Ugandans need the anti-gay bill, so that “we will lock up people because it is what its people want.”

“If these are the conditions for aid and loans…loans we pay with interest. Who is giving us free money? We pay. So I want to appeal to you the ambassadors, be strong and tell them off directly. …. and Soon they will tell us that bestiality is fine and a foreign policy issue. Will you agree?”

Kadaga was involved in a row with Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird over gay rights at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Quebec. When Mr Bairn warned Uganda not to trample on people’s human rights, Ms Kadaga replied:

“If homosexuality is a value for the people of Canada they should not seek to force Uganda to embrace it. We are not a colony or a protectorate of Canada.”

While I applaud the efforts to raise money for cancer patients in Uganda, I abhor the hypocrisy of the likes of Kadaga – she speaks out of two sides of her mouth. If she wants to dance on our soil in celebration of her birthday and to raise our money for her people then she must stop pretending that Uganda is excluded from participating in what the world considers to be basic human rights, just because it is a sovereign country.  We are all sovereign countries. And we all have a duty to abide the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as our own Constitutions.

She has a choice – if she continues to criticize our stance on human rights what is she doing here raising our money?

10 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Ugandan Human Rights Abuser Speaker Kadaga Celebrates Birthday in United States

  1. Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    Why are we hosting an anti-LGBTQ bigot here in the U.S.??

    1. The people of Uganda need to be educated about the 21st century civilization and how their government is creating crimes against humanity and needs to be stopped.
      Their government needs to be sanctioned and to ban travel from Western Countries.

      1. Perhaps the US can also take it’s citizens under control and stop people like Lou Engle and Scott Livesay coming to Uganda and spreading anti-gay propaganda, Uganda was a much more tolerant society before American evangelicals started coming and spreading hate. In the 70s and 80s we never cared that 2 men or 2 women would live together, We have always had gay people in our communities. Sadly as Uganda embraced conservative evangelism that has come with hate and bigotry (and MONEY)… most of it from America. Perhaps the US government needs to be sanctioned for starting this hate campaign and exporting it!

        1. No the USA cannot do that, They have no grounds for arrest – as far as we know. In the ISA we have freedom of speech – even hate speech – The First Amendment of our Constitution is highly prized and some people use it for hate. the USA cannot stop anyone from leaving country unless there is an arrest warrant for a crime. There is not such thing as stopping someone from going to another country if they are not under arrest. HOEWEVER – Uganda has the right to refuse entry to anyone- but it is Uganda who is allowing the haters in because they are a ripe populace for haters who will come and help facilitate the scapegoating of innocent minority so people will be distracted from the real problems caused by your dictator and his shoddy government of corrupt oppressors.

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  3. I think it’s the right of any body to believe what he or she wants to believe and support a course or oppose it. I don’t see why being ant-gay should disqualify somebody from getting a US visa. Their are homophobics in US just as they are in Africa. Should the American homophobics be excommunicated from US soil?

    1. We are entitled in the USA to ban people who do human rights abuse. She supports state sanctioned persecution. So Hitler is also entitled to believe what he wants to believe – but when his belief hurts people and causes death and persecution then we as Americans have a right to BAN him. Look at the UN latest report . And you may get yourself educated GAD!!! Read this!New-UN-Report-Presents-Pervasive-Abuse-and-Recommendations-to-Protect-LGBTI-People/c1bm0/556e0bcd0cf24a19837784aa and then link to the actual SCRIBD PDF report buddy! And yes tere are homophobes i the USA but they have a right to be here necause they are citizens and residents. But a visa is a privilege NOT A RIGHT and to deny her a visa is OUR RIGHT! Polls show MOST Americans believe that LGBTI rights are HUMAN RIGHTS and criminalizing gays is an abusive practice that leads to persecution just like the new UN report says! Thanks for your comment I am glad GAD that I have a chance to educate and inform you!!

      1. Homophobic USA citizens have a right to be in the US while others don’t. That’s the height of display of double-standards. Thanks for confirming the hypocrisy of Americans to me which I have always known though. The next I will hear is a lecture on equality and equity. I’m bi but anyone has the right to dislike or like it. Its not a must to like someone or something. People should be able to always express themselves and associate or refrain from associating with whom they chose to.

        1. GAD you contradict yourself LOL. Do you know what a democracy is. Have you read the USA Constitution. Let me try and explain one more time then I am going to give up on educating you. We have full freedom to express ourselves here in the USA – under 1st Amendment. Even if its hate. But you have to be a USA citizen or residents to have the RIGHT to be in the USA. If you are a foreigner a VISA issued to you is NOT your right but your privilege and as Americans we can refuse entry into our country to haters. Of course once you are on soil in USA you can say anything you want. But we can keep you out if we have an administration that supports keeping known haters out. It is a very simple concept. Try grasp it buddy!

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