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Kadaga Birthday

Anti-Gay Ugandan Human Rights Abuser Speaker Kadaga Celebrates Birthday in United States

Anti-Homosexuality Act to the floor for a vote in Uganda’s parliament when there was no quorum. This unconstitutional passage of the Act caused it to be invalidated by the Courts. an overnight spike in evictions, firings, imprisonment, assaults, rapes, blackmail – in essence a state sanctioned mass persecution of LGBT people in Uganda.

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Inter Religious Council of Uganda Admits on Court Record to key influence of the Anti-Homosexuality Act

A Wake up call to funders and others such as The Catholic Church which supports this organization through memberships, grants or donations. By Melanie Nathan, July 31, 2014. The Christian group, Inter-Religious Council of Uganda has admitted on the record to its direct participation in the Anti-Homosexuality Act (AHA) of Uganda, by asking to be […]

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Uganda Beautiful Uganda is Aid cut helpful or not?

By Melanie Nathan, April 11, 2014. Uganda ah Uganda – may you live free one day for your people – all of them are truly beautiful and deserving. May the haters and political opportunists find their peace too – Museveni, Ssempa, Bahati, Kadaga! Here is some food for thought: HERE is an article as it […]

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Speaker Accuses World of Bullying Uganda’s Ambassadors as Protests Against Anti-Gay Laws Mount

Ugandan Speaker Kadaga and Ambassadors should brace themselves for much more as the the World Community will not tolerate institutionalized persecution of LGBTI people.  By Melanie Nathan, January 10, 2014. Ugandan Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has a lot invested in the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and for that reason is again lashing out at a world that […]

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Concern as Uganda’s Anti-Gay law impacts HIV AIDS programs

Uganda’s Anti-Gay law could halt HIV/ AIDS programs among sexual minorities | A Call to Action by Spectrum Uganda Initiatives  By Melanie Nathan, January 05, 2013. During 2013 Spectrum Uganda Initiatives Inc. provided health care and related services to Uganda’s LGBTI and HIV/AIDS community. The group reached close to 500 men who have sex with […]

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Does Ugandan Speaker Kadaga’s Launch of Human Rights Checklist Impact the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Parliamentarians must apply Human Rights Test for Bills| Does this apply to the Kill the Gays Bill? By Melanie Nathan, September 11, 2013. In an ironic quest for legitimacy on the issue of human rights, Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament has urged Members “to always ensure that the bills and motions they consider pass the […]

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Uganda’s Parliament reconvenes to a clogged house including anti-gay Bill

By Melanie Nathan, June 24, 2013. The Ugandan Parliament’s legislators are about to reconvene. The Daily Monitor, has reported that as the Ugandan Parliament will have to deal with a “clogged agenda” in the House. There are many issues waiting to be considered, including the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, which has been lingering in Parliament over the […]

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Uganda Speaker Kadaga nominated for San Francisco Pride most harmful to gays Pink Brick award

PLEASE VOTE \ at http://www.sfpride.org/vote/ By Melanie Nathan, March 21, 2013 UPDATED 3/21/2013. : After informing the San Francisco Pride Board that Ugandan activists were horrified by this nomination and concerned about the harmful backlash that could follow, the Pride organizers agreed to remove Kadaga from the site as a nominee.  They were apologetic for […]

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Ugandan Speaker Kadaga speaks out on violence against women at Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians Conference

Are lesbians not women too? CALLING SPEAKER OUT IN AFRICA AS A HYPOCRITE by Melanie Nathan, February 20, 2013. Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature hosts the fifth Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians’ (CWP) Africa Region conference8 Feb 2013. Delegates and observers of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association attended a the Commonwealth Women Parliamentary (CWP) Conference,  in East London, South […]

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Uganda embezzlement should lead to scrapping the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Looking for a miracle By Melanie Nathan, Feb 16, 2013. Uganda has not lost one shilling yet to the threatened passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill – but it has lost a great deal of financial support because of scandals, corruption and embezzlement and for the latter no one can blame the gays.  Some have threatened […]

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Canadian funding to anti-gay faith based organization in Uganda links to hate speech

The Pitfalls of funding Faith Based Organizations without doing your research first By Cathy Kristofferson, February 12, 2013. It has come to light that the Canadian government, through its Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) spearheaded by Minister Julian Fantino, has been funding an anti-gay Evangelical organization – Crossroads Christian Communications – to the tune of […]

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Ugandan Parliament resumes with anti-gay bill 8th on Agenda

Keeping guard over the Kill the Gays Bill By Melanie Nathan, Feb. 05, 2013. By the time the Ugandan Parliament went into holiday recess at the end of last year the Anti-homosexuality bill had not yet seen passage.  At that time the Bill had teetered at number one position on the Order Papers (Agenda) for […]

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Ugandan Gay Hating Pastors Spit on their Constitution in Mandela Stadium

It will become clear through this type of  anti-gay hate evidence, as provided by the Ugandan article, that the Kill the Gays Bill has indeed been drummed up by preachers who in so doing are spitting on the Ugandan Constitution,  and by virtue of venue associating the name of Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela. […]

