Binders, Bodies and Bullshit from Mitt

By Melanie Nathan, Oct 22, 2012.

Melanie Nathan, Executive Director, Private Courts Inc. Mitt You Don’t Own Me!

How can women in the united States of America votes against their own rights. Binders, Bodies and Bullshit from Mitt implores an Obama vote.  According to Mitt Romney we should be rewinding back to what started winning back in the sixties.

Lets make this Video go viral and make sure it reached every woman you know….. and the men that care too…  Share and tweet #mittyoudontownme

Oh and by the way  –  when it came to nominating female judges in Massachusetts, Gov. Mitt Romney all but ignored any binders full of women.

By 2005, after two years in office, Romney had nominated 19 judges, of which 17 were men, according to the Associated Press.

With the governor taking heat, a Romney spokesperson argued in a 2005 Boston Globe story that there had a been a lack of qualified women and minority applicants.

In another Globe story, Romney said, “I’d like to see men and women in equal proportion, and that’s something which we’re going to try and make happen … I’d love to see more women apply and I’d love to see more women get appointed.”

But the Boston Herald reported in March 2006 that Romney had passed over a number of widely respected women, including Assistant U.S. Attorney Antoinette E.M. Leoney, Boston lawyer Toni Wolfman, who represented the NAACP, and trial attorney Sally Ann Janulevicus. Leoney was later appointed to a judgeship by Gov. Deval Patrick, Romney’s successor.  Read More…

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