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ALLOUT petition misrepresents purpose and exploits Ugandan Kill the Gays

There is absolutely zero proof of a connection between the ALLOUT Petition and the fact that the Uganda Bill did not pass Parliament this month. By Melanie Nathan, December 14, 2012 In a letter to supporters,  the online Petition group ALLOUT appears to be claiming a solo victory (implied or overt) for the fact that […]

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Ugandan Parliament Adjourns and Fails to Deliver Kadaga Anti-Gay Xmas Gift

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 14, 2012 Today after positioning at No. 7 on the Ugandan Parliament Order Papers, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill has failed to see passage in the Ugandan Parliament.  Speaker Rebecca Kadaga had promised to deliver the Bill by Xmas as an insidious gift to Ugandans.  Her efforts may have been thwarted by the […]

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Former Ugandan Opposition Leader Morris Ogenga-Latigo calls Anti-Homosexuality Bill a National Tragedy

Speaks to Speaker Kadaga Failing in her neutrality By Melanie Nathan, Dec 14, 2012. Morris Ogenga-Latigo, former leader of Ugandan Opposition party,  has written an article which appears in the Observer.   His expression to the world may be a little late in the day, given the Bill has been top of the Order Papers of […]

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Kill The Gays Bill slips off Ugandan Parliament Agenda in Favor of Presidential Speech

Museveni to provide Special Parliamentary Address and no sign of Kadaga Xmas Gift By Melanie Nathan, December 13, 2012. There is one day left of  Uganda’s Parliament for the year and after a month of taunting LGBT Ugandans while the Anti-Homosexuality Bill sat at position No. 1 for days on the Parliament Order Papers,  the […]

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VIDEO | Ugandan LGBT Activist Kasha Jacqueline Speaks about the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

By Melanie Nathan, Dec 04, 2012. A must watch video showing Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera a gay rights activist in Uganda, – the renowned LGBT activist explains how she wants to be free and how the Ugandan Kill the Gays BILL impacts everyone in Uganda. Kasha Jacqueline is the founder and executive director of an LGBT […]

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Wild Rainbow Safaris Includes Uganda Regardless of Kill the Gays Bill

While calling for general boycotts may not serve the poor in such countries, I am not torn when it comes to making suggestions about travel.  I cannot stomach nature when I am told not to be natural! If I cannot be who I am, and my sister in that village across the way cannot be […]

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Uganda Embassy has been hit by Light Brigade Maryland | Uganda Reject Homophobia

While protesting the Kill the Gays Bill tonight Light Brigade Maryland has a friendly visit form The Secret Service who may well have liked what they were doing. The Secret Service stopped by Light Brigade Maryland‘s “REJECT UGANDAN HOMOPHOBIA” message tonight at the Ugandan Embassy. “That’s one jurisdiction of the law we have not had […]

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Kill the Gays David Bahati Amongst those Accused of Igniting Chaos in Uganda’s Parliament

An Act of God? By Melanie Nathan, November 30, 2012. Amongst these names appears David Bahati, that honorable member of Parliament in Uganda who authored the Anti-Homosexuality (‘Kill the Gays’) Bill, now number one on the Parliament Order Papers, to be debated after the OIL Bill. All reports indicate that the Parliament was suspended by […]

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A Lesbian’s Statement to Uganda’s Parliament and Speaker Kadaga

By Melanie Nathan, November 27, 2012. PUBLIC STATEMENT OF MELANIE NATHAN, COMMISSIONER, Mother,  Sister, Daughter, Human Rights Commissioner, Marin County, U.S.A., Family Law Mediator and Human Rights Advocate. Hon. Speaker and Hon. Members of Uganda’s Parliament:- When I was in my early twenties I  realized that I was a lesbian.  I tried marriage to a […]

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Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill on way to Parliament from Committee

Watch for protests to Start Next Week in U.S.A. By Melanie Nathan, November 23, 2012. The Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill is closer to entering the Parliament and likely to be heard next week.  It has been on the Paper Orders (Agenda) for the past two days. The Bill will leave the committee and will not be […]

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Uganda Parliament | Anti- Homosexuality Bill Watch

No Anti-Homosexuality Bill today | bracing for next week Melanie Nathan, November 20 2012 I am happy to report that for today, Uganda ‘s Parliament seems to have a lot more important business to attend to than the vicious and redundant Anit-homosexuality Bill which Speaker Rebecca Kadaga promised to have passed  in time for Christmas […]

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Ugandan Speaker taunts world vowing to revive Kill the Gays Bill

By Melanie Nathan, Oct 31, 2012. The Kill the Gay’s Bill may be back as  the Speaker of Uganda’s Parliament, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga, has indicated her intention to revive it. The Speaker, who was addressing a cross section of religious leaders upon her return from Canada where she attended the 127th Inter Parliamentary Union […]

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Orombi (left) and MP Bahati during a recent meeting of UJCC. Photo by Mark Owor

Ugandan Church Leaders Call for Quick Passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill

The religious leaders called on Parliament to expedite the passing of the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law to combat same-sex marriages which threats the moral fabric of the Ugandan society.

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